Mighty Networks Review: Is It Worth It?

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Are you looking for a platform to monetize your content while building a community?

With a plethora of online learning platforms available, it isn’t easy to find where you can establish your brand to an audience.

As the traditional learning path is now transforming, thanks to digitalization, it is best to establish your presence as early and quickly as possible.

Mighty Networks is one of the many platforms that serve creators and community members to learn and connect.

Let’s run an in-depth Mighty Networks review to explore what they can offer specifically to see if they’re perfect for your business.

What Is Mighty Networks?

Mighty Networks
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Mighty Networks is a cloud-based online community platform that allow entrepreneurs and content creators to build a brand for an audience.

Founded in 2017, it aims to create a different approach where community members can participate and innovate with businesses. They’ll let you create your own social network by letting you manage your website and add features that cater to your business needs.

Why not create a Facebook group instead? Well, Mighty Networks work similarly, but they offer a greater package to the entrepreneur and community.

Besides, they’re also perfect for preventing unnecessary noise from social media platforms, which can be distracting.

What Mighty Networks Does

Mighty Networks is an all-in-one platform perfect for different entrepreneurs, brands, and businesses to create their websites. Members can access online courses and sales pages and interact with the online community through the website and their mobile applications.

Ultimately, this extremely robust platform offers flexible features to suit different entrepreneurs and member categories.


Despite the number of tools and features you can customize according to your brand, Mighty Networks is easy to use and set up. Sure, it may take you one to two weeks to get the hang of things, but you won’t need professional training, as customization is straightforward.

Once you’re comfortable with every nook and cranny, you’ll know how to locate things and where to look for help.

Some things you can enjoy using Mighty Networks are creating online courses, contests, groups, discussions, and everything in between.


As you gradually build up your community members, an integral feature is always available to have access to the information in your own network.

We’ve found out through our Mighty Networks review that it is exceptional in minimizing the website’s downtime, which means community access is increased. They also have a unique feature called Mighty Hosts, an optimization and efficiency tool which lets you filter feed activity in the dashboard.

Unfortunately, video hosting isn’t possible at the moment. You have to use third-party software that has paid video hosting services.

Domain Setup

You can set up your custom domain with Mighty Networks through their paid version. Even though the domain is hidden behind a paywall, it is worth the money since they’ll do most of the work in setting it up.

Mighty Networks Pricing Plans Review: Available Plans

Mighty Networks categorized their plan into two, further categorized into different plans. Let’s discuss each of them.

Creator Plans

As a business owner or content creator, you can choose from four plans:

1. Free Plan

The free plan offers limited features, but it’s enough for you to explore and test out the waters if Mighty Networks is the right fit. Once you’re ready to upgrade and commit, different Mighty Networks pricing plans are available.

2. Community Plan

The community plan is available at $33 per month, which lets you have your custom domain, along with other features:

  • Native Livestreaming and Video
  • Chat and messaging
  • Events and zoom meetings
  • Ability to charge paid memberships
  • Unlimited Moderators
  • Find Members using customizable categories

3. Business Plan

The most popular option for brands and creators is the business plan. You can purchase it in the Mighty Networks pricing plans at $99.

It boasts features similar to the community plan, but it comes with advanced tools such as:

  • Online courses
  • Live cohort course creation
  • Analytics and member data
  • Zapier APIs and workflows

4. Mighty Pro

Along with the features of the business plan, you’ll have your own application available for download to android and iOS devices. Also, you’ll have a support team that can help you in the management and strategy of your account.

Book a call with them to discuss pricing options.

Pricing Plan
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Mighty Networks Pro Review

Since this is the most expensive content creator plan, it’s only right to have a separate Mighty Pro review. This way, you have a clear idea of where you’re investing your hard-earned money.

As the popularity of using mobile apps continues to soar, entrepreneurs and brands are missing out if they don’t have one yet. With Mighty Pro, you can tap that unlocked potential in the app store.

Mighty Networks will help you notify users about your recent online courses through push notifications. It is another avenue to build sales pages as you migrate your audience across the different social media platforms on mobile.

With a support team available to help you out, Mighty Pro is definitely something you should explore once you’re ready.

Some of their successful clients who’ve built a global community with mighty pro include:

Which One Should You Choose?

Well, if you just want to avoid the annoying features of social media networks such as Facebook, then the free plan is perfect for you. If you plan on gathering passionate individuals to a unique platform so you can collaborate and grow, the community plan is the right fit.

