Best Sales Management Software To Help Your Business Grow

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Now more than ever, companies rely on sales management software to help achieve specific requirements and goals. If you’re new to the industry, you may wonder, “What is sales management software?

Basically, it’s a program that aids in managing sales operations to help increase productivity, implement sales strategies, and boost sales. With so many companies offering such services, it would be challenging to pick the best sales management software that suits your setup and goals.

Top Eight Sales Management Software Solutions

Sales Management SoftwarePricingFree Version/TrialAutomationMobile AppNotable Integrations
Monday.comStarts at $8 per monthYes / YesEmail Notifications, Due Date, Progress Updates, Task AssignmentAvailableCRM, Software Development, Project Management
Salesforce Sales CloudStarts at $25 per monthFree TrialApproval Processes, Sales Cycle, Task Assignment, WorkflowAvailableN/A
HubSpot CRMStarts at $45 per monthYes / YesFollow-up, Sales Emails, Task Assignment, Sales ProcessNoN/A
Zoho CRMStarts at $14 per monthYes / YesLead, Deal, Account, Contact, and Workflow ManagementAvailableSlack, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Shopify, Mailchimp
FreshsalesStarts at $15 per monthYes / YesWeb Forms, Sales Sequences, Holiday Routing, Chat CampaignsAvailableEmail, SMS, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat
NutshellStarts at $16 per monthFree TrialActions, Follow-up, Sales Process, Email OutreachAvailableGmail, Facebook, Dropbox, Asana, Google Drive, and Outlook
Gryphon.aiRequires contact with the sales teamNoDashboards, Compliance, Call dataNoN/A
PipedriveStarts at $12.5 per monthFree TrialEmail Templates, Workflow, Start Contact Data, Trigger EventAvailableChatbots, Accounting & Invoicing, Lead Generation, Proposal Contracts, Email Marketing, Remote Work

As you can imagine, the right sales management software will make it significantly easier for the sales team to carry out the tasks assigned to it. Let’s check out some of the options you will want to consider.

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Although is mostly known as a project management solution, it also provides a custom sales management software. In fact, it offers comprehensive customization of tools and features that enable you to carry out tasks efficiently.

From lead scoring to deal closing, provides building blocks to design your personalized CRM platform, develop better strategies, and achieve better results.

There are six aspects of sales management where the platform delivers support via built-in templates, workflow, and pipeline.

  • Lead Management allows you to gather leads from various sources, qualify and arrange the leads in one place, and score them with your criteria.

  • Deal Management

Even without a background in software development, you will be able to customize your pipeline easily. The drag-and-drop interface lets you track contact interactions and automate tasks and other aspects related to deals.

  • Client Management allows you to have a 360-degree view of the customers. The platform saves data like contact information and account details, monitor activities, and send email correspondence.

  • Post-Sales Management

It is vital to manage post-sales activities to ensure an optimal level of customer relationships. Keep records of client projects, operational processes, collection tracking, and more in a single, easy-to-use platform.

  • Onboarding Sales Operations

For an easier sales hiring process, is equipped with several tools and resources you can take advantage of. They will help your new hires to develop their skills and knowledge for closing more deals.

  • Team Projects and Tasks

Optimal management and collaboration on marketing and sales projects are essential for success. is able to assist you in capturing leads, keeping customers interested, building brand awareness, and many more.

2. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud
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When it comes to sales management, only a few software programs can match the features offered by SalesForce. The company has developed numerous solutions that gained notoriety with brands all over the world.

The Salesforce Sales Cloud is marketed as a complete customer relationship management (CRM) platform. You can count on it to finish tasks related to sales service and customer management faster and easier.

Regardless of the industry, size of your business operations, or location, the Salesforce Sales Cloud promises enhanced productivity. Its tools let you plan, forecast, sell, and more from virtually anywhere.

Focusing on closing deals and relationships, this sales management software is designed to help with different aspects of your business.

  • Opportunity Management

Sales Cloud allows you to manage your sales deals, monitor opportunities, streamline your sales process, and more. You can also view important customer data and other details via the activity timeline. Lastly, track your competition, the stage, and the actions you need to increase the chance of conversions.

  • Contact Management

One of the crucial elements of increasing sales is proper contact management. Sales Cloud provides a comprehensive view of your clients. Details such as internal account discussions, activity history, communications, and key contacts are available. You can have better engagement if your customer contact management is exceptional.

  • Process Automation

Every decent sales management software should have workflow automation features. This lets you design, operate, and manage business-related processes with ease. With the power of the Process Builder, you’re able to create a point-and-click interface for automation.

