Best Presentation Software: Top 10 Picks by Experts in 2022

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You made the best presentation of your life on your favorite software. Yet, when you started presenting, the colors looked different, the objects were misplaced, and the data was distorted. The result is a waste of effort and a setback in front of your colleagues.

Would you like to repeat the experience? Of course not.

To make sure that situation never happens again, you should look for the best presentation software from a list of top-quality programs. Expert advice will suggest presentation tools that add to your skills and save time and prestige while presenting.

The Top Five Presentation Software at a Glance

An effective presentation can enhance your influential capacity. Instead of hundreds of pages of convincing arguments, your task narrows to an hour or so. Besides, the functions of presentations cannot be replaced by anything else.

A presentation not only informs; it motivates and persuades the listeners to take action.

Numerous programs are available online that promise great results. However, to qualify for the best, a presentation program needs to be reliable and have innovative features. Our top five presentation tools have these qualities and offer more than any other software on the market. Plus, they are affordable.

Presentation SoftwareBest forPricePromotions
Microsoft PowerPointBest overall presentation software$159.99 (Once)One month free trial
Apple KeynoteBest free presentation softwareFreeFree
Google SlidesBest for online use$12/user/MonthFree personal version
CanvaBest for digital designs$54.99/ YearFree basic version
PreziBest for creative canvas$3/ Month10 days free trial

10 Best Presentation Software and Their Features

What makes presentation software best around the block? Aren’t all programs the same when it comes to presenting data visually?

Not really.

IT specialists have a consensus that every software should have basic features that anyone can use. From there, top-quality presentation tools must grow in complexity, offering highly technical advantages in creativity and usability.

The must-have features of top-quality presentation software are shortly listed here for a new audience:

  • Providing universal templates that allow user-friendly interactive designs
  • Easy-to-edit pre-designs that any user can use without professional training
  • Accessible features with simplicity for essential use while ensuring high-tech options for professionals
  • Easy-to-share and -edit presentations, allowing networking across different platforms
  • Integration with other software when needed

Let’s now discuss the 10 best presentation software with the qualities mentioned above in detail.

1. Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint
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If you’re already familiar with PowerPoint and looking for a more creative alternative, you can skip this section and move on to other software.

For new users, PowerPoint, abbreviated as PPT or PP, is developed by Microsoft for a visual representation of data. You can add charts, graphics, transitions, and colorful slides to capture the attention of your audience and present data interactively.

Key Features

Helpful templates get you started, and the interface is user-friendly, too. You can present your slides either manually or through an automated timer. You can customize your data in various ways through data charts, bullet points, shapes, and fonts to better involve your audience in your presentation.

  • Customized Designs

PowerPoint is famous for its design templates and customizable features. It offers a range of themes from which you can choose the most suitable. From student-oriented designs to professional ones, you can select the theme that best presents data for your targeted audience.

  • Powerful Animations

You can animate your data in several ways. An entrance animation captures the attention by automatically appearing on the screen. Next is emphasis animation, which focuses on a particular element during the presentation. Finally, an exit animation leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

  • Icons and Videos

Icons are a great way to differentiate your presentation from the rest of your peers. You can add a personalized icon for each element from the menu. You can also add videos on the slides from your device or an online platform such as YouTube.


  • A collaborative presentation software
  • Small size of files for cloud and local storage
  • Customizable templates and designs
  • Multiple uses, including flyers, posters, and images
  • Export option to convert to different formats
  • Powerful tools to capture the audience’s attention
  • Compatible with multimedia formats


PowerPoint is expensive for students, but the pricing is not as it might seem at first glance. That’s because the subscription lasts a lifetime after a one-time initial payment.

The standalone cost for PPT in 2022 is $159.99, but you can get a discount when you buy Microsoft 365 as a whole package. In that case, you pay $69.99 annually for Microsoft 365 Personal. For Microsoft 365 Family, you pay $99.99 annually, which six people can share simultaneously.

Why Choose PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is everywhere—in offices, colleges, and universities. The range it provides is unmatchable by any other presentation software. You can buy a subscription at any stage of your career because you’ll need Microsoft PowerPoint at one stage or the other in your life. After all, you have to spend money to make money.