On the other hand, the business plan is worth it if you want to create courses online to share your knowledge with a rapidly rising community. Lastly, the Mighty Pro is the right fit for you if you’ve fully elevated your brand and are looking to maximize your audience.

Carefully consider where you can contribute best while ensuring that whatever you spend monthly is worth every penny.

Member Plans

Understand the different members plans your audience can subscribe to::

1. Freemium Plan

The free plan enables members to join your Mighty Network community, interact with other members, and see your value as a brand. Once they’re hooked on what you offer, they can purchase your locked content, which are online courses or other exclusive groups.

2. Paid Memberships

Visitors can purchase memberships directly from the landing pages of the creators. Likewise, selling doesn’t stop there. They can still purchase an online course or pay to join an exclusive group in the domain.

3. Internal Plan

You can use the internal plan features if you’re looking to provide some discounts or free courses to your existing members. This is an effective strategy as it gives your members a sense of urgency if they miss out on an enormous opportunity.

Mighty Networks Review: Understanding Its Features

Mighty Networks offer several features, yet, as mentioned, signing up, creating a profile, and launching your account is incredibly easy. They guide you in creating the perfect platform where you can post and engage with your community, connect with students, and more.

Navigating through the website is like most social media platforms, so it is easier to establish your Mighty network, as anyone can use it. That said, here are its key features that you need to know about:

Course Builder

Course creating is quick and simple, similar to making folders and sub-folders on your computer. It’s a neat feature to outline different sections of your course so members can easily access which portions they would want for online learning.

With the different number of people hosting Mighty Networks for their members, you can create three types of courses:

Content-Only Course

You can create a content-only course if you’re planning to offer the course without community discussion or comments.

The advantage of running a content-only course is for members to discover for themselves the material. Strategically, it creates an academically independent atmosphere for the community members to learn.

Course With a Dedicated Community

By default, this is the template that you will be working around as a host. It contains a table of contents with the course materials and an activity feed for community discussions.

In this course type, you can enjoy the interactions between the members as they add notes, questions, and ideas to the activity feed.


The live-course signifies the interaction between the host and members, with the activity feed front and center. You will immediately see the comments made by the members as you discuss learning materials live.

It is a neat option if you handle a small group of students or if the topic needs interaction between the host and the student.

Website Builder

Mighty Networks also come with templates to guide you in creating the perfect website for your members.

With all the features accessible on the website, you can customize how the traffic will go to give visitors better access to the community. You can also custom fit the featured and welcome sections on your website as it is the most important factor in generating memberships.

Community Builder

Follow the steps in the Mighty Networks guides, add in a small time investment, and you’ll be able to build an excellent interface for your community. It is one of the strongest community features from Mighty Networks in user retention as it builds the community aspect of the domain.

Keep in mind that while the core focus of community building is to connect members, students will most likely only focus on online courses.

Member Categories

Member categories allow you to group and organize members according to their profession and interests. It allows the members to connect more and have something in common to talk about.


Dividing your general audience into groups can give your members unique branding and content. You can focus on creating relevant online courses or events that a specific sub-group will love.


Events is another content type you can use to engage with the community. It can be a community gathering, either in person or virtually.

You can set up live video events through Zoom or other video hosting platforms. You can also schedule text chat events to discuss important matters.

If you have moderators in your Mighty Network, they can schedule the events themselves while you sit back and watch.


While creating an app is locked behind Mighty Networks pro, it enables members to access course content on the go and get notified of new courses.

With the mobile app available through Mighty Networks integration, you’ll have more time to engage with community members. You can also access contact information from your groups, which you can use to advertise your services and packages.

Course Marketing

Course MArketing
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You can choose from various options, from selling and marketing your courses to students. Explore which of the unique plans will suit the needs of your students as you continue to create courses.

You may offer your content after signing up to a membership site or sell individual courses from your landing pages. Employ your business plan strategy in how you will deliver courses to members.


Image Source

As with most businesses, branding is the backbone of growing your community. Fortunately, Mighty Networks allow you to add your branding elements through their step-by-step process.

Simply showcase the elements of your brand by uploading colors, images, logos, and wording that perfectly resonates with your business.

Sales and Analytics

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Analytics is essential for almost every digital marketer looking to increase sales and traffic.

Mighty Networks have a competitive analytics tool to help you crunch those important numbers in which you can adjust your sales strategies. As a matter of fact, through the analytics provided, you can effectively learn which areas of your domain are profitable.

