Best Linktree Alternatives to Optimize Your Link in Bio

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Linktree is one of the most popular link-sharing tools on the internet today, with over 23 million users. It is an online solution for social media influencers, brands, and creators to make their content more discoverable and easier to manage.

If you’re on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and other social media pages, Linktree allows you to create a personalized and customizable landing page for all your links.

However, Linktree isn’t the only kid on the block. Other sites, like the best Linktree alternatives, enable you to share links and more with your social media followers.

A Comparison of the 9 Best Linktree Alternatives

The best alternatives to Linktree go beyond compiling all your links. These tools have features and capabilities that let you create an aesthetic link in bio that can boost your conversions.

Here’s a quick comparison of their features and pricing:

Link in Bio ToolKey FeaturesPrice
ShorbyMultiple link pages
Dynamic RSS feedCustomizable landing page
Rocket Subscription:  $15 per month
Pro Subscription: $29 per month 
Agency Subscription: $99 per month
SeedProdDrag-and-drop function
Customizable templates
URL creation
Basic: $39.50 per year
Plus: $99.50 per year
Pro: $199.50 per year
Elite: $299.50 per year
ContactInBioVideo and contact form embedding
Link to music services like Spotify
Analytics and reporting
Online store
Free Plan
Business Package: $4.55
PallyShareable reports
Direct scheduling of IG reels, Carousels, and TikTok videos
Scheduling of IG stories via a reminder
Free Plan
Premium Plan: $15 per month
Linkin.bioGoogle Analytics and Shopify integration
Mobile-optimized landing page
Free Plan
Pro Version: $19 a month
KojiPre-made themes 
Tip jar for donations
Email collection Access to the Koji App Store
15% transaction fee for sales
CampsiteAuto-magic Feed Links
Customized QR Codes
AnalyticsTip Jar
Free Plan
Free Plan
Campsite Pro:  $7 a month
MilkshakeCustomizable templates
Drag-and-drop function
Stylish and chic themes
Free Plan
Paid Version: $2.50 per month
Bio.fmDrag-and-drop function
Website builder
Automated updating of links
Email subscription
Free Plan
Semi-Pro:  $5 

9 Best Linktree Alternatives

To understand better what the nine best alternatives to Linktree can offer you, let’s discuss each in more detail. This way, you can make a more informed decision when choosing which works best for your social media marketing needs.

1. Shorby

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Like Linktree, Shorby is a link in bio tool capable of creating a simple landing page to display all your links, from your social media accounts to your website, blog, e-commerce store, and other websites.

What makes Shorby one of the best alternatives to Linktree is that it can create multiple link pages, which is something Linktree can’t do.

In addition, it lets you insert more visually engaging content. Your feed can include Shopify links, podcasts, and YouTube videos.

Why Choose Shorby?

If you’re a digital marketer who manages multiple brands or clients, you should consider Shorby.

The platform makes it easy to create numerous customized pages. Plus, you can add team members to the dashboard to help you manage the pages.

Upon signing up, you will be directed to the main dashboard, where you can create a page for your links. You can shorten your links before adding them to your landing page with a tool provided in the system.

Shorby has tools to customize your page. You can add a title, an image, and other information such as:

  • Messenger: This includes Messenger from Facebook, Skype, Telegram, Viber, and WhatsApp. You can also add your email address and phone number.
  • Block: Here, you can add a button that links to any custom link, a dynamic RSS feed, or a countdown clock.
  • Social Links: Here, you can add your social media profiles.

In terms of appearance, Shorby performs better than Linktree as it has more tools to help you create a visually appealing landing page. 

Inserting a countdown and creating links in “pop animations” allows you to engage with your audience, even more, helping increase conversions and subscriptions.


Shorby is more expensive than Linktree, and the platform has three plans:

  • Rocket Subscription:  $15 per month
  • Pro Subscription: $29 per month 
  • Agency Subscription: $99 per month

Also, Shorby doesn’t have a free plan, although they offer a free trial. This trial is an excellent way to know whether the platform suits your link-sharing needs.

2. SeedProd

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While technically, it’s not a link-sharing tool, SeedProd does the same thing as Linktree in creating one place for all your links. The main difference is that aside from a landing page, the tool lets you create a URL for your business or brand.

Why Choose SeedProd?

SeedProd is a landing page builder for WordPress that features a convenient drag-and-drop function. That said, you can make a landing page in minutes even if you don’t have a technical background.

The platform comes with customizable templates. Whether you’re looking to collect email addresses, promote a webinar or a link, show a page, or increase your sales, you will likely find the right template for your landing page.

Unlike many landing page builder plugins on WordPress, SeedProd keeps things streamlined and straightforward, so it’s ideal for beginners. You can even start with a blank template and build your design from scratch.