2. Apple Keynote

Apple Keynote
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Keynote is a built-in presentation software program for Mac and iPhone users. Apple Inc. developed it under the iWork productivity suite.

Keynote is much more futuristic in its designs and functioning. You can create better visualizations, animations, and dynamic outlooks. The collaborative tools in Keynote make it possible to convert slides into different formats, and the software works well with PowerPoint.

It is the best free presentation software option for Apple users, but it can also be used with Windows. You can present the same slides across different iOS devices simultaneously. Plus, you can sync your presentations on all your gadgets.

Key Features

Compared to PowerPoint, Keynote has better design templates and offers more creative visuals.

  • Dynamic Backgrounds

Keynote has recently added this feature to make presentations more interactive. You can add dynamic backgrounds with subtle movements that captivate your audience. The feature lets you put motion in your slide titles, texts, and images, enhancing audience focus. You can add the same effect to opening or closing slides.

  • Team Presentations

You can present as a team with a single display, with multiple users taking turns to control the slides. The team does not need to be in a single room, as Keynote allows online collaborations. You can also present over video conferences on a different display on your screen.

  • Handwriting into Text

This incredible feature available for touch screens allows you to use Scribble and Apple Pencil and create text from your handwriting. Thus, note-taking is easier and faster. Handwriting also adds a personal touch to your presentation. You can draw on the screen using your Apple Pencil for personalized visuals.


  • Free presentation app with all pro features
  • Futuristic with beautiful presentation templates
  • Better color and visual representation
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • Sharing and syncing across all Apple devices
  • Works well with PowerPoint
  • Online presentation option with a host device


The best thing about the Keynote presentation app is its built-in availability across all iOS devices free of cost. Apple does not hold back from providing the best features without a cost, and the software is a top option for many.

Why Choose Keynote?

If you want a video conference or a team presentation app, Keynote is your best option. Also, it is better for a remote presentation where you want to show your face to the audience along with the presentation slides.

Moreover, you can use PowerPoint and Keynote together, using interchangeable options to create a presentation and convert it to your desired format.

3. Google Slides

Google Slides
Image Source

Google Slides allows you to create online slides with real-time editing and sharing access. You don’t need to upload slides for others. Just share a link to your slides and let others view your work in real-time.

The editing syncs across all your devices within seconds, and you can access your data anywhere on any synced device. The collaborative tools in Google Slides are also helpful, allowing you to assign tasks to your team and add comments to generate ideas.

Key Features

Online presentation through video conferencing is easier than in other programs. You can use Google Meet to present your slides with a team with real-time captions and editing access.

  • Connects to Google Apps

A key feature that distinguishes Google Slides from other presentation software is the integration of Google apps. You can comment on Slides from your Gmail account and share charts from Google Sheets. If you use Google Drive, you can search for relevant material in your Drive.

  • Collaboration

You can use Slides to edit your PowerPoint presentations without changing formats. Just upload your PPT presentation on Slides and start editing right away.

Also, you can access, edit, and comment on your Slides from any device. Internet connection is not necessary for editing. When you come online, the Slides sync automatically across all your devices.

  • Intelligent yet Simple

Google Slides helps you create error-free presentations through Smart Compose and autocorrect. Editing is more accessible due to the simple interface, but the software is smart enough to help you build a better presentation. The presenter is easy to use, and anyone with little to no experience can get started.


  • Free to use all features across all devices
  • Sophisticated real-time collaboration
  • Web-based auto-update application
  • Easy to share, edit, and comment
  • Action items assignments for teamwork
  • Available across all platforms on all browsers
  • No need to install it on a local host


Google Slides is free for personal use. Unlike some free-at-start apps that require payments for complete access, it makes all features available free of cost.

For free users, the storage space is 15GB. For business, Google provides more options for $12 per user per month. Each user gets 2TB of storage space.

Why Choose Google Slides?