For instance, you can set automatic email responses and task assignments during certain points of the sales pipeline. You can also replace tedious, manual tasks with the help of custom workflows.

  • Sales Forecasting

Using predictive AI and data insights, Sales Cloud provides real-time visibility of your sales team’s pipeline and accurate sales forecasts. When you have reliable forecasts, you’re able to calibrate your sales strategy better. Make use of out-of-the-box KPIs and quick filters to focus on your most promising deals.

  • Mobile CRM

As the world becomes more reliant on smart devices, it’s important for a sales management software to have mobile features. Sales Cloud allows you to join meetings, provide updates, and more in a single app. It’s also designed to function offline, so you can still access, edit, and update the CRM even in areas with unstable internet connectivity.

  • Revenue Intelligence

One of the new, unique features offered by Sales Cloud is Revenue Intelligence. It measures real-time pipeline accuracy and optimizes your overall revenue lifecycle. Then, the platform will provide predictable revenue using AI-driven analytics and insights.

3. HubSpot Sales Hub

Hubspot Sales Hub
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When it comes to business solutions, HubSpot has developed its CRM to provide exceptional features. As one of the most established brands in customer management tools, you can expect its products to help your business grow better.

Although HubSpot is primarily known as a provider of all-in-one CRM software, it also offers a dedicated sales management platform. The Sales Hub is designed to increase the productivity of your team, upgrade your sales processes, and streamline the customers’ journey.

It promises to minimize or eliminate friction by showcasing all the tools and data on a single platform. The Sales Hub has several key features you may utilize for growing your sales and business. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • Document Tracking and Management

Accessible sales content is one of the essential features needed by your team, especially the newcomers. Sales Hub lets you build a library of it whenever you share documents with this platform. You may forward them directly from your email inbox.

  • Email Features

To expedite your email marketing efforts, you can turn your effective sales emails into templates. Even better, you can share the templates with your team.

Right timing is crucial in closing deals. As such, this sales performance management software ensures you can get notifications in real-time. By responding in the soonest time possible, you are one step closer to converting leads to sales.

  • Sales Automation

Having your sales process automated is a significant help because it reduces manual work and errors. You can set personalized emails and other related tasks for a faster and more accurate sales process.

  • Call Tracking

Sales Hub is able to make and record your sales calls automatically from your browser. This way, you can manage and prioritize calls with maximum efficiency.

  • Conversation Intelligence

With the help of Sales Hub, you can capture information from every call. You’ll be able to identify the reasons why your team’s performance is high or low. The AI-powered insights may assist you if there is a need for coaching.

  • Live Chat

While email communications is an integral aspect of sales, a live chat functionality can also be advantageous. It offers direct contact with prospects who visit your website. You may route the conversation to one of the members of your sales team to establish relationships and close more deals faster.

  • Payments

Sales Hub has built-in CRM-powered Payments feature that lets you digitize payments, increase revenue growth, and share recurring payment links. However, this is not yet available for clients outside the United States.

  • Meeting Scheduler

Scheduling your meetings can be tedious and cumbersome. This sales performance management software platform’s scheduler lets you share a link with your prospects so that they can set a time that works for all. Sales Hub syncs your meeting with your Office 365 or Google calendar, so you can’t miss it.

  • Sales Management Playbooks

You can share call scripts, competitive battlecards, positioning guides, and other helpful documents to the members of your team effortlessly with Sales Hub. Once you have faster onboarding and improved sales enablement, you and your team get more time to close deals.

  • Pipeline Management

Monitoring your sales pipeline is a critical task to ensure you won’t miss lucrative deals. Sales Hub is designed to let you add deals, assign tasks, and track the progress of the sales with a couple of clicks.

4. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM
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Zoho is one of the most established CRMs in the industry, as it has been in existence for over 15 years. The platform offers broad coverage with its intuitive UI comparable to some of the most popular alternatives on the market.

Zoho offers expert solutions for sales managers and reps. Other categories like Size and Industry are also available. Regardless of which plan you choose, this CRM guarantees assistance in handling complex processes.

Customization is one of the core strengths of Zoho CRM. Using its developer tools, you can build a personalized CRM from scratch. Let’s check out some of the advantages if you select Zoho as your sales management software.

  • High-Level Sales Automation

The overall goal of Zoho CRM is to make the whole sales process and operations easier. You may automate processes such as data entry, customer follow-ups, and score assignments.

