25 Best Elementor Themes and Templates (Free and Pro)

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Anyone who uses WordPress to build their website should know about Elementor. It’s probably the first thing you need to establish your online presence.

With numerous plugins, flawless design, and drag and drop functionality, Elementor is the number one platform to improve your WP page.

They offer a free version, but you can also maximize the potential of this platform by learning how to install Elementor pro.

However, before you can use this plugin, WordPress requires you to have at least one theme available.

That’s what we’re here for. We’ll show you some of the best paid and free Elementor themes to improve your WordPress experience.

Best Elementor Themes and Templates: A Review

1. Alethea

Although the Alethea theme itself is free, you need to know how to install Elementor Pro because it doesn’t work with the free version.

Despite not charging you anything, Alethea offers premium quality features. It’s the best free theme builder for anyone selling flowers, plants, and gardening equipment.

It’s eCommerce-ready, but also lets you maximize blog articles for Elementor SEO purposes. It’s arguably one of the best free Elementor templates because it is easy to use.

Here are some of the things you’ll love about the Alethea page builder:

  • User Conversion

The WordPress customizer lets you input texts into your site using the banners. This provides you with an opportunity to introduce your page to your audience.

It also has a CTA (call-to-action) button to maximize user conversion. You can use this feature to redirect visitors to a checkout page or a contact form.

  • Ready-to-Use Image Containers

Bellow the banner, Alethea includes multiple containers where you can place your product images along with their descriptions.

This further enhances your visitor’s experience because most of the essential things they need to see and know about your site are on the front page.

  • Invitation Section

You can include a sign-up form at the bottom of the page to encourage more users to receive newsletters and other information about your page.

Along with that, your contact information and important details about your business may also be listed there.

2. Neve

The Neve Elementor page builder offers a free and paid option. The paid option is a plugin with a wide array of premium features.

Nonetheless, the base theme and essential functions are pretty much the same in both versions. Ergo, if you stick with the free version, you’re not missing out on a lot.

The premium features pretty much improve your overall experience of this theme.

Here’s why the Neve page builder is arguably the best theme for Elementor:

  • Customizable

Neve is probably the best theme for Elementor if you want to be as creative as you want. While this WordPress theme is quite minimal, it’s heavily customizable.

For instance, you can input your own header and footer and arrange all the functions any way you want.

Using the drag and drop feature, you can include a logo, search box, and navigation bar at the top of the homepage in your preferred order.

  • Compatibility

Neve is not just the best theme for Elementor, but also multiple other page builders. Ergo, this builder plugin has covered you if you’re using Brizy, Beaver, or other WordPress customizers.

  • AMP Support

A huge percentage of the online population uses mobile devices to browse the internet. That’s why your website should also be mobile-friendly.

Neve supports AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. This helps mobile users who have slower internet connections load your page faster, allowing you to gain a bigger market.

3. Atmosphere Pro

Atmosphere Pro is a paid Elementor page builder that will improve any WordPress website. It’s just a one-time payment, and users of WPBeginner can also get a 20% discount on the product.

This multi purpose WordPress theme will set you back $99.95, but that includes the theme and the page builder framework. It’s very easy to use, and anyone who loves minimalist aesthetics will get their money’s worth with this page builder.

On the other hand, if you sign up for the WP Engine web hosting program, you can get this theme for free, along with more than 35 other templates from StudioPress.

Here are some of the key features of the Atmosphere Pro:

  • Customizable

The drag-and-drop feature of Elementor is fully compatible, and it lets you use all of the widgets included in Atmosphere Pro. You can also create custom headers and build different pages of your WordPress website by dragging containers and inputting your images and content.

  • Genesis Framework

Atmosphere Pro is also compatible with the Genesis Framework. It is a WordPress framework that improves mobile responsiveness. It can also be significantly useful for eCommerce and Elementor SEO purposes.

  • Visually Appealing

Using Atmosphere Pro will provide you with one of the most professional-looking websites on the internet.

That’s thanks to the vast spaces and contrasts on your website provided by this WordPress theme.

4. Sydney

Sydney is a free multipurpose theme that will work wonders for all WordPress websites. It also has a paid version called Sydney Pro.

Nonetheless, the free version is generous enough to provide you with numerous features and premium quality feel.

