Kajabi vs Clickfunnels: Which Is Better for Your Online Business?

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A Kajabi vs Clickfunnels comparison can be very tricky. It is not like weighing apples against oranges, but it comes pretty close.

Kajabi is an all-in-one business platform suited for selling digital products like online courses, membership sites, and eBooks.

Clickfunnels is the sales funnel and website builder of choice if you want to sell both digital and physical products.

There are other differences and similarities between them, and we will be getting into them later. After reading, you should have a good idea of which one is better for your online business.

What Is Kajabi?

Founded in 2014, Kajabi is a business platform that lets you create, promote, and sell online courses. You can also use it to sell membership sites, coaching programs, and more.

In short, it has everything you would need to build a successful online business.

If you want the longer version, here’s a rundown of everything that Kajabi has to offer:

  • A page builder that lets you create digital products from scratch or pre-designed templates
  • A website builder that can build an engaging, fully integrated site
  • A payment gateway that supports PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards
  • An email marketing tool that can help drive business growth
  • A sales funnel builder that can help generate leads and increase sales
  • A world-class mobile app where your customers can go to access your products

There are other things that Kajabi can do, and it truly lives up to its reputation as a one-stop-shop for an online business owner. That said, it is not even Kajabi’s best quality.

One of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs love it is that it is very easy to use. There is no need to learn code, which is not easy to do.

You do not have to worry about installing any plugins or broken integrations.

It is no wonder that 40,000 people use it to sell their knowledge products, reaching millions and millions of end-users.

What Is Clickfunnels?

On paper, Clickfunnels is an online tool that can create engaging websites and high-converting sales funnels. In reality, it is capable of so much more. It can help you build your brand.

Here’s a quick look at what Clickfunnels has to offer:

  • Generate high-quality leads
  • Help you sell products
  • Grow your email list
  • Create sales funnels in less time

While Clickfunnels offers a wide range of services, it is important to note that its specialty is sales funnels. It is a helpful tool for the following applications:

  • e-commerce sites
  • Selling information products
  • Freelancers offering their services
  • Selling coaching programs
  • Network marketing
  • Affiliate marketing 

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels Comparison

Now that you have a better idea of each platform, it’s time to dive into the Clickfunnels vs Kajabi comparison. We have broken this section down into several features.

Sales Funnels

A sales funnel is a marketing technique used to guide potential customers through a series of stages:

  • Awareness
  • Discovery
  • Evaluation
  • Intent
  • Purchase
  • Loyalty

The goal of every business owner is to convert visitors into loyal customers. A sales funnel helps them do it using upsells, downsells, one-time offers, and other enticements.

With that out of the way, let us take a look at the sales funnels of both the platforms:

Kajabi Sales Funnels

With Kajabi, you can build sales funnels using a built-in Pipelines tool. It has pre-designed sales funnel templates that can make things easier, even if you are a beginner.

In addition, each template can help you achieve a different business goal, giving you much flexibility.

What makes it unique is that it mainly focuses on digital products like online courses and memberships that the platform itself hosts.

It works mainly through email integration, where the system interacts with potential customers constantly through emails until they accept the offer.

You can choose from a number of pre-written emails covering virtually every aspect of marketing. It means that you won’t have to do much editing.

Aside from email templates, Kajabi also has an array of prospective courses for you to choose from. It saves you a great amount of time because you do not have to create courses from scratch.

Clickfunnels Sales Funnel

Clickfunnels is also a great option if you want to create a front-end sales funnel. This platform is relatively easy to use, thanks to three helpful features.

First, it has a number of pre-built sales funnel templates, allowing you to design a great web page even with no experience. These sales funnel pages look professional and have a great chance to convert visitors into paying customers.

Second, while the templates are a bit basic, they are easy to customize to fit your unique needs. Clickfunnels has a drag-and-drop builder that lets you add images, videos, countdown timers—virtually anything you want. You can access it from the sidebar menu, edit the content, then publish it.

Finally, Clickfunnels lets you display products that your customers are likely to be interested in. From there, you can upsell or downsell, depending on how they interact with your offers.

It is a more strategic way of encouraging your customers to make a purchase than overwhelming them with all your products at once. With this approach, you can maximize your conversion and your profits.