Google Slides is best for online collaboration and remote work. Real-time sharing makes it much faster than any other presentation software. If you work with freelancers or employees working from home, Slides is your best option. You can assign, check, and share Slides using Gmail and Drive.

4. Canva

Image Source

Canva has emerged as an excellent tool for creating online images, digital designs, and presentations. It combines the art of design with data organization for better audience engagement.

If you’re unfamiliar with Canva, it is an online platform offering hundreds of free templates for new users. Canva designs are much more intelligent and appealing with beautiful colors.

The freedom to choose your desired template and combine two or more templates on a single presentation gives Canva an edge over old-school presentation tools. Plus, hundreds of images, design objects, and fonts are available to select from the Canva library. You can also add your images which stay in the library for future use.

Key Features

There’s much more flexibility in the design elements in Canva. Moreover, vibrant colors with sophisticated templates make it one of the best presentation software online.

  • Stunning Designs

Canva takes visual presentation to a new height by providing powerful digital design templates that make your tasks easier. Not only that, but these vibrant designs also have small objectives that hook the viewer and increase your data transmission efficiency.

No viewer will get bored due to old designs; you can create, customize, and combine various design elements to boost engagement.

  • Presenter View

The presenter view is a window your audience will see when you’re presenting. Another window will show your notes, the following slides, and a timer for you to time your presentation perfectly. This feature is not available in PowerPoint, where you only have one display during your presentation.

  • Stock Access

One feature that makes Canva a leader in presentation software is the availability of thousands of free and paid images in its stock. For students, there’re plenty of free images they can use in their presentations.

If you want pro images, you can get a Canva subscription, which is affordable too. You can also upload your selection of images for later use.


  • A complete designer’s package
  • Beautiful designs available as templates
  • Teams can collaborate to make and deliver presentations
  • A large stock of free and paid images
  • Powerful and dynamic objects for attention-grabbing
  • Futuristic and modern interface
  • Templates for correct sizes across social media platforms


Canva is accessible as a basic version for which you only need to make an account using your email. However, many templates, images, and objects are locked for free users. For the pro version, you have to pay $12.99/month, and you can share that with your colleagues (up to five people).

Why Choose Canva?

If you’re interested in graphic design and want to create artful presentations, Canva is your best shot. It has been called online Photoshop due to its highly customizable designs.

If you’re not interested in too much detail, PowerPoint and Keynote presentations would be better for you. For design professionals looking to expand their horizons through presentations, Canva is the first choice.

5. Prezi

Image Source

Prezi helps users create robust designs by combining the power of creativity with original templates. The layout enables you to drag and drop elements without disturbing the overall structure of the presentation slide.

The large canvas lets you zoom in and out and place elements in the distant corners of the slides. As you can imagine, this function helps add intricate details to the design.

The free movement of the canvas is also a differentiating feature of Prezi. It lets you see all the details you can embed in the main topics. This saves you time otherwise spent searching through slides for a particular detail.

Key Features

If you are looking for a large canvas where you can showcase your artistic talent and present it to the audience, Prezi is the answer for you.

  • Canvas-based Presentation

Prezi does not have individual slides running in a linear order. Instead, it uses a large canvas for different topics. That means your next slide will be a zoom-in at the next stop on the same canvas. This allows the viewer to get a complete picture while simultaneously focusing on the specific topic.

  • Web-based Application

Prezi is entirely web-based, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues with your operating system. The layout and features will be the same wherever you run your Prezi presentation.

A disadvantage of this is the unavailability of the app when you’re offline. So, if you lose your internet, you lose access.

  • Comparison Layout

If you want to present the difference between two things, the layout of Prezi is a good option. You can set two products on the canvas and discuss their features by moving between them. Also, a large canvas is a better option for geographical representation where you want to show the distance between two points.


  • Allows users to appear in the background of slides in video mode
  • Large canvas keeps the audience on the same page
  • Creative layouts for educational topics
  • Comparison is easier with two products side by side
  • Easy to present and keep track of all data in one place
  • Eye-catching and unique layout


Prezi offers different packages for different needs. The Basic version is free for everyone, while the Standard version costs you $3 per month. For Prezi Plus, the monthly subscription is $12; for Premium, you pay $16 per month. There’s an economical option for educators and students, which costs $4 per month.