SeedProd also has a Personal Links template specifically designed for creating a landing page for your bio links. With this template, you can create your IG bio link within a few minutes.

Unlike Linktree, SeedProd can embed a contact form on your link page. It gives your audience an easy way to connect with you without going through unnecessary steps.

Since SeedProd creates your link page on WordPress, you can take advantage of the site’s analytics plugins to track your visitors.

Lastly, SeedProd has a variety of plans for every budget and business size:

  • Basic: $39.50 per year
  • Plus: $99.50 per year
  • Pro: $199.50 per year
  • Elite: $299.50 per year

3. ContactInBio 

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ContactInBio is a micro-landing page-building platform for brands, influencers, and singers who want to create a single link for their social media profiles and links.

It’s been around since 2017 and is touted as one of the best Linktree alternatives.

ContactInBio offers many features that are not available in LinkTree, such as the ability to:

  • Add images or videos on your link page
  • Integrate with e-commerce portals
  • Embed a contact form
  • Link to music services like Spotify
  • Choose a domain name

Why Choose ContactInBio?

This Instagram link-in-profile tool allows you to navigate through various IG bio URLs. You can add unlimited links to your landing page and categorize them into different sections (also called blocks).

The free version of ContactInBio features eight blocks, while the premium version has more.

In addition, the tool lets you customize your landing page’s logo, theme, and design, something that the free version of Linktree can’t do.

Compared to Linktree, ContactInBio has several extra add-ons even in its free version. In fact, you’ll find many of the paid features of Linktree in the free version of ContactInBio.

So, what are the things you can do with this tool?

  • You can create a custom link for your brand so that your IG or TikTok followers can recognize you easily.
  • Add custom texts and buttons on your landing page to match your brand color and style.
  • Get a daily report or analytics for your link bio. For instance, you’ll know how many visitors you’ve had for the day or how many clicks your links had.
  • Create an online store on Instagram and start selling. You don’t need to create a website as your customers can connect with you and buy your products inside the IG app.
  • Facilitate your business payments


ContactInBio has a free starter package that is ideal for new businesses. As you start generating profits, you can upgrade your account to the premium version, which costs $4.55 per month.

With this, you get more advanced features like Facebook Pixel integration, Mailchimp integration, email signup and collection, and image and video uploading.

Lastly, ClickInBio has a plan for agencies at $18.20 per month. It lets you manage up to five accounts and has all the features provided in the Free and Business Plans.

4. Pallyy

Image Source

Pallyy is one of the best Linktree alternatives that go beyond consolidating your social media links.

This social media tool is primarily used for scheduling campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Google My Business. With it, you can automatically publish content on your social media page.

What’s particularly great about this tool is you can write different messages for each platform. For instance, on Instagram, you can add a First Comment and a URL to be updated in your bio link; on Pinterest, you can add a destination link.

Why Choose Pally?

Pally has built-in analytics that effectively measures and manages your campaigns. This gives you a better idea of what your customers want to see on your social media feed.

Bio links created on Pally are also customizable. You can add buttons to showcase your products, add links to your blog posts and social media profiles, and embed videos.

You can also change the colors of your landing page, add a logo, and edit the button style and background to match your branding.

Adding links to your Instagram bio is also easy. Pally has a user-friendly interface that’s streamlined for the optimized landing page.

When you’re ready to add a link, just click the “Add” button. Also, instead of a button, you can create a drop-down menu. You can also add a YouTube video link.

Moreover, Pally has separate analytics for your Instagram Bio. Just click Insights to see how many viewers clicked on your links. 

Besides scheduling campaigns and creating landing pages, Pallyy has many other features, such as:

  • Shareable reports
  • Custom domains for sharing social calendars
  • Direct scheduling of IG reels, Carousels, and TikTok videos
  • Scheduling of IG stories via a reminder app.
  • IG grid preview


Pallyy offers free and premium plans. The free plan lets you schedule up to 15 posts per month. You will also get a feed planner, access to analytics, and calendar, board, and table views.

Meanwhile, the premium plan, priced at $15 a month, features unlimited scheduling, custom domains, custom analytics reports, bulk scheduling, and Bio-Link.

Image Source is one of the best Linktree alternatives for marketers who use Instagram to sell their products. The tool comes from Later, which is a verified Instagram Partner.

What makes it different from Linktree? First, presents your landing page similar to an Instagram grid.

Thus, if a follower or customer wants to find the product you mentioned on your IG post a week ago, all they need to do is click the link in your bio and click the post’s image. It’s as if they are navigating your Instagram page.

Why Choose

Showing a mirror reflection of your Instagram grid is ideal for sellers because it helps them showcase the products they are promoting or any other items they mention in their posts.

Another great feature of is it allows you to add up to five different links to every post. This makes it easy for your followers to find your content.