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels: Sales Funnel Software

Kajabi is easier to use when creating sales funnels but is optimized for digital products only. If you are looking to sell more than just courses and memberships, Clickfunnels is the way to go.

page builders

Page Builder and Design

A landing page is an important part of your overall marketing strategy. It can introduce a visitor to your brand by providing information about a product or a specific offer.

It has one clear purpose: to encourage people to take steps toward becoming a customer.

Unlike other parts of your website, the landing page has limited navigation. Its simplicity lets your visitors focus on your call to action, converting them into paying customers.

Both Clickfunnels vs. Kajabi can help you create compelling landing pages. However, they do things a bit differently.

Kajabi Page Builder

Kajabi also features a drag-and-drop page builder that is fairly easy to use. Along with its drop-down menu, it can help you build landing pages that line up with your overall marketing strategy.

Despite its simplicity, the Kajabi page builder is quite effective. It uses the latest search engine optimization or SEO practices, making your pages easier for Google to index. This, in turn, will attract more organic traffic to your website. 

All the page sections can be found on the left side of the interface. There is a total of over 40 pre-built sections, including features, pricing tables, courses list, and more.

You can customize these sections or add your own.

The Kajabi page builder can help you create different website pages—from a home page to an about us page. There are themes for you to choose from, and all of them are pre-approved by skilled web developers.

With Kajabi, you won’t have to invest too much time and energy to create a beautiful, mobile-responsive storefront online.

Clickfunnels Page Builder

Clickfunnels can also help you create compelling websites, but it veers away from the traditional type. To be more specific, the platform focuses on marketing strategies, so it specializes in sales funnels.

Nevertheless, you could build excellent sales and landing pages using Clickfunnels’ drag-and-drop page builder.

It has fewer website features for you to add, making it easier to use. You can choose from sections, rows, columns, and elements.

The sections, rows, and columns make up the bulk of the page, while the elements give it interactivity. On top of all these, you can customize your pages by playing around with the colors, text, mobile optimization, and more.

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels: Page Builder

Both Clickfunnels and Kajabi allow you to create compelling websites, but they have different ways of doing it.

Kajabi is more traditional, increasing your online presence and marketing your products. On the other hand, Clickfunnels essentially creates a series of web pages designed mainly to promote products.

Between Clickfunnels vs Kajabi, Kajabi offers a more comprehensive solution.

Hosting Webinars

Hosting webinars is very helpful in providing information about product digital and physical products, the brand, or even the business owner. That is why most people are more interested in companies that include it in their overall marketing strategy.

Aside from giving potential customers a great way to connect with a business, it also gives the company a chance to promote its offerings.

Both Kajabi and Clickfunnels allow hosting webinars as part of their services, although Kajabi started more recently.

How do they measure up against each other? Read on to find out.

Kajabi Webinar Hosting

Kajabi recently unveiled Events, a new feature that will allow you to build, market, and even sell any event. It is a native functionality that lets you run successful webinars right on Kajabi.

Aside from a live webinar, you can use Events for live video training, days-long virtual conferences, or any other activity you want. It is also pretty easy to set up and promote.

Once you have set the date and time, you could have emails automatically sent out at specific times to generate interest. After the event, you could send another email to remind potential customers about your offerings.

Another cool thing about Events is that you can use it along with Pipeline to generate landing pages, emails, offers, and more. In other words, it has everything you need to organize a successful event.

Clickfunnels Webinar Hosting

For Clickfunnels, you can organize a webinar right on the Build Funnel section on the main menu. Simply click on it, then scroll down to Add New, found at the bottom of the drop-down selection.

After clicking on Add New, select Create New Funnel, choose Host Webinar, and click Live Webinar.

From there, you can create a name for the event, enter a group to tag, then click Build Funnel to work on the webinar funnel. You can choose a template and edit it as you wish.

Next, set the date and time for the live webinar by clicking the Gear icon, entering the details, and clicking the Update Page button.

Clickfunnels offers interactive webinars where you can have engaging discussions with participants. It also gives a perfect opportunity for them to learn about your offerings and for you to promote them.

There are specific funnels that can make your webinars more effective at promoting your brand.

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels: Webinar Hosting

Kajabi is a bit new to the webinar hosting game. However, it can hold its own against its more experienced counterparts.