Why Choose Prezi?

Prezi is the best online presentation maker for people looking to stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression. While most people will present their data through the traditional slideshow, you can change the mood through a fresh and unique outlook by Prezi.

Image Source is an online presentation maker that designs for your needs through the use of artificial intelligence. The software is helpful if you want to save time with the auto-addition of objects on the slides. You just have to click a button, and the software does the rest.

Also, when you start a new slide for your project, the software creates an adapting design for you, saving you time and effort. It allows the user to focus on content and data instead of the hassle of adding objects for a better design.

Key Features

Design specialists can also use for landing pages and small videos for home pages of websites.

  • Automation with Customization

The framework of is based on AI-powered automation, but that does not compromise customization. You will find 10 themes with 23 color palettes so that you can create a presentation design of your choice. There are also 40 design templates to help you make a customized presentation.

  • Time-Saving Technology

With, you save a lot of time you would otherwise spend setting small objects on your slides for a better view. AI does that for you; meanwhile, you can focus on adding quality content.

  • Modern Editor

You will notice that the editor differs from other presentation apps, but you get used to it after a while. It provides intelligent options in charts, layouts, spaces, and fonts.


  • AI-assisted design helps in modern presentations
  • Online sharing through the cloud
  • Aesthetic and modern outlook
  • Professional slides for business data representation
  • Affordable prices for students and professionals
  • More than 60 customizable templates


The Pro package starts at $12 per month (annual subscription), which gains you access to unlimited slides but only allows PowerPoint export. The Team version is $40/user/month and supports PPT import and export.

You can also select a one-time project package for $45 per month. Plus, there’s a 14-day free trial for each version.

Why Choose

The advantage of this presentation software is its speed and effortless design. If you are not into creativity and want to present data without spending too much time on slides, you can rely on

7. Genially

Image Source

The options in Genially include intelligent blocks, interactive elements, valuable resources, crafty fonts, and dynamic images.

The software has many advantages over traditional presentation programs, allowing you to create infographics, video presentations, and training materials. You can also create an interactive dossier, report, or business proposal online, which gets you a better engagement rate, especially for email marketing.

However, unlike Canva, you cannot store your images in the stock in the Free version, a weakness for a web-based program.

Key Features

Genially is one of the best PowerPoint alternatives you’ll find today, with many creative options available for the presenter. The software specializes in interactive designs that make a presentation more fun and engaging through dynamic changes on the slides.

  • Online Video Presentations

What if you need a self-explanatory and interactive online presentation for your channel? Genially helps you with that. It allows you to create online video presentations that users can play independently.

  • Multifunctional

Traditional programs such as PPT and Keynote are only suitable for presentations. What if you need a dossier and a business proposal with the same theme as your presentation? Using another software will not produce a similar document. Fortunately, Genially has all those functions to help you achieve that goal.

  • Beautiful Templates

Genially has more than 1,100 templates you can customize at your will. The layouts and designs of these templates are user-friendly, so you don’t have to be a designer to create presentations. Starting from scratch is also possible.


  • Highly interactive presentations
  • Smart templates to get you started
  • Automated video presentations
  • Simple to use even for first-timers
  • Multifunctional and integrated software
  • Best online presentation maker


The Basic version of Genially is free but comes with many limitations. The Pro version costs you $7.49 per month, while the Master account is worth $20.82 per month. You can also get Genially for your team for $79.15 per month, which gives you five Master accounts.

Why Choose Genially?

Genially is a non-traditional solution to your presentation needs that provides a fresh and interactive design. You can get a professional presentation in minutes that would otherwise cost you hours of hard work.

Plus, with Genially’s integrated options to create similar documents, you can impress your audience with a post-presentation document that reflects your ideas.

8. Powtoon

Image Source

Powtoon combines the power of videos with effective presentation ideas. It allows users to create interesting content and animate it for better audience engagement. You can use animation tools on Powtoon’s intuitive menu and add cartoons and interactive objects for a better response from your audience.