As such, Sydney is definitely one of the best Elementor themes, especially if you plan to build a professional-looking website for your business.

Here are some of the things you’ll love about Sydney:

  • Customization Options

Sydney is one of the most customizable Elementor templates you could use. Even with the free version, you can access parallax backgrounds, social icons, and even Google Fonts.

It also provides you with custom layouts and color control for more customization options.

  • Engaging

When you use this Elementor page builder, you can guarantee that your website becomes very engaging to your market. The custom headers and Elementor blocks significantly improve your homepage’s visual quality and responsiveness.

5. ColorWay

From the deep roster of free Elementor themes, we have ColorWay. This page builder stands true to its name.

It infuses your page with colorful elements, which works great with restaurants and small businesses. Here are some of the key features of ColorWay:

  • Numerous Templates

One of the strongest points of ColorWay is that it provides you with numerous free Elementor templates for your website. This makes it extremely easier to set up and launch your site because little work needs to be done to improve it.

  • Live Customizer

You can be creative with this page builder despite choosing a template.

Aside from the diverse color scheme options, you also get to improve the template with multi-column areas, sliders, custom layouts, and many other features. It also comes with a live customizer that updates the page’s display in real-time.

  • Top-Rated

ColorWay is also one of the top-rated Elementor themes a few years back. This is a testament to the reliability and efficiency of this free theme.

6. Essence Pro

Despite the name, Essence Pro is actually a free lightweight WordPress theme. It’s one of the best Elementor pro themes for WordPress websites focused on lifestyle and wellness.

The back-end process is relatively simple, making it easy for you to use. This also translates to a simple but responsive page, helping your audience navigate your website more accessible.

Here’s how Essence Pro will improve the overall operations of your page:

  • Genesis Framework

Essence Pro is powered by the Genesis Framework, making it one of the best Elementor Pro themes in terms of performance.

The Genesis Framework provides your website with an intelligent design and optimizes it for mobile devices.

  • Block Editor

The Essence Pro uses the Gutenberg Block Editor. It allows you to create custom layouts, several sidebars, custom widgets, header, and footer with ease.

This free theme is also compatible with the WordPress live editor, so if you don’t have the Elementor premium plugins, you can still use Essence Pro.

  • eCommerce

Essence Pro also focuses on eCommerce. Its use of the Genesis Framework already widens the market for any WordPress site looking to improve online traffic.

Additionally, this beginner friendly WordPress theme is also focused on eCommerce. You can use this theme if you wish to maximize Elementor SEO.

7. Customify

Almost every list of the best Elementor themes and templates includes Customify. That’s how reliable and influential this page builder is.

That is because it’s packed with what feels like premium plugins, and yet it’s completely free. It’s compatible with Elementor’s drag and drop theme builder, making it extra convenient to set up your WordPress site.

Here are some of the key features of Customify:

  • Compatibility

Aside from Elementor, Customify is also compatible with almost all the drag and drop page builders you wish to use. Additionally, all of the critical WordPress builder plugins also work well with this Elementor theme.

  • Versatile Page Builder

Aside from the visual header builder, Customify also lets you customize your page’s footer. The free version also includes five demos which you can tweak using the customizer to fit whatever you need for your website.

  • Free Templates

If the demos are not what you’re looking for, there’s no need to worry. Customify has dozens of free Elementor templates to help jumpstart your WordPress journey.

All you have to do is import these pre-built sites to the page builder, and you can start customizing them to your preference.

8. Astra

Here’s another page builder that’s almost always part of most best Elementor themes lists.

Astra is a free theme that gives you access to countless features, templates, and demos. It’s also compatible with WooCommerce, one of the leading e-commerce platforms, allowing you to build an eCommerce website with ease.

It’s packed with numerous customization options that make you feel like you’re using a premium theme.

Here are some of the things you’ll love about Astra:

  • Pre-Built Sites

Astra has a deep library of demos and pre-built sites ready at your disposal. The more than 100 free Elementor templates guarantee that you get the one that best fits your niche.

  • Speed

Astra is a lightweight theme, which means it’s optimized for speed. This makes it one of the best Elementor themes to use for SEO.