Modern analytics will definitely help you create a better return on your investment as it will guide you to where to put focus. You can unlock the analytics feature once you’ve purchased the business plan of Mighty Networks.


Included in the analytics dashboard are some data critical in pushing your brand forward. Some of the page insights available today on the dashboard are:

  • Overview

The overview allows you to see the activity of each member level in your domain. It also shows how many visitors access your web page at different time intervals of the day.

These data points help you constantly enhance your website and strategy. You can also schedule posts at higher traffic time intervals.

  • Members

The member dashboard lets you know how many members interact during the different points of the day.

Mighty Networks also points out the member growth rate and how many new members are converted by clicking your invite link. It will help you focus on when and where to create quick posts in the different member communities.

  • Content

The content dashboard will help you spot trends and opportunities on where to focus more.

If your content creation is only attractive to a set of members, don’t worry. You can use the analytics to give shared interests using posts.

Interaction trends help you know if your posts increase engagement between community members. It may mean that you need to add a few engaging comments to drive the conversation in the community.

  • Chats

The chat dashboard lets you see how much value your users see in the messaging option in your Mighty Networks.

Accessible in the dashboard is how many private, group, and member messages are being exchanged. Interestingly, you can see which of your members is the most active in sending messages to the groups, host, and members.

  • Livestreams

The live stream dashboard gives you an overview of how much time you spend in each live session and the number of participants. You can access specific live stream sessions to see which discussions stand out and when in the live stream are members most active.

  • Plans

The plan dashboard lets you know if you are profitable over a specific duration. This tab provides insights about the active subscriptions, cancellations, one-time purchases, free trials, and estimated revenue.

You can incorporate your marketing strategy by knowing when to convert free trial users into paid members. Additionally, you’ll know when to build online courses focusing on a specific subject, as some will certainly be more profitable than others.

Marketing Tools

As a creator, the Mighty Checklist will guide you in setting up what you need to market your brand to the public. It is unnecessary to complete each tool to be a creator, but doing so will increase traffic and conversion on your landing pages.

Once you’ve sent out invite links to attract new members, they can access content that includes:

  • Online Courses

Create relevant content that caters to your target audience. Use the templates provided by Mighty Networks if you are new to the platform.

After creating an online course, you can market it to your community by posting it in groups or using direct messaging to members.

  • Events

Mighty Networks allow you to bring members to regular digital events hosted by Zoom. Regular live events may help you create loyalty from your members as you grow and learn from each other.

Members connect more to brands that communicate with them. By hosting these events, you’ll definitely create a spark for your audience.

  • Polls

Set up polls from time to time as it provides free insights from your community. It helps you gain feedback from your members and encourages community building from the discussions.

Polls also help paint your brand to the audience as the company that listens and values each member.

Some people would even praise you for doing polls as it allows them to provide even constructive criticism about your brand.

  • Articles

Write to your community about the new, exciting packages and learning opportunities you have in store. Encourage them to access your new courses and inform them how to maximize their purchases fully.

Customer Service

Mighty Networks is easy to contact if you have questions or face problems. They’ll respond to your email within one to three hours, along with helpful information so you can entirely focus on building your brand.

Some users appreciate their dedication to customer satisfaction, as their service hours are extended and longer compared to other platforms.

Priority Support

Mighty Networks prioritize higher-tier paying creators over those using lower plans. If you are on the business plan, you’ll have easy access to their terrific support team through a small widget in your dashboard.

Mighty Networks Knowledge Base

Communicating with customer support sometimes takes a lot longer to solve a minimal issue.

Through the Mighty Networks Knowledge Base, there are guides to help you address your concerns without needing to email the customer support team. It provides video tutorials and articles that give a step-by-step solution to most of your problems.

The database is available for both the hosts and members of the Mighty Network.

Mighty Hosts

In addition to a terrific support team and tutorials, Mighty Hosts is a dedicated community for creators and hosts. It is a great place to learn from different community owners and discuss collaboration and ideas.

Even if you decide not to interact with other creators but decide to learn their ideas, you’ll grow rapidly as a host.

Integration and Interaction

You’re probably wondering if Mighty Networks is suitable for you. Sure, there are plenty of options and alternatives available on the web, and you might still have many questions in mind.

Well, with the rapid growth of online influencers and brands in social media networks, it is an easy decision to use free tools like a Facebook group.

