Best WordPress Hosting Convesio Review

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With millions of websites using WordPress, it is natural to wonder what it is about this platform that makes it so popular. More importantly, how can you use it to your advantage?

To run a WordPress website, you need a reliable WordPress hosting provider like Convesio. You’ve probably heard of it before and are now looking for the best WordPress hosting Convesio review. For that, we’ve got your back.

In this read, you will learn about the answers to the following:

  • What is WordPress Convesio hosting?
  • Who is the brilliant mind behind Convesio?
  • How much would it cost you to avail of its services?
  • Why is Convesio considered one of the best WordPress hosting providers?

We’ll even teach you how to create a WordPress managed website and how to set up auto-scaling on Convesio. So, what are you waiting for? Let us dive right into it!

Content Guide

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

As a platform that permits users to create their own websites, WordPress is no doubt a game-changer in the world of blogging. It is an impressive content management system that offers a set of tools designed to make blogging easier.

Back in the day, creating blogs, business websites, and even internet magazines required time, effort, and money. That all changed with the introduction of WordPress. Now, users can create their websites, customize the design, and alter the structure very easily.

Managed WordPress hosting is a utility platform that manages all the technicalities involved in running a WordPress site. In simple terms, it does all the hard stuff for you to make your job easier.

With managed WordPress hosting, you get high speed and enhanced security for your website. It also updates your WordPress site, creates backups, and ensures website flexibility and uptime.

What Is Convesio?

Because of how big the market is, you’ll find hundreds of choices for the best WordPress hosting provider. Each one has its own set of pros and cons, making it even harder to pick just one. Among these choices is Convesio.

Although the market is crowded, we can definitely say that Convesio is one of the best, if not the best, WordPress hosting companies. Aside from its low prices and superb hosting plans, Convesio has unique features to make your life easier, such as self-healing and auto-scaling.

Convesio is different from your typical WordPress hosting provider in that it primarily offers managed hosting services for agencies. It also uses reliable CDN networks and Docker technology to effectively send your content to other locations in the world.

Regardless of location, Convesio sends your website content to your clients very quickly, making your website load very fast. It is truly a game-changer for managed WordPress hosting. It allows you to set up a complete website in less than four clicks by utilizing its impressive features, modern management tools, and scalable WordPress hosting.

Who Founded Convesio?

Tom Fanelli is the CEO and founder of Convesio. He launched the company in 2018, and it has since become one of the best WordPress managed hosting companies worldwide.

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio Review

Convesio can be considered a full service when it comes to WordPress hosting. It has a simple user interface that allows users to make comprehensive websites with self-healing and auto-scaling capabilities. Below is a list of the benefits you can enjoy with Convesio:

Unmatched 100% Uptime

As one of the best WordPress hosting Convesio utilizes a load-balancer container technology. It effectively reduces the strain on traffic for Convesio’s servers. That’s why its servers never shut down.

Others shut down for a few minutes or even hours, but Convesio ensures your website is available all the time.

Multiple Servers Worldwide

Server failure can occur on all websites, especially if the websites are hosted on only one server. In fact, it is the most common reason for website failure. When you experience a server failure, hundreds of dissatisfied customers will request a quick resolution. And, as you can imagine, failing to fix your server may cost you your clients.

With multiple servers all over the world, clients will get a smooth website performance and high browsing speed with Convesio. This also means that the website’s visitors will have a trouble-free experience.

Docker Technology

Convesio utilizes Docker platforms or Docker containers to resolve server failure. In fact, it is the only WordPress hosting service provider that takes advantage of Docker containers. Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud host the containers of Convesio.

The Docker platform is useful in many ways.

  • The Docker platform enables you to run applications in containers. These applications will have the same host but their own virtual disk space.
  • To properly configure everything, container services utilize software virtualization. This allows you to create an updated website very quickly.
  • Docker containers are set up across numerous servers, so the risk of total failure is mitigated.
  • It removes the risk of server failure and eases traffic balancing.
  • It is better than a Virtual Private Server because you can host as many sites as possible.

Clustered Database

Strong and secure MySQL servers back Convesio’s sites. A MySQL or a database cluster is a collection of databases managed by one functional database server.

It is an open-source RDBMS or relational database management system that allows numerous users to manage and create different kinds of databases. This feature ensures that various website requests are processed more effectively and efficiently.

Automated Scaling

Auto-scaling or automated scaling is a technique for dynamically changing the number of functioning servers in a server farm or data center. It will be a great reassurance to have your site’s resources scaled automatically to accommodate sudden traffic spikes.

Instead of using your resources to hire a system administrator, Convesio will take care of it for you. It does this by deploying numerous containers that expand and perform resource reduction.

