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How A Link Building Strategy Grew A Client’s SaaS Business By 93.4% In Just 60 Days

uday tank

Uday Tank – June 9, 2022

💲 Even with a shoestring budget, 🔗 link building can still deliver impressive results for a SaaS business.

Our two-year old client discovered this and that encouraged them to invest further in link building for SaaS business.

Within 60 days, we had an 93.4% traffic growth for this client. As you can imagine, this growth resulted in significant site traffic, lead generation, and sales boost.

These 60 days made customer very happy about the result growth.

❓❓❓ How we did it:

As earlier mentioned, we’ve been working with this SaaS company for almost two years. Two months ago, we got the green flag to move to full potential.

Prior to that approval, though, our efforts have been subdued by a lack of budget flexibility.

Upon the new directives, we took the SaaS company to the next level, traffic-wise, lead-wise, and sales-wise.

✔️  We already had a list of profitable keywords. So, we doubled down on our blog content creation efforts. This was important because quality content, optimized keywords, and proper on-page SEO are essential ingredients for ranking a site.

✔️  The most crucial part of the job was where we focused on finding the best niche-relevant sites and building backlinks on them. We relied on strategies such as competitor analysis, link partnership, and content collaboration to implement this part. Interestingly, this was the best and most loving part.

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