Astra does this by eliminating jQuery, which reduces the tags on your website, causing it to run slowly. However, if you plan to purchase the pro or premium version of the Astra theme Elementor, you must know that it utilizes jQuery for various functions.

  • Customizable Theme

The Astra theme Elementor is very customizable. You have the header and footer builder that improves your homepage’s visual appeal and functionality.

You can also create custom layouts and see the previews in real-time while adding changes to your site.

9. Page Builder Framework

The next one on our list comes straight from the popular WordPress theme directory. Just by reading its name, you’d know that the Page Builder Framework is one of the best WordPress themes out there.

It’s completely free, but you can also avail yourself of the premium version, which includes additional plugins and features.

It uses the Gutenberg WordPress block editor, which means it’s relatively easy to use. It’s also optimized for multilanguage plugins.

Here are the key features you need to look out for in Page Builder Framework:

  • Fast

Page Builder Framework is a lightweight theme, which most SEO websites look for in a theme builder.

Google suggests that your site’s load time should be under 600 milliseconds if you want to rank higher in search engine results. Well, the Page Builder Framework loads completely in just 100 milliseconds.

The best part is that this WordPress theme is also optimized for mobile, which means your website will look great on all types of devices.

  • Compatibility

There’s no doubt that the Page Builder Framework is one of the best Elementor themes you could use for your website. However, what’s really great about this theme is that it’s also compatible with other page builders.

This WordPress theme should work completely fine whether you’re using Brizy, Beaver Builder, WooCommerce, or other page builders.

  • GDPR

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It’s one of the toughest cybersecurity laws implemented in the entire world.

The Page Builder Framework is compliant with the latest standards of the GDPR. You can guarantee that all the data that travels in and out of your website is safe and protected.

10. Orfeo

Most Elementor themes and templates focus on one specific niche. This makes it difficult for uncommon businesses or websites to find a WordPress theme that fully represents them.

Thankfully, a free multipurpose page builder caters to any and every niche you could think of.

In today’s world, where nearly everyone has a limited attention span, you want to pique the interest of your audience as efficiently as possible.

Orfeo is a one-page theme builder that displays all the essential information about your site on a single page. Here’s why you’ll love this WordPress theme:

  • Quick Setup

Try to estimate how long it takes to get a website up and running. Cut that timeframe in half, and cut it again in half. You probably still won’t get anywhere near the promise of Orfeo.

With this theme, you can get your website online in just one minute, and maybe even faster. That’s all thanks to its online store demo import that makes it extremely easy to establish your online presence.

  • Custom Background

Orfeo arguably has the most customization options when it comes to website backgrounds. Whether you want an image, a media slider, or a video for your site’s background, Orfeo allows you to be as creative as you want.

The best part is that you don’t need additional premium plugins to do this.

  • SEO Friendly

Fast loading websites appear higher in search engine rankings than slower ones. With its one-page design, Orfeo is great for Elementor SEO or other page builders.

Additionally, Orfeo is also built with an SEO structure, which means Google will organically want to include your page on the front page of results.

11. Zakra

Zakra is one of the fastest and best free Elementor themes that provides your site with all your needs.

It’s compatible with most of the page builders available online. It also has excellent customer support to assist you any time of the day.

If you’re looking to build a website available in different parts of the world, Zakra is translation ready, making it a reliable multilingual theme builder.

Here are the key features of this WordPress theme:

  • Multiple Starter Sites

The free version of Zakra offers 80 starter sites, more than 60 of which are built for the Elementor page builder.

While its library is not as extensive as other WordPress themes, the designs are quite diverse, so you will undoubtedly find a template for your niche.

  • AMP Ready

The Zakra theme also supports AMP to allow your website to load faster on mobile devices. AMP support is an indispensable element of search engine optimization, considering the number of mobile users on the internet nowadays.

  • eCommerce

With its speed, Zakra is a great option for eCommerce. On top of that, you can also integrate the theme builder into WooCommerce.

This further improves your business operations, and the one-page design of the theme is a great tool for user conversion.

12. Hestia

Hestia offers a paid premium and a free version. The theme is optimized for cleanliness, so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary codes that may slow down your website.

This fast theme is compatible with the Elementor page builder. Nonetheless, you can also use it with Beaver Builder, Site Origin, Brizy, and WooCommerce, among others.