A limiting factor of these social media networks is their inability to create course content for their members. Add to the fact that social media has unnecessary distractions that reduce your focus on learning.

Mighty Networks lets you integrate all those social apps and drive traffic toward your site.

Here are some applications you can link with Mighty Networks:

Leverage your brand using every Mighty Networks feature that aligns with your business plan.

That said, we would like to focus on Zapier because you can automate repetitive tasks in Mighty Networks using it.

Some tasks are boring and take too much time, such as uploading email addresses in Mailchimp or Google. With Zapier integration, you can do all those tasks automatically.

Besides mail automation, you can create quizzes, unlockable content through progress, and automatic certificate generation.

The sky is the limit in integrating Zapier into your Mighty Network. Similarly, align your integration with your marketing strategy.

Mighty Networks Review: Pros And Cons

Besides getting to know the platform’s features, we must also understand its advantages and disadvantages.


The following are the top benefits you’ll gain when choosing Mighty Networks:

Clean Interface

Mighty Networks has a simple and eye-pleasing design, and it has plenty of space you can work around on. With almost zero clutter in the design, it’s easy to match your courses to present a clean and professional look for your members.

User-Friendly Templates and Design

A course creator would love Mighty Networks since it has easy-to-use templates for course content.

Easy-to-use templates enable creators to focus more on making high-quality content than on spending time on the design. For members, courses and information are easily accessible in the domain.

Navigation is simple and enjoyable. Users would have an excellent experience using Mighty Networks.

Strategic Paywalls

Unlike other platforms with competitive pricing but limited features, Mighty Networks offer a variety of strategic paywall features.

Being able to charge for subscriptions to members and one-time payments to access limited features is perfect for businesses to profit from.

The great thing about Mighty Networks is that you have opportunities to offer discount packages, limited-time offers, and freebies. You can have more avenues to generate profit for your business through these strategic paywalls by Mighty Networks.


Have you uploaded new courses on your website?

Unlike other platforms, Mighty Networks allow you to notify students and members once you’ve published or updated your content. Notifications will also pop up once they receive messages from you or other members using the social media features.

With these push notifications, you’re guaranteed that they’re constantly reminded to your website to access content and to interact with community members.


Mighty Networks is a good Learning Management System (LMS) that is adequate for most users, but there are some issues to note. Consider the following before choosing Mighty Networks:

Payment Difficulties

Many users complain that some payment features aren’t available in Mighty Networks.

Paypal, for example, isn’t yet a payment method you can use for transactions. This is a big issue since Paypal is one of the biggest, if not the most popular, transaction methods when paying online.

On the other hand, other Mighty Networks competitors have more payment methods available.

Time-Consuming Course Integration

Although you can integrate courses using third-party software, it’s a hassle for some creators since it takes time to port users from other platforms.

No Quizzes

In any learning platform, quizzes are a great way to check if the student is making progress in the lesson.

Having quizzes unavailable in Mighty Networks ruins the fun of the learning experience.

One way to get around this is by integrating third-party quiz applications relevant to your course content. While the workaround solves the issue, it’s a wonder why it isn’t a built-in feature in the first place.

Mighty Networks Competitors

If you’re wondering how the competition fares between Mighty Networks and other platforms, here are some competitors and alternatives to keep in mind:

1. Scrile Connect

Similar to Mighty Networks, Scrile Connect allows brands and creators to build a community while having the option to offer online courses. Their platform caters to different brands and creators, such as:

  • Coaches and experts
  • Podcasters and journalists
  • Celebrities and influencers
  • Teachers and tutors
  • Fitness instructors

While Scrile Connect is very flexible for brands, so is Mighty Networks. From a competitive standpoint, Scrile Connect doesn’t offer a free plan for its users, so you must pay after the 14-day trial.

2. Kajabi

Image Source

Kajabi solely focuses on creating online courses with flexibility in content options. Like Mighty networks, it has analytics and marketing tools that will help determine the right strategy to implement.

Unfortunately, Kajabi lacks the community and group structure—and that feature alone attracts memberships and user retention. In terms of course functionality, it lacks accessibility to mobile applications.

Given that its basic package starts at $149 per month, you have better options, such as Mighty Networks.

3. AccessAlly

Image Source

AccessAlly is a learning management solution where you can build online courses and market them to the public.

In contrast to Mighty Networks, you can construct quizzes and add video notes in AccessAlly, which is helpful to track progress if you’re a student.