If you have optimized your automation, you are able to identify and work on the inefficiencies of your team or processes. As a result, you will have more time to focus on growth and productivity.

  • Sales Cycle Visibility

Your sales team can have an insight into the stages of your sales cycle. This includes lead generation, capturing, closing deals, retention, and more. By using modules, you can monitor your business processes better while identifying opportunities for upselling or cross-selling in the future.

  • Business Functions

If you have some knowledge in developing scripts, Zoho CRM might be the sales management software for you. By applying low-code scripting, it is possible to design functions that initiate complex business processes.

An example of this is extracting information from different programs into Zoho CRM. This can be accounting, order management software, or ERPs.

  • Dashboard

Monitoring every sales cycle aspect at any given time is made easier with the platform’s dashboard views.

You have the means to be updated on essential sales KPIs such as pipeline deals, new leads, sales volume by geography, and more. Data such as revenue targets and monthly account creation are also showcased.

  • Lead Assignment Automation

Leads may originate from several sources like websites, Adwords, trade shows, and seminars. The platform can filter your leads automatically using certain criteria and assign them to the members of your team.

  • Sales Forecasting

You may be able to set more realistic goals and run campaigns with better chances of success using data-driven insights. Zoho CRM can factor your past and current deal data to generate accurate sales forecasts. Moreover, you may categorize them based on location, teams, or specific team members.

  • Customer Segmentation

For a more personalized approach, this platform allows you to segment customers via lead source, location, requirements, and more. You may take advantage of this feature by assigning difficult clients to your seasoned sales rep or letting newcomers deal with accommodating customers.

  • Streamlining Tasks

Productivity can be compromised if you and your team are swamped with tasks from several projects. Zoho CRM can integrate with your project management software for easier task assignment and monitoring. By having the sales process synched with your projects, task management becomes faster and easier.

5. Freshsales

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Freshworks aims to help businesses satisfy their employees and customers better. It uses the latest in software technology to build and provide affordable and effective Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for the end-user. One of its products is Freshsales, a sales management software.

Freshsales promises accelerated revenue with the help of context-driven sales. It is designed to be intuitive, comprehensive, and keep your sales team happy.

To ensure you’re maximizing your leads and your workforce, Freshsales is built with a number of features. Here are a few of the advantages you’ll experience if you consider it as your sales management software.

  • AI-Powered CRM

Freshsales is one of the platforms that rely heavily on artificial intelligence to boost productivity. The AI is named Freddy, and it is capable of notable features.

It learns from your historical data and predicts the chances of success of the deals in your CRM. You may focus on those with higher success rates to maximize your conversions and not waste time on others. It even detects duplicate contacts to ensure your data is organized and accurate.

The AI is capable of predictive contact scoring, making prioritization much easier. Freddy is also programmed to analyze your CRM data to offer recommendations on how to proceed with your deals.

Freddy can detect dates on incoming emails to ensure you won’t miss any potential meetings or tasks. Furthermore, it is capable of identifying if a contact is available or way. This way, rescheduling your appointments becomes easier and more up-to-date.

  • Automation

Freshsales has powerful automation features that will significantly boost your team’s productivity.

Improving your workflow is possible by automating repetitive tasks of your sales processes. It will significantly reduce manual inputs via conditional triggers that will activate during certain times, dates, or actions.

Similar to other good sales management software, Freshsales is capable of assigning leads to specific team members automatically by applying auto-assignment rules. You may also automate your interactions. This way, you can design, send, and monitor personalized outbound campaigns more efficiently.

  • Context

Freshsales can provide personalized customer experiences by improving your team’s alignment and collaboration. The Details Section showcases a comprehensive view of your contacts across apps, modules, and touchpoints.

What’s more, you can see contact interactions on your app, website, and teams chronologically on the Activity Timeline. You can then decide which contacts require immediate action that may increase your conversion metrics.

  • Communication

For any business, customer and team communication are among the key factors that dictate success or failure. Freshsales understands that, which is why it is designed with numerous features.

Making phone calls, transferring, and recording is easy with this CRM. It also auto-logs the calls to related modules. Email management is one of the advantages of Freshsales, as this software can integrate with your inbox. You can compose emails, set meetings, and monitor emails with ease.

Freshsales includes chat features for you to respond to queries in real-time or provide feedback to website visitors. Mobile communications are also possible with this tool. You may respond to SMS, WhatsApp, Apple Business, and Zoom messages once you integrate them with Freshsales.