In addition, the platform features Shopify integration which enables you to track how many sales come from your IG posts and gain more insights about what your followers like.

Pricing offers free and paid plans for users. The free version gives you access to the basic planning features of Later. Meanwhile, the Pro version, which starts at $19 a month, gives you more opportunities to drive more followers to your content.

Since it’s bundled with the Later tool, you can take advantage of the platform’s full suite of scheduling and analytics features. Plus, you will be able to add multiple links to your posts.

6. Koji

Image Source

This link-in-bio app is a smart choice for influencers, sellers, and marketers who want an easy and effective way to showcase their content on social media. It’s packed with nifty features that make your profile page stand out.

For example, with Koji, you can stream music in your profile, collect emails from your followers, add a personal status, add a tip jar for donations, and more. You can also buy and sell things and communicate directly with your followers.

Why Choose Koji?

Koji is one of the top Linktree alternatives that can help you monetize your social media profile. Creating bio links on this app is free and only takes a few minutes.

Koji is more than just a link in bio tool. It’s an entire ecosystem of apps that let you do so many things.

For instance, you’ll get free access to the Koji App Store. It features hundreds of mini apps you can link to your bio and the KojiPay wallet, where you can cash out your earnings.

The site offers a couple dozen of templates and tools to engage your followers. There’s a template for selling something and collecting payments from your customers, posting an interactive game, selling a book, and many others.

Once you’ve set up your account, you can add your social links, website address, affiliate links, other important links, and blog posts. You can then customize the elements of your bio to match your brand.

You can even upload any video, image, or GIF to use as your background. The best part is your video will play instantly, even on devices with poor internet connection.


Koji is free but charges fees for tips, sales, and money made through the platform. For instance, there’s a 15% transaction fee for sales made through Koji. 

7. Campsite

Image Source

What makes Campsite one of the best alternatives to Linktree is it helps you create a mobile-optimized landing page with numerous customization options. Plus, it’s the only bio link creator with Canva integration, enabling you to design outstanding images for your Instagram.

Why Choose Campsite?

Campsite features a user-friendly interface that lets you create an attractive social landing page. Below are some of the most prominent features of Campsite.

  • Auto-Magic Feed Links

The auto-magic feed automatically updates your link in bio whenever you have new content (such as a video or a blog post) to share with your followers. 

  • Customized QR Codes

Campsite lets you add customized QR codes to your profile and use them in many ways. In particular, you can place the codes on your business card to link it with your profile, add them to a flyer you created for your events, or use it anywhere so people can easily find you.

  • Tip Jar 

Like Koji, Campsite also features a tip jar for paid bio-link users. This support link lets you collect tips or fundraise.

You can customize the Tip Jar to engage with fans creatively. As such, you can add a thank-you message or a photo and preset dollar amounts for easy tipping.

  • Analytics

Campsite is equipped with analytics and reporting to provide a daily breakdown of your link clicks, the number of visitors to your link bio, and their demographics.

  • Email Integration and Custom Domain

Campsite Pro allows you to collect email addresses from your visitors or sign them up to your mailing list. In addition, you can use your custom domain name for your Campsite bio.


Campsite has a free plan and a paid version. The free plan includes:

  • Unlimited links for your bio
  • A robust bio link designed for conversions
  • Advanced customization features
  • Embedding of video content and Ko-fi donation panel
  • Spotify integration allows you to embed podcasts, albums, tracks, and episodes in your profile

Meanwhile, the Campsite Pro, which is priced at $7 a month, has everything you get from the free plan plus the following:

  • Premium integrations for easy retargeting and visitor insights
  • Advanced analytics
  • Embedding options from WordPress, Shopify, Tumblr, and more
  • Email integration

8. Milkshake

Image Source

Milkshake is among the Linktree alternatives perfect for influencers and creators who are always on the move. The tool positions itself as more of a website builder.

However, many people use it to create landing pages for their social media bio.

While it doesn’t have the complete features of traditional website builders, it’s a great choice if you simply want to link all your social profiles in one place.

Essentially, Milkshake is designed to help you create a website in minutes using your phone or any mobile device. Whether you’re using Android or iOS, the experience is very similar.

Signing up for Milkshake is also easy. You can even register using your Facebook, Apple, or Google account. Once logged in, you will be prompted to create a unique URL.

After that, you can start adding content in the form of “cards”. A card refers to your landing page, and there are five cards to choose from: 

  • About
  • Links
  • Top Picks
  • Splash
  • YouTube

You can select a template for each card to make your link bio more appealing. Afterward, you can start filling in the information you want to share.

Additionally, you can add these cards one by one to create sections for your website. Essentially, you can add a series of links, including your social and messenger links, and then add a title or description for that link.

You can further customize your card by changing the font style and color.

In terms of aesthetics and appearance, Milkshake is better than Linktree. The app offers plenty of design options that are more stylish and chic.

