Work From Home GIFs You Can Relate With

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The first quarter of 2020 is when remote work becomes mainstream. While some companies and establishments have been doing it for years, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the world to embrace this setup.

Not surprisingly, a large part of the workforce now prefers working from home. Some express their desire to be WFH permanently.

Skype or Slack chats have become the primary medium of communicating and socializing among workers. Work from home GIFs is often used to spice up a rather tedious group chat. Let’s explore some of the most popular and funniest GIFs for WFH.

Top 20 Relatable Work From Home GIFs

1. This is probably the dream of every WFH Worker

This is probably the dream of every WFH Worker

After months of being cooped to your room, seeing nothing but walls, you’ll inevitably crave a change of scenery. The most enticing way to start your shift is looking at the pristine, gentle waves while the soft sand massages your feet.

Since people are now allowed to do recreational stuff, countless people probably have indulged in doing their office work while sitting on a beach.

2. Probably one of the most-used GIFs in the middle of the lockdowns

Probably one of the most-used GIFs in the middle of the lockdowns

Remember when they said we only need “two weeks” to flatten the curve? Guess what, it never happened. As such, people are forced to stay at home for extended periods. Some even didn’t go out for months. Well, this is probably the GIF that best describes their sentiments.

3. When we think about returning to the office

When we think about returning to the office

While the hysteria about the virus dissipated, at one point, we imagined wearing protective gear once we returned to the office.

Fortunately, thanks to the vaccines, we don’t have to wear a hazmat five times a week.

4. The definition of multi-tasking

The definition of multi-tasking

Working from home has given us the power to do household stuff while doing the usual office tasks. This is more true for meetings as you only need to listen and move your head a bit at times in agreement.

While this work-from-home GIF shows you can be efficient with your tasks, some choose to play video games or browse social media instead.

5. Arguably your boss’ Favorite GIF

Arguably your boss' Favorite GIF

It’s common to forget about muting our microphones during Zoom meetings. Usually, it’s our boss who would let us know about this mistake.

6. You’re not alone

You're not alone

Working at home has its perks, and one of them is the unlimited, unfettered access to the fridge. Since going outside was discouraged, it’s more challenging to do regular workouts.

7. Probably the most relatable GIF you’ll ever see

Probably the most relatable GIF you'll ever see

Tardiness has probably been drastically reduced worldwide once the WFH setup is in full swing. However, if you’re still coming late, you can’t use the traffic congestion excuse anymore.

8. Uninvited participant

Uninvited participant

This GIF came from a segment on BBC where the reporter’s kid barged into his home office without a care in the world. You can be confident that this scenario is very familiar to WFH workers.

9. Why our productivity is low

Why our productivity is low

One of the advantages of WFH is we get to spend more time bonding with our pets. Unfortunately, our lovely companions can distract us from the tasks we’re expected to accomplish.

10. Yeah. It won’t work

Yeah. It won't work

Gaining weight has become quite familiar with work from home employees. They probably tried something like this to get in shape, but we all know how it will turn out.

11. Afterwork enthusiasm

Afterwork enthusiasm

Before the pandemic, we always look forward to changing our work clothes to street clothes, which signifies that we are off-duty. This excitement has decreased significantly for most WFH workers, to say the least.

12. It’s all the same

It's all the same

Before the lockdowns, we don’t have to look for the calendar to know the date. However, the WFH setup has nulled our enthusiasm and made us less interested in Fridays, weekends, and all the fun dates.

13. The feeling we can all relate to

13. The feeling we can all relate to

Unfortunately, the lockdowns have “influenced” us to practice a sedentary lifestyle. This led to low energy levels and made us lazier than we usually are.

14. None of us will admit to this

None of us will admit to this

Working from home means we are not around other people wearing a suit for hours. Some have probably taken advantage of this and choose not to practice personal hygiene. While not taking a shower can be harmless at first, there’s no excuse NOT to do it.

15. We all have that one colleague

We all have that one colleague

Unless you’re working in an environment that prohibits bathroom breaks, you’ll inevitably relieve yourself a couple of times. However, some workers seem to spend so much time in the bathroom that their productivity suffers because of this habit.

16. It’s only fun at first

It's only fun at first

The idea of a WFH setup is appealing because it’s more cost and time-efficient, which may give you a bit of enthusiasm. You’ll soon discover that this positive feeling won’t last long.

17. You didn’t see Amazon on the screen

You didn't see Amazon on the screen

When you’re living with a partner or family, they could see something unrelated to work while you’re supposed to be on the clock. You have to admit that it’s tempting because there’s no colleague or boss around you.

18. There’s no way to hold it back

There's no way to hold it back

The office noise helps us combat sleepiness, an advantage you would never appreciate until it’s gone. Working from home means you’re bound to feel lethargic probably due to the lack of stimuli.

19. Yes, you can.

Yes, you can

You probably never imagined that working in bed while eating after a fresh shower is possible. And yet, here we are, thanks to the lockdown. Since we don’t know when everything will return to how it was before, enjoy every minute of this lifestyle.

20. You can get in trouble for this

You can get in trouble for this

Meetings can be boring, as sometimes they don’t need your input. Some tried to fool their bosses by doing something similar to this GIF, but most of the time, it didn’t work.

The Power of GIFs

While emojis have become more popular recently, GIFs remain an effective type of visual communication. Working from home may expose you more than ever to GIFs as they are not as restricted as other formats.

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