Sadly, AccessAlly is only a plugin from WordPress. Thus, it will be challenging to use if you don’t have website-building experience.

It also lacks the community builder and marketing tools you need to help your business grow.

4. Flarum Pro

FlaImage Source

Flarum Pro is a great community-building platform that offers a wide reach through mobile applications.

One unique feature about Flarum Pro is that they localized the platform to 37 countries. It means that it has a higher potential ceiling in its global reach.

On the other hand, it doesn’t offer online courses and tools for strategic marketing, unlike Mighty Networks.

5. Podia

Image Source

Like Mighty Networks, Podia allows content creators to make courses and share them with community members.

The limiting factor with Podia is that it doesn’t let you build a complete website or mobile app to represent your brand’s identity. Aside from that, it doesn’t have built-in tools to provide analytics so you can better strategize your content publication.

A Table of Comparison of Mighty Networks Competitors

Here’s a quick summary of the key features of the competitors we included in this Mighty Networks review:

WebsiteStrategic Marketing ToolsOnline Course PlanCommunity
Scrile Connect
Flarum Proxx

Mighty Networks Review: The Verdict

In this digital age, the learning landscape is being reshaped by online learning platforms, along with the active online community.

That said, there is no perfect platform that provides everything you’ll need. Each will have its strengths and weaknesses.

Only you will know what your brand needs, but with the unique features of Mighty Networks, you can try it. Give them a shot through their free plan and do a Mighty Networks review for yourself to see if it’s worth it.

Overall, we find that Mighty Networks is the pioneer in changing how students and learners gain information as it creates a community where the creator and students grow. Considering the remarkable and advanced features available at Mighty Networks, investing in their monthly plan is definitely worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mighty Networks

With the detailed Mighty Networks review, you have probably already decided whether it’s for you or not. Still, here are other pieces of information about the platform:

1. Is Mighty Networks safe?

Mighty Networks take data security and privacy seriously, as they comply with security standards to ensure you are safe. They would never email your members intending to market content outside of what they’ve agreed upon.

Should there be significant changes in the policies of Mighty Networks, you’ll receive an email containing all the answers to the changes.

Overall, you’re guaranteed freedom and safety while using Mighty Networks. You have complete jurisdiction over the information you will share with your community.

2. Do I need to be techy to use Mighty Networks?

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a computer techy to use Mighty Networks. They’ve done the hard part in ensuring that their systems will be easy to work around by anyone.

The only thing that you only have to be techy about is signing up. That’s it!

Once you’ve signed up, they’ll have guides and templates for you to play around with.

3. When should I upgrade my plan?

As we mentioned earlier, if you’re just starting, we’d suggest you first explore the features using the free plan.

When the time comes that you need to add key features to improve your domain, then you can upgrade to a community plan. Again, if you still feel that the features are lacking and can maximize additional features, then upgrade to a business plan.

Take into consideration what package will give the best bang for your buck.

4. How do I give members a refund?

As with every business model, we cannot avoid members who won’t see the value of our product or services. On the other hand, they can also make mistakes purchases from paid plans in your Mighty Network.

Mighty Network doesn’t have an automatic refund option for its members. Only you, the host, can manually refund them.

You can manage refunds made on the web using Stripe or via iTunes gift cards.

5. How does my activity feed work?

Upon making your account, Mighty Networks will create default pages in your activity feed. Some pages included are the discovery, welcome, and feature pages.

You can customize these pages so members can see what you want them to see. Likewise, members can also set up their activity feeds to get the information they want first.

6. How do I welcome new members?

As a Mighty Network host, you’ll receive a notification once a member joins your community. Don’t worry since you can personally welcome the member through the direct messaging feature of Mighty Networks.

You’ll be able to see their profile once you’ve received a new member notification. If plenty of users join all at once, you won’t be overwhelmed with notifications, as they will group it into one.

7. Does Mighty Network have an affiliate program?

Yes! Mighty Networks currently has an affiliate program. Upon joining, you can receive a 40% commission from membership purchases using business and community plans.

You’ll only need to provide them with the custom link, and you’ll enjoy a lifetime commission from Mighty Networks.

Note that you’ll only be able to receive a commission if the members upgrade their trial to a paid membership, which you’ll receive after 60 days.

Uday Tank is a serial entrepreneur and content marketing leader. He has a wide variety of interests and enjoys writing, including marketing, productivity, business, health, diversity, and management.