  • Pipeline Management

Not all companies can use a general sales pipeline. That’s why Freshsales lets you design customized sales pipelines with stages tailored for your business. It allows you to manage based on location, teams, and processes.

Composing and managing sales documents can be cumbersome. Fortunately, Freshsales is loaded with editable templates for documents like quotes, contracts, NDAs, and more. You may also set probabilities and forecasts of your deals for better monitoring and prioritization.

6. Nutshell

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This Michigan-based software company is focused on providing solutions for small businesses. It believes that the biggest challenge that relates to sales management software is motivating your team to use it. That’s why it is determined to find and improve ways of minimizing the frustrations that come from selling products or services.

Unlike other sales management solutions that have project management features, Nutshell is all about sales and marketing. It is designed to turn more leads into conversions.

Nutshell has numerous features tailored for small businesses and organizations. Listed below are its most distinct qualities.

  • Sales Automation

To ensure your sales team is aware of what it needs to do, this platform lets you design and implement automation in your sales processes. You can specify the tasks and follow-ups required from the initial stages to closing the deal. Reduce the time and effort needed by putting your email responses on autopilot by applying automation.

  • Email

It is a given that most sales team management software has built-in email templates for easier and faster communications.

Nutshell lets you set automated email sequences and use templates to push your messages on top of your customers’ inboxes. You may also utilize marketing software integrations to maximize your efforts.

  • Reporting

The platform is able to provide customizable reports that offer an insight into how your sales team performs and what aspects need improvement. You may download charts and summaries of your metrics for reference during company meetings or to evaluate if your goals are achievable or not.

  • Collaboration

Nutshell allows you to include members of your sales team in the conversation. You will be able to see those who are communicating outside your team while receiving notifications on essential updates about your business operation.

  • Forms

Web forms are an integral aspect of the sales process. It could be challenging to create them without the help of a dedicated tool or someone who has experience.

If you choose Nutshell as your sales lead management software, you can design and apply simple web forms with a few clicks. Furthermore, the platform lets you monitor the effectiveness of your web forms and convert form submissions you received into outreach lists.

  • Pipeline Management

Nutshell claims it is the most flexible sales management software. It offers four ways of viewing and managing your pipeline.

Choose from Map, List, Board, or Chart view to help you decide what actions your deals need. Also, you can share your pipeline strategy with your team easily because of the intuitive user interface.

  • Marketing

Despite being a sales team management software, Nutshell is equipped with marketing features. You can send promotional emails to multiple recipients at once, make custom audiences based on your CRM data, and monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaign based on these data.

If your messages resonate well with your audience, you can soon turn them from spectators to clients.

7. Gryphon

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Gryphon is one of the newcomers in the sales management software industry. The company presents itself as an innovator and pioneer in voice-driven technology. It is an AI-powered platform that can provide real-time conversation features with guide selling, in-the-moment coaching, and more.

Let’s explore the distinct features of this sales management software to see if it fits your business setup.

  • Sales Cadences

The CRM-native sales cadences of Gryphon are designed to make the most out of your opportunities by reaching relevant prospects at the right time.

With the help of your CRM, the sales cadences let your sales team use a single platform and won’t require them to shuffle data between tools. This will significantly cut off time and effort as the activities become more streamlined.

Sales managers can view all activities from a single platform, reducing the need to open and pull out data from different sources.

  • Sales Analytics

If you have access to real-time sales activity data, you are more equipped to deliver better predictions, deal progress, and overall sales performance.

Gryphon also has Sales Acceleration. It provides you with the summary required to make decisions on the fly and determine which areas need improvement. This feature will keep your performance goals on track.

Sales Acceleration also shows leaderboard rank to help your team members be more motivated and engaged with their tasks.

  • Revenue Insights

One of the essential qualities of any decent sales lead management software is effortless access to pipeline progression. Gryphon makes sure you can have it and more with the help of revenue insights.

You can easily determine the parts where the sales opportunities are stalling as well as the deals that require immediate attention on one screen.

Revenue insights may also help you increase productivity. You won’t have to gather data from various platforms to extract relevant information from a specific team member. All opportunities are showcased in a single snapshot, saving you the time you can dedicate to coaching or evaluating one’s performance.

  • Deal Progression

Gryphon is equipped with a number of tools to help your deals move faster. One of them is the Guided Coaching bot that aids in steering conversations into sales opportunities.

The conversation intelligence of the platform offers insights into relevant metrics. Data provided are usable in improving outcomes and measuring revenue performance. You may also consolidate the data from your CRM and other sources to generate an analysis of your revenue cycle and pipeline.