If you’re looking to create a bio that looks more artistic and visually appealing. Currently, Milkshake offers 17 beautiful themes for free.


Milkshake offers two packages, namely:

  • Free: This plan gives you full access to everything, but the caveat is there’s Milkshake branding everywhere. If you don’t mind filling your website with the Milkshake logo and other watermarks, then Milkshake’s free version is an excellent choice.
  • Paid: You can pay $2.50 per month to get rid of Milkshake’s branding on your landing pages.

Image Source is among the more advanced Linktree alternatives because it does more than keep your links in one place. It’s a content aggregator designed to curate your feed from various social media platforms.

With, you can share almost any type of content, including videos, images, and email collection forms. In addition, you can import content from all your social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and Spotify.

Why Choose presents a beautiful way to share your social media content in your bio link. The platform features a drag-and-drop function that makes creating your landing page quick and easy.

Bios work on “blocks.” You can choose from loads of different options and then add your content.

Once you’ve chosen your blocks, you can reorder and customize them. Also, works like a website builder in the sense that it lets you import your posts, articles, images, and other media from your profiles across the web.

What’s more, it can automatically update your bio with the latest posts and videos from your social profiles. Aside from the engaging look of your link bio, you will get additional features like an email subscription to maximize your link bio for your marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, makes publishing articles easier across the web. You can add a link to your article with a catchy option and thumbnail on your landing page.

Pricing has a free plan and a Semi-Pro plan that starts at $5. With this, you can add extra blocks to your landing page, customize your URL, use link scheduling, and remove the branding.

Which Among the Best Linktree Alternatives Should You Get?

Linktree is an excellent tool for creating a link in bio and optimizing your landing page. However, it isn’t your only option.

If you don’t think that Linktree fits your needs, this list of Linktree alternatives sets a strong foundation for choosing a solution that works for your brand.

Selecting the right tool depends on your needed features and desired outcomes. Assess your needs and weigh them against the features and pricing of the options above.

Hopefully, you will be able to find the best platform that will help you engage more with your followers and reach your marketing goals.

FAQs About Linktree and Best Linktree Alternatives

Below you’ll learn more about Linktree and the best Linktree Alternatives as we’ve answered some of the most common questions people ask.

1. What makes Linktree so great?

Maybe you’re an influencer looking to monetize your social media page beyond collaborations. Perhaps you have a merch site, several affiliate partners, an Amazon influencer store, and your personal website that you want to promote on your social media pages.

Of course, you can’t put all those links on social media, especially on Instagram. Even if you could, you have to update all your information manually each time you have a new link to share.

That’s where Linktree comes in. This tool provides you with a single place to house all your links.

By simply clicking on one link, your followers, customers, or audience can access the rest of the links you want to share with them.

Linktree offers a free and paid version of the tool. The free one lets you add unlimited links, QR codes for offline sharing, embedded videos with autoplay, and link thumbnails. It also allows basic customization and analytics. 

On the other hand, the paid version, priced at $6 a month, has all the capabilities of the free version plus “advanced” analytics and the option to export information into a report. It also provides more customization options, such as changing fonts and adding themes.

Plus, it allows for link scheduling priority links, social icons, Leap links, and more.

A link in bio refers to the clickable URL you can add to your Instagram profile. It’s easy to put a link in your Instagram bio.

All you’ve got to do is click “Edit Profile”, add the URL in the website field, and tap “Done” to save the changes.

However, Instagram’s link in bio can feel limiting, especially if you want to highlight multiple posts, products, or pages. This is where Linktree and the best Linktree alternatives come in.

These tools create a custom landing page to house all the links you want to share.

3. Is it good to use Linktree on Instagram?

Linktree and the Linktree alternatives listed above are great tools for adding as many links as you want to your Instagram profile.

Whether you’re looking to monetize your profile, sell products, or update your followers with your latest videos and blog posts, link in bio tools can help make that happen.

Most link in bio tools are customizable, meaning you’re in complete control of the links you want to include. They also present your links in aesthetically pleasing formats to increase viewer engagement.

4. Is paid Linktree worth it?

While you can get a good range of features from the free version of Linktree, you can have more from its paid version. If you’re managing different websites and social media pages, the paid version allows you to add unlimited links to your landing page.

5. Can you use Linktree on LinkedIn?

You can use Linktree on any of your social media profiles, including LinkedIn, where you can provide your viewers a link to your portfolio, previous work, and social profiles.

Linktree has recently partnered with Shopify to allow users to add storefronts on its platform. The feature is available for free to all Linktree users.

Once you have Shopify integrated into your account, you can choose which products or collections to promote on your landing page.

In addition, Linktree offers an option to live sync Shopify collections automatically.

Currently, you can display up to six products at a time on your bio and add multiple links for different stores or collections.

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