Here’s how Hestia will improve your site:

  • Speed

Lightweight themes are the current trend in page building. Aside from being one, Hestia is also optimized for minification and caching.

It also avoids cluttered and unnecessary codes, making it the best theme for Elementor regarding speed.

  • Live Customizer

When you’re building a website, you want to ensure everything is in the right place. Hestia has a live customizer. This allows you to fine-tune everything from the details, arrangements, and all the way down to the color of the page’s elements.

  • Demo Content

If you’re trying to get your website up and running as soon as possible, Hestia offers two attractive demo templates that you can improve.

Additionally, you don’t need coding knowledge to include an About Us and a Contact Us element on the front page because Hestia has already done it for you.

13. Potenza

Here comes another free single-page theme that includes numerous functions and features to build your website. It works with almost all drag and drop page builders and allows you to use custom backgrounds for a more attractive WordPress page.

Thus, you don’t need to be well-versed in coding just to set your website up.

It’s a great theme for beginners, especially those who want to run their websites as soon as possible. Here’s how Potenza will improve your website:

  • Sticky Menu

Multiple built in layouts are the first things Potenza provides you with. Persistent navigation bars are almost always offered by brands on their premium themes, but Potenza doesn’t.

Yes, even the free version of this theme lets you use Sticky Menu. This feature allows users to constantly have the option to view other information about your page.

  • Customizable

Potenza lets you change your web page’s typography to better fit your brand’s image. The best part is that they include Google Fonts in their package so you have the best options for primary and secondary fonts.

  • Diverse Color Scheme Options

Aside from fonts, the colors you choose for just about any part of your operations will significantly affect your business.

To ensure you maximize this, Potenza allows you to use a wide variety of color schemes using its Customizer. This is applicable to the menu, content details, header and footer, and a lot of other sections.

14. Listee

Listee is the best theme for Elementor if you’re planning to build an eCommerce website. This paid WordPress theme is priced at $49 per year.

It provides you with a year of customer support and free updates. It also lets you use the theme on any website you can imagine.

You may also want to look around the internet as Listee often offers discounts, some reaching only $34.30.

Here are some of the reasons thousands of websites use this WordPress theme:

  • Search Function

One of the best things about Listee is its search functionality. This advanced search option lets your visitors filter through the different products on your website to find what they’re looking for faster.

This provides you with a professional looking website and lets your potential customers know that you mean business.

  • Front-End Submissions

Listee is one of the best Elementor pro templates you could use in the eCommerce industry.

One proof of that is the availability of front-end submissions. This gives visitors the option to submit their businesses to your website.

You can then make storefronts for their business if you wish to sell their products on your site.

  • Built for SEO

You can use the WP Portfolio Plugin with this theme. Ergo, if you want to use SEO strategies to supercharge the growth of your website, Listee is a great option.

Additionally, this theme loads super fast. It’s also optimized for mobile devices. These factors are a huge plus when ranking up search engines.

15. OceanWP

Any list of the best Elementor themes and templates will not be complete without OceanWP. This is one of the most popular WordPress themes out there.

You can try out its functions and features on the free version. However, if you really want to maximize its potential, get the best bang for your buck by purchasing the paid or premium version.

OceanWP boasts more than five million downloads, and it has already given birth to more than 700,000 sites on the internet with a 96% satisfaction rate.

If you’re wondering why many people choose to use this theme, check out its key features below.

  • Extensive Site Demo Library

Some themes will give you 60 demo sites, while others will give you 80 or even a hundred. However, OceanWP has more than 220 demo sites ready for you to import.

All these templates are compatible with Elementor, but you can also use the WordPress customizer if you want.

  • Compatibility

Elementor isn’t the only page builder where you can maximize the potential of this theme.

OceanWP is also compatible with almost all of the most popular WordPress page builders like WPBakery, Beaver Builder, Divi, SiteOrigin, Brizy, and more.

  • Customization Options

The OceanWP WordPress theme also boasts a very diverse customization arsenal. With this theme, you can create custom layouts, headers, and footers and integrate different sections on your page.

Additionally, OceanWP includes numerous Elementor widgets that further enhance your website’s functionality, responsiveness, and visual appeal.