8. Pipedrive

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Pipedrive is developed as a CRM software that aids in streamlining sales processes to boost productivity and conversions. The company claims it is the first platform designed by salespeople. It has continued to gain recognition among businesses all over the world since its inception.

This sales management software is created with a simple and intuitive interface. It allows its users to collaborate with others, optimize processes, and forecast sales cycles.

The software has become one of the more popular choices for sales management because of its fantastic set of features. Here are some of what you can expect if you pick Pipedrive to help you grow your business:

  • Deals and Pipelines

According to the company, deals and pipelines are the foundation of professional sales CRMs. These aspects let you visualize the sales process that may help change the deals to conversions.

Pipedrive allows its users to add deals, values, conversion probability, and timeframe. You can monitor and organize them using your pipeline stages.

For optimal results, you may create custom team pipelines and segment results based on stage, assignment, or teams. Prioritization among team members can be easier if you choose to color certain deals that require immediate action.

  • Reporting and Insights

Tracking and logging reports of almost every variable are possible with Pipedrive. Adding custom fields for a more personalized approach is also recommended. This way, you can generate and maintain essential KPIs and reports in a single location.

Once you set a specific goal, Pipedrive can help track progress via real-time metrics on reports and dashboards. The software permits its users to share the report link with others, even if they don’t have access to the platform.

  • Communication Tracking

Optimal tracking of communications is one of the primary advantages Pipedrive can offer. Get alerts every time someone opens your emails and clicks on the links. Your follow-ups can be more effective because you are aware of how and when your contacts engage your emails.

Emailing features like two-way sync, built-in templates, and group messaging functionality are also available with Pipedrive.

  • Automation

Nurturing leads automatically lets you focus more on other essential tasks. That’s why Pipedrive is designed to automate most stages of your sales process.

You can create triggers and actions that will expedite your operations without the need to do it manually. If you want to automate email responses during specific stages, Pipedrive is also capable of it.

Sales Management Software FAQs

1. What is the difference between sales management software and CRM?

It’s not surprising that many people are confused about whether CRM and sales management software is essentially the same or not. If you noticed, several programs listed above are CRMs.

A sales management software platform is used by businesses to track their sales teams’ performance and activities. Bigger companies usually pair it with CRM and order management software for a more comprehensive experience.

The common features are forecasting, productivity tracker, analytics, and opportunity management.

On the other hand, a CRM platform may have all the features of sales management software. The difference is that the former is not exclusive to sales teams. Customer service and marketing teams rely on CRMs to provide data related to contact information, leads, interactions, and other relevant details.

2. How does the sales management process impact performance?

Sales management helps define the objectives of sales leaders and representatives. When you have an effective, established sales management process, you are set to have a significant boost in performance that often translates to increased revenue.

3. Is sales order management software different from sales management software?

While the name is essentially identical, there are key features that differentiate sales order management software from the other.

It is often referred to as an order management system (OMS). It helps make the process of purchasing or fulfillment organized and free from human error. After a sale is completed, an automated process is activated for fulfillment.

Sales teams do not always have access to OMS because it focuses more on the payment and delivery aspects of the sales, not on closing deals. The platform usually has information such as inventory levels, invoices, backorders, returns, and other related details.

Most sales management software and CRMs do not have OMS functions. Small to medium-size businesses often opt for Quickbooks or Brightpearl for their order management needs.

3. Why is lead generation important for business?

Those who are interested in your services or products are referred to as leads. They are essentially potential customers. Considering the definition, businesses rely on fresh leads to sustain and grow their operations. That’s why lead generation is a vital aspect that requires utmost attention.

You need to have a constant influx of leads who may patronize what you are offering. Marketers often prioritize lead generation before anything else because it is difficult to execute a working strategy.

Inbound marketing is mostly used for lead generation, as most consumers avoid advertisements or promotional emails. However, it doesn’t mean that other methods do not work.

4. What are the best sales management software solutions?

The eight options listed above are some of the most highly-rated and popular sales management software solutions in the market.

As every business can be different from others, it would be inappropriate to suggest one software platform for all types. You need to consider factors such as pricing, industry, location, size of business, and goals before selecting your sales management software.

Choosing a Sales Management Software for Your Business

Sales management software can make a big difference in how your sales team performs. Take time to learn about the features of your choices before selecting one to ensure your sales processes are optimized to the fullest.

You may simply opt for the popular ones, but it would be better to take advantage of trial versions if available before you commit. Keep in mind that several sales management software companies require payment details immediately.

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