These features are great for school presentations for kids with short attention spans. However, the scope of Powtoon is not limited to that. You can create video presentations for any topic and upload them to YouTube or any other video-sharing website.

Key Features

Powtoon is also great for freelancers and social media influencers for creating short introductory videos for their gigs.

  • Cartoons and Objects

Powtoon’s menu has the most interesting and engaging elements, which you can use for attention-grabbing. The powerful animations keep the focus intact while you present your ideas and maintain a natural flow of information towards the viewer.

  • Advanced Animations

Traditional software allows animations, but that needs expert skills and a lot of time. In comparison, Powtoon makes it a child’s play to create high-quality animations in minutes. These animations blur the lines between video content and traditional presentations.

  • Educational Resources

Powtoon does not leave you hanging for clues on how to use it. It provides powerful resources, including a Quick Start guide, blog articles, and eBooks. The active blog has useful tutorials to help you better create your video presentations.


  • Powerful animation tools
  • Creative video editing options
  • Engaging content for video-sharing websites
  • Multiple export options available (MP4, GIF, JPG, PDF, PPT)
  • User-friendly and interactive interface
  • Useful learning resources


The free version of Powtoon comes with a three-minute video limit and a 100Mb storage size. Your free videos will also feature a Powtoon logo at the end of your videos. The paid options are priced as:

  • PRO: $20/month ($240/year)
  • PRO+: $60/month ($720/year)
  • AGENCY: $100/month ($1200/year)

Why Choose Powtoon?

If you are a YouTuber or an online professional looking to create engaging content for your audience, Powtoon is your best option. You can also use this tool for fun presentations in your school, whether you are a student or a teacher.

Parents can create fun and engaging videos for their kids to explain simple concepts. Even simple illustrations made on Powtoon get a much better response.

9. Pitch

Image Source

Entrepreneurs love Pitch for its collaborative tools, which help you effectively present business proposals. It allows teams sitting apart to come together and create a stunning presentation using collaborative and integrative tools.

Pitch allows in-app communications, comments, tags, and attachments, so you don’t need multiple windows for different tasks. The edits are easy and fast, and there are millions of images that your team can put to good use. Data integration from Google Analytics and Google Sheets is also made simple by the software.

Key Features

The response for Pitch is much better than any other traditional software. A Pitch Deck is a brief presentation made on Pitch software and is common among startups for efficiently presenting business plans to potential investors.

  • Real-time Assignments

Pitch makes a team effort much more effective, as you can assign specific tasks on slides your team members can complete. By that, a designer can make a perfect design, a writer can fix the text on the slides, and so on.

The best part? All this happens in real-time, so you can comment and share ideas to make better slides.

  • Data Integration

Pitch is loved by startups for its data integration across different platforms. You can convince your audience during a sales pitch by offering relevant stats from authentic sources, such as Google Analytics. The app supports charts to better visualize the data with multiple design options available.

  • Online Team Meetings

Pitch supports in-app video calling, texting, and commenting, allowing you to turn your slides-making process into a real-time meeting. The tools help you integrate all your communications, so there’s no need to install multiple apps. Also, any member can comment or give better ideas with each slide edit.


  • Fast communications within the app
  • Highly effective for sales pitches
  • Real-time team collaboration during the presentation making
  • Pitch Deck is a highly effective persuasion tool
  • Fast editing through templates and tools
  • Access to millions of images and media
  • Video and charts embed options within slides


The Basic version of Pitch is free and works well for small teams. It allows unlimited presentations and team members but does not include presentation analytics and work roles. The Paid version will cost you $8/member/month, which is quite reasonable for expanding businesses.

Why Choose Pitch?

If you are a part of a startup looking for finance, a Pitch Deck can be a great help. Effective Pitch Decks are famous for getting many businesses started through investments, and you can be a part of that growing list.

With real-time team collaboration through editing, sharing ideas, and in-app communication, Pitch is the perfect fit for any team looking for impressive presentations.