It does not have enough to unseat Clickfunnels, but it does give Clickfunnels a run for its money.

In this round of the comparison, you can go either way and get value for your money.

email marketing strategy

Email Marketing

While a solid sales funnel is important, it will go as far as your email marketing strategy takes it. It remains one of the most effective ways to engage potential customers.

In 2021, the value of the email marketing global market was estimated at $8.49 billion, up from $7.5 billion in the previous year.

Experts believe that this trend will continue until it reaches an estimated $17.9 billion in 2027. 

The good thing is that both Kajabi and Clickfunnels have a lot to offer in this department.

Kajabi Email Marketing Tools

Kajabi comes with a somewhat basic email marketing tool. Nevertheless, if your business needs are not too complex, you will find that it is more than up for the job.

It has a total of 19 templates for you to choose from, each one as beautiful as the next. You will surely find a template for every occasion, from event announcements to product showcases to newsletters.

Kajabi features a familiar drag-and-drop email editor, making it easier to customize your email content.

You can integrate a variety of elements, including videos, countdown timers, and even your logo. Simply drag the content block and drop them as you please.

On top of this, the software comes with an automatic subject line validation function. It looks out for potential spam triggers and offers suggestions if it detects one.

When it comes to drafting your emails, Kajabi offers much flexibility. You can segment recipients using custom tags. You can also sort through your contacts based on their past purchases.

Depending on the activities of your target audience, you can send an email blast all at once or automatically in multi-touch sequences. 

Once you are done sending your emails, you will receive reports on how many clicked on them.

You will also get information on how many subscribers you have, how many emails you sent, and more.

Clickfunnels Email Marketing Tools

Clickfunnels also has a solid email marketing tool that is a big part of its overall marketing strategy. It can help you create emails that people can’t resist opening. It can also help you launch email campaigns that look and sound professional.

There are several built-in templates to choose from, so you do not have to start from scratch.

Each template serves a specific purpose, and you would surely find one to suit every occasion. Whether you want to announce an event, showcase a product, or do anything else, Clickfunnels has you covered.

Another thing that you would like about its email marketing tool is it offers much flexibility. You can send a one-time email blast or take advantage of email marketing automation.

You can also customize your emails using a highly intuitive visual editor. Using this function, you can add countdown timers, videos, and other elements to make your email stand out.   

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels: Email Marketing

In this round of Clickfunnels vs. Kajabi comparison, both are at par. The difference is that Kajabi’s email marketing tools come at no extra cost to you.

Besides your monthly plan, you do not have to pay additional fees.

With Clickfunnels, if you want to integrate most of the features, it will cost you extra. Because of this, Kajabi has a slightly better email marketing capability.

Marketing and Checkout

A seamless checkout page is critical to every business selling online courses or selling physical products online.

Based on statistics, 80% of all online shoppers abandon their carts and do not complete the transaction.

Granted, most of them were just browsing in the first place and had no real intention to buy. Either they were just comparing prices or not ready to make a purchase.

Nevertheless, if you remove this segment of shoppers, you get the following reasons for shopping cart abandonment:

  • The checkout process was either too long or too complicated
  • The website crashed or had errors
  • The payment methods were limited
  • The site asked the buyer to create an account

There were other reasons, like high shipping costs and slow delivery, but the ones listed above point to a problem with the checkout page. It is something you could easily avoid if you choose the right platform.

On this note, let us look at both platforms’ marketing and checkout features.

Kajabi Marketing and Checkout

Kajabi has several features that can enhance the sales experience and maximize your conversion. It goes beyond giving you a compelling landing page with engaging content and design. It also provides a checkout page that is seamless and true to your brand.

With Kajabi’s drag-and-drop builder, you can quickly add a shopping cart functionality to your website. It supports Stripe and Paypal, two of the most preferred payment methods today.

On top of this, Kajabi lets you follow up with upsells, downsells, order bumps, one-time offers, and other deals.

With a comprehensive checkout and marketing strategy, you can get traction right away for a new digital product. You could also drum up sales for your courses.

Clickfunnels Marketing and Checkout

Clickfunnels uses the Order Form Step for its checkout. As you create this form, you can add Paypal and Stripe as payment gateways. These are on top of the traditional credit card options.