16. Public Opinion

If your website is focused more on the news, public affairs, and written content publications, Public Opinion is the best theme for Elementor that you could use.

This WordPress theme is priced at $49, but you can also use its free version called Public Opinion Lite. The only difference is that, of course, you could do more with the premium version.

Public Opinion is one of the best WordPress themes for Elementor SEO because it’s optimized for blogging and newscasting.

Here are some of the key features of this theme:

  • Optimized for Mobile

Countless people use the internet to browse for news and information. Ergo, you can’t maximize SEO strategies and expand your market if your website is not mobile-friendly.

Thankfully, Public Opinion is. It was also tested on different mobile devices to ensure that the layout stays the same regardless of the visitor’s mobile device.

  • Multilingual

If you plan to go international and receive better traffic, Public Opinion ensures that people from different parts of the world can understand your content.

It uses various translation tools like PoEdit, Loco Translate, and WPML string translation.

  • Custom Color Scheme and Typography

You don’t want your website to look just like any other magazine or news page out there. Public Opinion allows you to personalize your site with its typography and color customization options.

You can choose any font from the entire library of Google Fonts. You can also use the WordPress customizer to set different color schemes that better reflect your brand.

17. Button Interactive

Button Interactive is among the roster of the most flexible free Elementor templates out there.

While it wouldn’t cost you a dime, you need to know how to install Elementor Pro as it requires the premium version to work. It’s a great option for graphic designers or studios mainly involved in the multimedia industry.

Here’s why you should give Button Interactive a try:

  • Minimalist

This simple WordPress theme is very minimalist. It reduces the visual clutter you often see on various websites.

Button Interactive showcases a sharp contrast of bright color schemes and bold typography that enhances the visual appeal of your brand.

  • Quick Setup

Since it’s a template, you can quickly and easily set up and launch your page. You just have to import your content based on the theme’s layout, and you’re ready to go.

Nonetheless, you can customize it to highlight different projects you’re working on or your portfolio of the best outputs you’ve created.

You can find Seocify on just about any trusted website that sells WordPress or Elementor themes and templates.

18. Seocify

As its name suggests, this theme is perfect for those who wish to utilize Elementor SEO. It’s an indispensable tool to boost your digital marketing campaign.

You can purchase Seocify for $49, but there are discounts that you can probably find on the internet if you’re persistent enough.

We know some of you don’t really prefer spending on WordPress themes, but Seocify’s features and functionality will surely make it worth your money. Here are some of them:

  • Speed

Any theme that offers a great SEO experience would be built for speed. That’s one of the strongest points of Seocify.

Aside from speed, Seocify also guarantees smooth scrolling and browsing without sacrificing the page’s responsiveness. This truly makes the theme an eCommerce must-have.

  • Extensive Demo Site Library

Seocify offers more than five homepage styles, each of which has its own content and header. You can also customize each page of your website using more than 20 design styles.

All of these are made easier by using the drag and drop WordPress customizer or Elementor page builder.

  • Competitive Package

The homepage styles and design pages aren’t the only things you’ll get from Seocify. It also gives you the freedom to choose whether to have a single-page or multi-page layout.

On top of this, you can choose your site’s typography by using any of the options included in the Google Fonts library.

If you wish to personalize your page further, you have more than 600 icons to choose from, making Seocify worth your money.

19. Inspiro

Image Source

Those involved in multimedia, especially photography and video, should know about Inspiro. It’s the best theme for Elementor that you can use if you want to showcase your portfolio.

It’s more expensive than other WordPress themes, as Inspiro is priced at $79 per year. This basic plan will only allow you to use the theme on one website.

If you handle multiple websites, the $179 per year plan lets you use the theme on an unlimited number of sites.

You might think that it’s a little expensive. However, if you see the key features of Inspiro, you’d realize that you’re getting a bang for your buck.

  • Video Support

One of the best things you’ll get from Inspiro is its capability to support video for backgrounds and other content.

Whether these videos are self-hosted, from Video, or YouTube, you can embed them using the theme and make your page more entertaining.

  • SEO-Friendly

One of the many pitfalls of websites failing to rank up search engines is cluttered or unnecessary coding.

Inspiro addresses this by following the most recent standards of coding, ensuring that your site’s codes are not just clean but also easily readable.