10. SlideDog

Image Source

The last presentation tool on our list is the one with the power to combine all the other software on one platform. SlideDog lets you consolidate your presentations through PowerPoint, Prezi, PDFs, Word, and Excel on a single screen.

Not only that, but it also allows audience feedback and live chat, so you can take questions during the live presentation.

With SlideDog, your team can create presentations in their favorite software, and you can later present them together without going through the long process of converting files. Although you cannot make presentations in SlideDog, experts still list it as one of the best presentation software due to its unique features.

Key Features

SlideDog is the best presentation software for non-profit organizations, churches, schools, conferences, and events where you need input from multiple sources.

  • One-stop Presenter

SlideDog is unique in its approach because it helps you integrate all the best presentation software on a single screen. This idea works well for people working in teams with members using different software programs for creating presentations.

In offices, colleagues with unique skills can work on a single presentation using multiple programs and present in SlideDog on a single screen.

  • Audience Interaction

There’s an option for audience interaction in SlideDog, which allows comments, questions, and answers to opinion polls. You can create an online poll during your presentation to keep your audience engaged. That’s also why SlideDog is considered the best church presentation software available.

  • Live Sharing

You can share your presentations online and control them remotely through your phone or tablet. The best thing is that the audience can engage with the slides, too. They can view the next or previous slides and interact with you accordingly. That said, only people with links can participate, which makes it a private presentation.


  • Integration of all significant presentation tools
  • Real-time audience engagement
  • Combines and supports all formats without conversion
  • File quality and design remain the same as original
  • Allow polls, feedback, and audience chat
  • Dual screen for presentation


SlideDog gives users several options for using its free as well as paid features. The software is not online, so you have to download a program. The Basic version is free for everyone. There are three paid options available:

  • Monthly: $19
  • Annual: $99
  • Lifetime: $299

Why Choose SlideDog?

SlideDog is different from all other presentation tools. While you cannot create presentations on it, you can present files from various other programs.

The advantage for people who address large audiences regularly is the flexibility of software integration. You can ask anyone to make a presentation on any topic and present it online through SlideDog.

Presentation Software FAQs

1. Is there a better program than PowerPoint?

Keynote is a better program for Apple users than PowerPoint because it is free and available across all iOS devices. The sync option makes accessing all your slides through the cloud easier. Still, it depends on your needs because PPT covers an extensive range of requirements for many users.

2. Which is the best church presentation software?

SlideDog is the best program for church presentations. It allows online access and integration of multimedia programs and brings control to a single app. With interactive features, such as multi-screens, projection tools, and real-time broadcasting, it provides the most features necessary for engaging the audience.

3. Is Canva better than PowerPoint?

For innovative designers, Canva is a better program than PPT because it allows more creative expression and diverse design elements. It is also preferable for people with design backgrounds, as there are many innovative techniques and tools to enhance on-screen visualization.

You can choose an aesthetic template and add as many design options as possible. In other words, the digital art options available in Canva are not there in PowerPoint.

4. Are free presentation makers any good?

Free presentation programs such as Keynote are excellent, but many others are not free as advertised.

Some software programs, such as Canva, have free basic versions, but you must select the pro option for many details. Free programs work just fine for students and people with simple presentation needs.

5. What are some of the best PowerPoint alternatives?

Some great alternatives to PowerPoint include Keynote by Apple, Canva, Google Slides, and Prezi. These programs provide a unique audience experience through creative designs and modern features. Pitch is a perfect choice for team presentations and beats PowerPoint by a large margin.

6. Does Adobe have presentation software?

Yes, Adobe has a presentation software called Adobe Express. It is an online tool that helps professionals create slides from scratch and existing themes. You need to make an account on the website to start making presentations. The software itself is free.

Finding the Best Presentation Software

Every presentation software offers unique advantages with some limitations. If you want the best results, assess your audience, choose the best software for that occasion, and make a presentation accordingly.

Remember, your creativity will enhance your user experience, so keep learning whichever software you use.

Uday Tank is a serial entrepreneur and content marketing leader. He has a wide variety of interests and enjoys writing, including marketing, productivity, business, health, diversity, and management.