Application Tracking

Application performance tracking guarantees that applications run without hiccups. It pertains to the collection of data logs that help developers track applications, identify bugs, and monitor resource usage that negatively affects the end-user experience.

Convesio offers the capacity to monitor your online websites at the WordPress hosting level. Any proposed changes will go through an approval before ultimately being implemented.


The restoration of a web-hosted database is extremely time-consuming. Aside from this, there are risks and other dangers involved when you restore a web-hosted database.

Convesio’s self-recovery feature mitigates the risks involved in restoring these types of databases, saving you a lot of time. It also keeps a data backup and will automatically restore the data in case your website shuts down for any reason.

Rapid Caching

Page caching is a method of making changing material static. This method can level up the speed of your WordPress site by up to five times. Your website’s content is generated every time a user submits a request.

Convesio offers a caching layer at the server level that can be utilized in a number of ways. After the initial load, Convesio copies the page and then shows the cached version to the website visitors. This ensures lightning-quick performance and prevents you from opening third-party plugins. It also avoids storage fill-up.


More than 3,000 websites are being hacked every day. If you truly value your website, it is important to get a website hosting platform that provides the highest level of security. Convesio achieves this by sending each web page to its individual container.

Anyone can introduce any website on these containers with upgraded accessibility and stability. You also do not need to worry about server sharing with other websites. Convesio performs malware scanning automatically.

Convesio’s dashboard offers the following options:

  • Advanced HTTPS Compliance Instrument
  • Multiple encryption policies and protocols set up
  • Automatic or manual malware detection
  • Customizable backup schedules

Convesio is among the best WordPress hosting company with the tightest security. It applies innovative security methods to help you scan and monitor your website for any security hazard.

In addition, Convesio has a safety feature that enables you to change the configurations, code, and environment variables. As a result, you can fend off spyware and other harmful applications.

Optimized Speed

Convesio offers great optimizing speed because of its unique features, such as page caching and database clusters. Moreover, HTTP/2 provides better website speed while also saving data bandwidth.

Your website load time is one of the most important things to prioritize because it is the key to keeping your visitors. If your web pages take too long to load, it will throw off your site visitors, and you can lose potential revenue.

To address this, there are many things you can do, such as caching and image optimization.

Convesio will cover for you in this matter. It has a lower cost for extra plugins, so you can access your sites more quickly. This platform includes the PageSpeed optimization features below:

  • JavaScript enhancement
  • CSS enhancement
  • Lazy loading image optimization
  • Testing optimization and basic QA support
  • Global CDN minification compression resource deferral


Still testing the waters? You don’t need to commit to the best WordPress hosting Convesio because it does not bind you to a contract. It is your best option for a transparent WordPress service provider, but you can freely migrate your website to any web-hosting service with a few simple steps.

Free Transfer From Previous WordPress Provider

If you decide to migrate your website from a previous web-hosting provider to Convesio, you can easily do it free of charge. Convesio’s support team will help you in this process step by step. It usually takes 48 hours or more to finish.

Automatic Backup

Another amazing feature of Convesio is the fact that it automatically backs up of your website. Convesio can quickly back up, replicate, and recover your site. All you need to do is schedule the recovery, either every three hours or every 15 days.

Money-Back Guarantee

Convesio is the most cost-effective and dependable web hosting service currently available. You can opt for final trial the one-month free trial, and the good thing is you do not need to provide your credit card information. This means you don’t have to worry about automatically subscribing to a monthly plan if you don’t find the service impressive, though we highly doubt it.

Customer Support Available 24/7

Another thing that sets Convesio apart is that its customer support is always available. Any time you need help with your website, you can reach out to them, and they will help you. Their staff is well-trained and can help you sort through the issue in a timely manner.

Free One-Month Trial

This trial enables you to host a maximum of two websites. However, not all features are available during this free trial.

WordPress hosting provider

Disadvantages of Convesio Managed WordPress Hosting

Convesio has a team of experts that work like a well-oiled machine, providing unmatched service to their clients and customers. However, every WordPress hosting provider has its advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s take a look at the downsides of the best WordPress hosting Convesio service below.

  • Expensive. Convesio may offer a lot of unique features, but compared to its competitors, it costs a little more.
  • Limited performance depending on the plan. Depending on the plan you avail, performance can be limited. Some plans only allow one or two WordPress sites hosted at a time.
  • The cheapest plan has some notable performance issues. The added number of containers failed to improve the performance, as well.
  • Document conversion issues. You need to have all your fonts uploaded in Cloudconvert. Otherwise, you will experience problems with document conversion.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio Plan and Pricing

Convesio offers a variety of plans, from the most basic to the most comprehensive one. When choosing a plan, look for the perfect balance between functionality and price. It should only have the functionalities you currently need, or you’re going to be paying for features you won’t use for the foreseeable future.