You can even modify these codes to improve your SEO strategies further. All of these will attract search engines to display your website on the front pages of results.

  • Easy Installation and Customization

Inspiro is compatible with the latest version of the WordPress Customizer called Gutenberg. That means you can still utilize this theme even if you’re not familiar with coding.

The drag and drop feature, combined with the easy installation process, makes it relatively easier to get your site up and running in the shortest time possible.

20. Phlox

Image Source

Phlox is one of the best free Elementor themes you could use, especially if you’re building a food, travel, news, blog, or even business website.

However, if you are new to the WordPress page-building world, you may want to avail of the paid Phlox Pro version for $49. This includes six months of support from the Phlox team and other additional features.

  • Extensive Customization Options

The first thing you’ll love about Phlox is how extensive your customization options are.

First, it offers you up to 25 demo sites that you can import to jumpstart your site-building process.

You can customize one of these 25 demo sites or build from scratch by using more than 150 Elementor widgets, icons, and other elements.

Whether it’s the free version or the premium one, you can use video backgrounds, a sticky header, a footer builder, animated sections, and lots of other cool custom layouts.

  • Lifetime Updates

Phlox also offers unlimited updates for life. This means that whether Elementor or WordPress updates their program, you can guarantee that Phlox will continue to be compatible with both of them.

21. GeneratePress

GeneratePress has over 3.4 million downloads and boasts thousands of five-star reviews. It’s one of the best free WordPress themes out there.

The free version is available on WordPress, but you can also avail the premium version for $59 every year. This allows you to use the theme on 500 websites.

The premium version also provides you with continuous updates and support from the GeneratePress team.

Here are some things you’ll love about GeneratePress:

  • Lightweight

GeneratePress is extremely lightweight; in fact, it will only fill around 10 KB of space when you add it to your site.

Aside from its uncluttered codes, GeneratePress utilizes Vanilla JavaScript. This allows your website to block rendering issues, giving it unmatched speeds you probably won’t find elsewhere.

  • Extended Elements

GeneratePress provides you with 14 demo sites that are all compatible with Elementor. Upon importing one of their page templates, you can add your content using your builder.

This allows you to set your website up and get it running within hours.

However, one key feature we found lacking from GeneratePress is that it does not include a drag and drop visual builder.

  • Mobile Optimization

Considering how fast this theme is, you might be wondering how it performs on mobile devices. Well, you’ll be glad to know that GeneratePress is mobile-optimized.

Even more so, you can adjust pretty much everything from typography to layout to colors and ensure that your page is also well-suited for mobile users.

22. Hello

This is probably the fastest free WordPress theme or template on this list. Even though it feels as though you’re using a premium theme, the Elementor Hello theme will not charge you anything.

It combines some of the most important aspects you’re looking for in a WordPress theme. Flexible? Customizable? Free? Ultra-fast? Hello is the perfect theme for starters and advanced users alike.

If you’re still quite doubtful, here are some features you’ll love about the Elementor Hello theme:

  • Fast

Did we mention that it’s fast? Of course, we did! It’s one of the, if not the, fastest WordPress themes out there.

It only takes a quarter of a second to load the theme, and it will only occupy 6KB of space.

It’s built for performance, allowing you to achieve lightning speeds on your website. This makes it a good fit for Elementor SEO because search engines always go for quick-loading sites.

  • Minimalist

Sometimes, it’s the overload of texts, details, and images that send visitors away from your site. The Elementor Hello theme keeps everything minimal, so it doesn’t hurt your audience’s eyes.

While the style is minimal, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the freedom to customize your webpage.

Hello lets you use the header and footer builder to adjust your page’s colors, logo, and typography. You can also use this feature to add or remove sections to your site.

  • Optimized for Elementor

We are indeed searching for the best theme for Elementor. What could be better than the one optimized specifically for this page builder?

That’s right. If you’re using Elementor, you won’t experience compatibility issues with Hello because it’s built with the Elementor customizer in mind.

In fact, most of the developers who test new Elementor features before releasing them conduct the examinations using Hello.

23. Digiqole

Digiqole is one of the leading WordPress themes when it comes to building magazine, news, and blog websites.