Adding an order form step to your sales funnel is very easy.

Start by clicking on Add New Step and adding the name of the funnel step. Toggle the Show in Funnel to Yes then add a Path if you want.

Next, click on Create Funnel Step, then hover over the Sales tab on the menu. You will see a number of options, and you should choose Order Form. From there, you can choose the template that you want.

Note that there are required elements like product selector, credit card, email address input, and submit order button.

On top of these, you can add PayPal or Stripe, order bumps, products with variation selectors, and product summaries.

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels Marketing and Checkout

The two platforms are evenly matched in this category, so you can go either way.

Customer Relationship Management

A solid customer relationship management strategy offers a long list of benefits.

In an article posted by EPCGroup, a survey shows that 87% of responders said that using CRM improved their sales. In the same article, another survey shows that customer satisfaction increases by 47% if you use a CRM application.

Although Kajabi and Clickfunnels cover a big chunk of their CRM through email marketing, it involves much more.

Here’s a quick look at what each can offer in this section:

Kajabi Customer Relationship Management 

Kajabi’s CRM software lets your trigger marketing emails, coupons, and product access for your customers. Even better, Kajabi email marketing automation.

By enhancing these services, you will have more time to focus on other value-adding tasks. You could also organize your contacts using Kajabi’s CRM.

Tag, filter, and segment them using a wide range of criteria. It will help you enhance product engagement and improve your marketing strategies.

Clickfunnels Customer Relationship Management

Clickfunnels has a built-in customer relationship software called Actionetics, which covers virtually all aspects of CRM. However, it is not available in the basic plan called the Startup.

If you want all the functionalities that come with Actionetics, you will have to get the more expensive Full Suite plan. That said, this CRM software is worth every penny.

It eliminates the need to get a third-party CRM for your website. You could easily integrate it with your sales funnels.

There are a number of other amazing things that you can do with Actionetics:

  • Scour for matching profiles and locations using your customers’ personal data
  • Create and send automated messages through other channels like SMS, social media, and desktop notifications
  • Broadcast upcoming events to generate a buzz by sending messages to your entire contact list 

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels: Customer Relationship Management

Kajabi is a lot better at automating marketing emails, but it is mostly limited to this mode of communication. On the other hand, Clickfunnels offers multi-channel marketing.

While you have to spend a bit more to get this feature, the high return makes it a sound investment.


While both Clickfunnels and Kajabi are feature-packed, there might be some instances where you would want to integrate third-party tools into them. The good news is that they are quite flexible in this area.

Kajabi Integrations

Kajabi offers much flexibility by supporting a wide range of integration options in the following categories:

  • Email marketing, like ActiveCampaign, Convertkit, and Mailchimp
  • Member experiences, like Zapier and Typeform
  • Conversion and Sales, like Cloudfare, Stripe, and PayPal
  • Analytics, like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel

On top of all these, Kajabi also supports native integration with Calendly and Acuity, allowing you to set meetings and demos with prospects.

Clickfunnels Integrations

Clickfunnels is equally proficient when it comes to integrations. It supports various third-party applications in the following categories:

  • Payment gateways, like PayPal and Stripe
  • Simple mail transfer protocol or SMTP integration
  • Email autoresponders, like ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, and GetResponse
  • Webinar integrations, like WebinarJam, EverWebinar, and Zoom
  • Actions and messaging, like ZenDirect and Slybroadcast
  • Delivery, like Kunaki and Disc Delivered
  • Sales tax, like Avalara Sales Tax
  • SMS integrations

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels: Integrations

Both platforms are very flexible in terms of integrating third-party tools and apps. They are evenly matched in this round of the comparison. 

customer support

Customer Support

Customer support, like insurance, is something you hope that you never have to use but is nice to have. It will come in handy if something goes wrong and you need expert help or advice.

You have two options in these situations:

  • Get in touch with the company through available channels of communication
  • Look for the information yourself by browsing through the company’s website

Let’s see how responsive Kajabi and Clickfunnels are to their customers’ needs.

Kajabi Customer Support

If you look at Kajabi’s website, you will see an extensive help center that offers a wide range of helpful information. It has in-depth guides for selling, launching new products, or how to get started.

Kajabi also has the Kajabi University, where you can find online courses and other resources on how to get the most out of the platform.