We have a detailed comparison of the plans offered by Convesio below.

Starter Plan

Convesio is an innovative WordPress hosting provider that offers quality performance, tight security, and scalable WordPress hosting. This plan is great due to the following reasons:

  • Non-stop active customer support – You can contact the support team whenever you encounter a problem.
  • Simple WordPress management – Navigating through the application is a breeze, but its dashboard features a rich selection.
  • Auto-scaling – You do not need to worry about website failure because of traffic surges, thanks to auto-scaling.
  • Low cost – You receive performance similar to VPS but without the difficulties and complexity.

To give you an idea, here’s what the Starter Plan (Level 1) has to offer:

  • Zero setup fee
  • Disk Storage: 5 GB
  • 2 virtual CPUs, 4 workers, and 512 MB RAM
  • 50 GB Bandwidth Manual Scaling
  • Shared Database
  • Shared MariaDB
  • Automated Malware Removal
  • Cloudflare Protection

Business Plan

WooCommerce WordPress hosting is a full hosting solution that specializes in high-volume eCommerce stores. The plan is customized for every WooCommerce store.

It is good for the following reasons:

  • Offers database server alternatives
  • Utilizes CloudFlare Edge Performance Enhancement
  • Caches at the server level
  • Has advanced performance optimization
  • Issues can be fixed immediately because of 24/7 customer support
  • Automatic malware detection patches any hacks for free

Convesio’s Business Plan comes in three levels. Here’s how they differ from one another:

Level 2Level 3Level 4
Disk Storage: 10 GBDisk Storage: 10 GBDisk Storage: 10 GB
4 virtual CPUs, 16 workers, 2 GB RAM6 virtual CPUs, 32 workers, 6 GB RAM8 virtual CPUs, 50 workers, 12 GB RAM
Auto-scaling up to 100 GBAuto-scaling up to 300 GBAuto-scaling up to 500 GB
Allocated Percona DatabaseAllocated Percona DatabaseAllocated Percona Database
MariaDB Object Cache Pro malware removalMariaDB Object Cache Pro malware removalMariaDB Object Cache Pro malware removal
Cloudflare Enterprise slack supportCloudflare Enterprise slack supportCloudflare Enterprise slack support
$150 Committed PerconaDB$150 Committed PerconaDB$150 Committed PerconaDB
Zero set up feeZero set up feeZero set up fee

Enterprise Plan

Convesio is the original WordPress hosting service provider to supply self-healing, auto-scaling, and zero component failures. The Enterprise plan is not expensive, complicated, or time-consuming. Rather, it is fast, flexible, and redundant by default.

This plan is good for the following reasons:

  • Cost – Provides more while costing less
  • Speed – Ensures maximum speed is given to the users
  • Security – Offers malware tracking, vulnerability repairing, and cleaning
  • Simplicity – One simple system can handle busy eCommerce sites as well as personal blogs

Like the Business Plan, the Enterprise Plan lets you choose from three different levels:

Level 5Level 6Level 7
$1000 set up fee$1000 set up fee$1000 set up fee
InstallInstallSet up
Disk Storage: 50 GBDisk Storage: 75 GBDisk Storage: 100 GB
16 virtual CPUs, custom workers, 16 GB RAM20 virtual CPUs, custom workers, 24 GB RAM24 virtual CPUs, custom workers, 32 GB RAM
Committed Percona DatabaseCommitted Percona DatabaseCommitted Percona Database
MariaDB Cache Pro malware removalMariaDB Cache Pro malware removalMariaDB Cache Pro malware removal
CloudFlare Enterprise slack supportCloudFlare Enterprise slack supportCloudFlare Enterprise slack support
$20 cost for every 10 GB disk storage; $20 cost for every 100 GB$20 cost for every 10 GB disk storage; $20 cost for every 100 GB$20 cost for every 10 GB disk storage; $20 cost for every 100 GB
$20 cost for every 10 GB offsite backup$20 cost for every 10 GB offsite backup$20 cost for every 10 GB offsite backup

How To Set up a Managed WordPress Website on Convesio

Creating a WordPress managed website on Convesio is an easy task. If you are eager to know the steps, then let’s proceed.

Step 1: Set up your WordPress site.

Visit Convesio’s homepage and then sign up to create your WordPress site. After that, click “Start Free Trial.” Remember that this step does not ask you to input your banking details.

After Convesio’s dashboard shows up, click “Create Your First Site.” Next, choose “Set Advanced Options.” Pick the latest location, PHP version, WordPress version, database type, and web server type.

Select “Deploy.” This step will take five minutes at most. Select “Manage.” You will see five choices, “Log in to wp-admin,” “Set the site name,”  “Site dashboard,” “Visit the site,” and “Delete the site.”

Step 2: Input your SSL, domain, and caching.