While there isn’t a free version of this theme, the regular license only costs $39 and is a one-time purchase, so it’s actually worth it in the long run.

One of the best things about using Digiqole is its infinite scroll feature. That means your visitors are more likely to stay on your website, further enhancing online traffic.

Here are some other key features you need to know about Digiqole:

  • Responsive

The entire theme is fully responsive, which is important if your site is mainly focused on news, blogs, and magazines.

  • Easy Customization

Digiqole is fully compatible with Elementor. Using this theme, you can use Elementor’s drag and drop feature to build your website.

  • Versatile

Out of all the themes out there, Digiqole is one of the few that offers a dark version. This reduces glare from your website, which sometimes sends visitors away because of how bright the page is.

Additionally, Digiqole lets you use the header and footer builder, progress bar, slider, mega menu builder, and lots of other customization tools to improve your website.

24. Jupiter X

More than 160,000 websites are currently up and running because of Jupiter X. This is one of those Elementor templates that offer the best features for a good price.

You can purchase the Jupiter X theme on Themeforest for only $59.

We know it’s not as affordable as the other Elementor Pro themes on this list, but we can guarantee you that you get more than you paid for.

Here are some of the things you’ll get from the Jupiter X theme:

  • Premium Plugins

Even if you use a free theme, you sometimes have to purchase various premium plugins to maximize your site’s functionality.

However, Jupiter X already comes with 15 premium plugins. That means you’re probably saving more because the theme only costs $59.

  • Pre-Built Demos

If you want to build a unique and stunning website, Jupiter X has got you covered. It comes with more than 100 page block templates that you can easily customize with the Elementor page builder.

On top of that, you can choose from 250+ pre-built demo sites and customize any of them to suit your brand better.

25. Marketo

Marketo is a paid theme with prices starting from $49. The pages you create with this theme are highly responsive, and you can use multiple functions to make browsing easier for your visitors.

Even though it’s around the same price range as most of the other Elementor Pro themes we have on this list, it’s packed with numerous features that you would really need for your website.

Here are some of the things you’ll get from purchasing this theme:

  • Multiple Customizable Homepage and Header Styles

Marketo offers more than 11 homepage and 15+ header styles for your page. This guarantees that your website will stand out.

Additionally, the Marketo theme package includes more than 600 Google Fonts, 200+ line icons, and almost an unlimited number of colors.

You can also switch to the HTML version if you want to personalize your page further. It’s also compatible with the most popular browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge.

  • SEO-Friendly

Marketo allows you to install and use various premium plugins to maximize Elementor SEO. Additionally, it ensures that your page’s loading speed is fast enough to rank higher in search engine results.

Choose the Right Theme and Templates for Your Website

Whatever niche your website focuses on, you must find the best Elementor theme to attract more visitors.

While there are countless options out there, you can filter them by checking out all the different themes we’ve mentioned here.

Some of the best features are found on paid premium themes like Listee and Jupiter X. Nonetheless, you can also get premium experiences with free themes like OceanWP, GeneratePress, Astra, and Hello.

The next time you’re building one of the best WordPress websites, use any of the Elementor themes and templates above for optimal results.

FAQs About Elementor

1. What is the fastest Elementor theme?

The Pro version of Astra is probably the fastest Elementor theme. However, if you are trying to save up some bucks, you could go for Hello and GeneratePress, which are both lightweight and free.

2. What is the most SEO friendly WordPress theme?

GeneratePress leaves the littlest digital footprints, making it the most SEO friendly WordPress theme. Nonetheless, most Elementor themes are optimized for SEO. This includes Sydney, Genesis, Astra, and Essence Pro, among others.

3. Does my WordPress theme affect SEO?

Yes, it absolutely does. Search engines consider multiple factors when ranking their results. This includes the site’s data structure, absence of unnecessary codes, page design, and overall speed. All of these factors can be enhanced using a WordPress theme.

4. How can I speed up my Elementor site?

Elementor is already an indispensable tool to speed up your website. However, you can further improve your site’s speed by opting for lightweight themes that don’t take too much space.

5. What are the best free Elementor themes?

If you’re looking for the best free Elementor themes, your best options are OceanWP, GeneratePress, Hello, and Astra. They’re crowd favorites and have been used by more than 800,000 websites on WordPress.

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