Finally, if you want to talk to someone, you can reach Kajabi’s team of experts via email or live chat support.

However, note that the basic plan does not offer round-the-clock support, while the Pro plan does.

Clickfunnels Customer Support

Clickfunnels has its own repository of information in its self-help documentation section. Its founder also has a series of blogs and podcasts that offer marketing techniques and other tips.

However, some of the articles on Kajabi’s website are a bit outdated, while others are a bit basic.

The good thing is that Clickfunnels recently offered chat support with a guaranteed response time of 20 minutes.

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels Customer Support

Kajabi comes out ahead in this round by offering a more responsive and helpful customer support service. Its team is accessible 24 hours a day (at least with the Pro plan), and it has a wealth of information on its website.

Affiliate Program

There are times when a successful sales funnel is not enough, so having other ways to sell your online courses is always welcome. One example is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a strategy where you pay bloggers and marketers for successfully steering customers to your products.

Here’s a quick look at the affiliate program of each platform:

Kajabi Affiliate Marketing Program

Kajabi has a comprehensive affiliate marketing program where you can add affiliates. You can also give them access to their own dashboards and track their commissions or digital product sales.

However, note that with Kajabi, you sell digital products only, like online courses. So while its affiliate marketing system is complete, it is a bit limited in terms of product selection.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing Program

For Clickfunnels, you will find the affiliate marketing program under Actionetics. Here, it is called a Backpack.

Nevertheless, whatever name you call it, it is very effective as an affiliate marketing program. It allows you to sell all types of products, not just an online course.

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels: Affiliate Marketing Program

Both Clickfunnels and Kajabi have effective affiliate programs. However, Clickfunnels supports all types of products, which offers more sales opportunities.


Pricing is our last point of comparison, but it is definitely not the least important. It is even the biggest consideration for some business owners.

On this note, let us see how the two platforms stack up against each other in terms of cost.

Kajabi Pricing and Plan

Kajabi’s subscription plans come in three tiers: the Basic plan, the Grow plan, and the Pro plan.

In the Basic plan, you can sell up to three digital products and will have three pipelines. You can also have 10,000 contacts, unlimited marketing emails, unlimited landing pages, and up to 1,000 active members.

It can support one website and one admin user. You can get all these for a price of $149 a month.

The Grow plan raises the number of products you can sell and the pipeline count to 15. You can also have up to 10,000 active members and 25,000 contacts.

It has room for 10 admin users. You can get the Grow plan for $199 a month.

Finally, the Pro plan ups the ante with 100 products, 100 pipelines, 100,000 contacts, and 20,000 active members. It can support three websites and up to 25 admin users.

You can get the Pro plan for $399 a month. If you do not like any of these plans, you can work something out with the Kajabi sales team.

Clickfunnels Pricing and Plan

Clickfunnels subscription plans come in two tiers: Basic and Platinum.

The Basic package is available at $80.84 a month when billed annually, giving you $194 of savings. 

It will give you 20 funnels, 100 pages, 20,000 visits, and an unlimited number of contacts. It also supports one sub-user, three domains, three payment gateways, email support, and access to a video training platform.

The Platinum plan offers “Growth without limits” for $247.50 when billed annually, saving you $594 per year.

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels: Pricing and Plan

In terms of value for money, both platforms are pretty even. However, Clickfunnels offers more flexibility.

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels: The Verdict

After comparing Kajabi and Clickfunnels using different categories, there is still no clear winner. At the end of the day, your choice will depend on the type of product you sell.

If you are selling online courses, go with Kajabi. Otherwise, you can choose Clickfunnels.

FAQs About Clickfunnels vs Kajabi

1. Is Kajabi a click funnel?

No, Kajabi specializes in online course creation, marketing, and selling.

2. Can you build funnels in Kajabi?

Yes, you can build funnels in Kajabi using a built-in tool called Pipelines.

3. Is Kajabi a sales funnel?

Kajabi can help you build high-converting sales funnels for digital products like online courses.

4. Do Kajabi and Clickfunnels offer free trials?

Yes, both platforms offer a 14-day trial.

5. Do Kajabi and Clickfunnels offer a money-back guarantee?

Both platforms offer a refund after thirty days if you are unsatisfied with your service.

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