By now, you should be able to view the disk utilization details, traffic overview, page speed, and more. Remember that you will need your IP address to direct your site to Convesio. Convesio will not supply the domain registration; you must buy a domain from a trusted company.

With the numerous features accessible, you can manage plenty of the technical facets through Convesio. If a certain feature is unavailable or dysfunctional, just contact customer support immediately, and they will quickly assist you.

How To Turn On Auto-Scaling in Convesio

With Convesio, it is possible to set up auto-scaling in just a minute. Follow the guide below to effectively sort out your auto-scaling.

Step 1: Choose the appropriate plan.

Convesio offers numerous plans, and it is important that you choose the best plan that suits your site’s needs. The latest update features a number of databases and environments. This will be useful if you’re using a configuration that depends on a certain technology.

Step 2: Switch on auto-scaling.

The Convesio dashboard lets you enable the auto-scaling tool easily. Depending on your needs, you can also turn on “Auto Scaling Expandability Range.”

Step 3: View the WordPress Containers section.

You can view a list of operative containers on the Scale Service dashboard. When you go to the overview page, you will find terminated and active containers.

Step 4: Check out PageSpeed Insights on Google.

Using any device, you can examine any article that has a featured image. Expect to get an average score of 99, which is impressive, to say the least.

Step 5: Do the CDN Performance Test.

The CDN test lets you evaluate website performance in all areas. It computes the worst-performing and top-performing locations and the global average of all the places combined.

Step 6: Test the performance of your website.

As mentioned, Convesio utilizes Docker containers to examine how your website functions under immense traffic. To perform the load test, you need to run two separate tests. Run the first test with one container and test the second with 10 containers. The ideal result of your load test should show a response time upwards of 100ms.

Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio FAQs

1. Which hosting is best for WordPress?

The following services are considered the best by users:

  • Convesio
  • SiteGround
  • WP Engine
  • Flywheel
  • DreamHost
  • Kinsta
  • InMotion
  • Namecheap
  • A2 Hosting
  • Bluehost

2. How do I choose a good host?

To choose a good WordPress host, you need to do the following:

  • Understand your website’s needs.
  • Confirm the period of subscription for hosting contracts.
  • Examine uptime guarantees and server reliability.
  • Confirm the hosting provider’s refund policy.
  • Know the available upgrade options.
  • Verify the primary features of the host.

3. What does high availability mean?

Conventional WordPress hosting services have a lot of points of failure, ranging from web to database. That’s why the best hosting for WordPress Convesio was created to eliminate all these failure points.

The best WordPress hosting Convesio provides excellent features, such as WordPress containers, multi-threaded load balancers, grouped database architecture, and an exemplary file system. These features ensure you won’t experience performance issues and poor uptime.

4. Geographically, where are the best WordPress hosting Convesio’s servers located?

It’s important to find a reliable server cluster and ensure that no single server will cause the shutting down of a specific website. Good thing, Convesio’s servers are spread across the map. They are located in parts of Europe, North America, and Australia.

5. Is it worth subscribing to managed WordPress hosting Convesio?

The answer depends on your specific needs. If your site needs the features offered by Convesio’s managed WordPress hosting, then it is an excellent investment. While most of the procedures can be self-handled by installing plugins or other software, it will take longer. Moreover, some problems may not be addressed correctly.

6. How is managed WordPress hosting Convesio different from other providers?

Unlike conventional WordPress hosting platforms, Convesio addresses obstacles in VPS hosting by providing a multi-user, redundant domain through the use of Docker Containers.

7. Does the best hosting for WordPress Convesio use cPanel?

Convesio does not use traditional control panels, unlike other web hosting platforms. The platform uses a custom implementation of Percona, PHP, GlusterFS, Percona, and other tools for operating a high-performance website.

8. Does the best hosting for WordPress Convesio plan to add servers in other locations?

Currently, Convesio plans to add servers in South Africa, European Union, and South America.

9. Does managed WordPress hosting Convesio support WordPress Multisite?

Convesio currently does not have WordPress Multisite. However, the company plans to add this feature and is currently looking for partners.

10. Which is better, WordPress hosting or web hosting?

The answer depends on your current needs. If you need a general platform, then web hosting is better for you. If you want a customized service, then WordPress hosting is your ideal choice.

Is Convesio Really the Best WordPress Hosting Platform?

Many best WordPress Hosting Convesio reviews say positive things about this hosting provider. In fact, it is often listed right at the top when it comes to WordPress hosting providers, and it is no wonder why. Convesion offers a variety of hosting options, including numerous plans and high-quality services at reasonable rates to aid you in creating and managing your website. It is also perfect for beginners, as it offers cheap starting plans and a free trial for one month. Customer service is available all the time, so you can ask for a fix for any issue you encounter.

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