Best Virtual Conference Platforms for Eventful Congregations

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More and more companies are expanding their businesses offshore, requiring them to hold virtual meetings and create virtual events.

The pandemic has also increased the reliance on virtual conference platforms for companies to regulate their businesses. Nowadays, hybrid and virtual events have become the most common communication tools between companies and their customers.

Nevertheless, finding a platform with enough flexibility, engagement tools, and audience capacity is imperative for a smooth virtual conference.

If you are looking for the best virtual conference platform to manage your business activities, we have you covered.  

Below are some of the best virtual event platforms to easily schedule your business meetings, coordinate with your team, host virtual events, and manage your clients from any corner of the world.

Best Virtual Conference Platform: A Quick Comparison 

Software NameSupported Operating SystemsMain Features  Price
Mighty NetworksiOS, Windows, macOS, Android 5+Unlimited virtual events, personalized branding, networking features Community Plan – $39 per month
Business Plan
– $119 per month
ZoomiOS, Windows, macOS, Android 5+, LinuxOSAll-in-one virtual event solutions, free basic features, customizable registration and ticketing options, and interactive features to boost audience engagementPro Plan – $149 per year
Business Plan – $199 per year
Zoom Events – $890 to $85,000 per year
VFairs iOS, Windows, macOS, Android 5+Leading event technology platform, in-person, virtual and hybrid events available, event mobile app, 3D Virtual rooms, lobbies, and breakout rooms, multi-lingual supportAvailable only through consultation
Accelevents macOS, WindowsAffordable, robust features to create events, audience engagement tools available, real-time chat and live streaming options available, private dashboard, custom event builder Starter – $500 per event
Professional – $5,000 per event
Scale – $125 per month billed annually
Enterprise- $1,250 per month billed annually
Communique iOS, Windows, macOS, Android 5+Custom registration and ticketing option, Interactive engagement tools, networking and breakout rooms, multi-lingual and ADA supportCustomized quotations
AventriiOS, Windows, macOS, Android 5+Suitable for all event types, offers budget management, badging and credentials, attendee networking opportunities, attractive landing pages Customized quotations
WebinarJamiOS, Windows, macOS, Android 5+High-quality audio and video streaming, live-steaming, replays and video recordings available, real-time Q&As, polls and surveys, custom event and landing page builder Starter Plan – $39 per month
Basic Plan – $79 per month
Professional Plan – $299 per month
Enterprise – $379 per month 
LivestormWindows, macOSEasy event planning and management, customizable virtual event venue, capture actionable analytics, branded event ecosystem, email and event automation  Basic Plan – Free
Pro Plan – starts from $88
Custom quote for Business and Enterprise plans
Bevy iOS, Windows, macOS, Android 5+Custom event builder, third-party integrations, breakout rooms, Scale audience, auto-check in, live streaming, and recordingCustomizable quotations

Best Virtual Event Platforms in 2022

1. Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks
Image Source

Mighty Networks is one of the most perused platforms to hold virtual events, conferences, paid memberships, and online courses. The platform is instantly accessible on any device, with a few easy configuration steps to get you started.


With Mighty Networks as a virtual event platform, you can host unlimited conferences and virtual events. Its audience engagement tools allow you to connect with the attendees easily. By building interactive virtual conferences, you can easily host a successful event.

You can also send out event RSVPs and messages to your community members. Additionally, you can create live polls, questionnaires, and live text chats for your audience during your virtual event.

Mighty Network’s features go deeper than simply allowing attendees to enter or leave the virtual event. You can generate speaker bios, brainstorming sessions, breakout sessions, online courses, and other team-building events.

Using this virtual event space, you also get the option to add recorded notes as well as replays for your audience. 

  • Brand Marketing

A promising feature of Mighty Networks is that you can gather your community under your brand name on this platform. Features include branded community structuring, live streaming, paid memberships, member profiles, and group and direct messaging for members. 

  • Mighty Effect

Mighty Networks makes it easy to scale your event attendees without disrupting the community management on the platform. With its Mighty Effect feature, event organizers can personalize content for different levels of community members without bombarding them with irrelevant content.

  • Familiarization Features

The platform also has Welcome and Discovery sections for newcomers to familiarize themselves with the functions of Mighty Networks and get oriented. You can easily host unlimited members with multiple moderators using this platform. 


Mighty Networks has three basic packages available to suit its users’ needs. Each plan outlines corresponding available features. The prices differ depending on whether you opt for an annual or monthly payment option.

The basic Community Plan is available for $39 if paid monthly. You can get this package for $33 per month if you pay for a whole year.

The Business Plan is available for $119 monthly. You can get the same services for $99 per month if paid annually.

If you are looking for advanced features with your branded business apps, you can get a custom quote by opting for the Mighty Pro package.

A good offer of Mighty Networks is that it provides a 14-day free trial with full access to its Business Plan features. You do not have to enter your credit card details to avail of the free trial.


  • Unlimited virtual events, conferences, and live streaming
  • You can build your own branded virtual community
  • Personalized features for community members
  • Interactive features for attendee engagement
  • Networking features


  • Takes some practice to learn the interface
  • UI can appear overwhelming to new users

2. Zoom

Image Source

Zoom has been one of the most popular virtual event platforms since its launch in 2013. The platform has grown in popularity given its free services and easy-to-use interface. With its affordable plans, Zoom is definitely one of the most suitable virtual event softwares for small businesses and organizations.


The app provides free and paid solutions to make your online events successful. Zoom packs many features capable of handing out virtual events, from personal meetings to academic workshops to business conferences.

If you want a smooth video conferencing experience, Zoom can assist you in creating quick and seamless rooms to get you started. Using this app, you can create event planners, sync scheduled meetings with your calendars, and access them from any device. 

  • Reliable Security Settings

Zoom also empowers event organizers with its security settings to fully control the attendees. With its robust virtual meeting security, you can manage who joins your virtual event.

This feature includes password protection and role-based security. Furthermore, it provides waiting rooms to allow you to successfully host virtual events by minimizing the risk of any possible disruption.

  • Improves Audience Engagement

The Zoom meeting platform comes equipped with built-in collaboration tools where you can add reactions, hand-raising, video-sharing, and polls to engage your audience.

  • Zoom Events

Apart from virtual conferences, the platform also provides Zoom Events services, making it possible to create successful virtual events at affordable rates.

Zoom Events is an all-in-one platform for creating the best virtual event. Apart from providing HD video and audio tools, screen sharing, and white-boarding, you can amp up your online events using Zoom’s integrations.

  • Ticketing

You can build your branded events with easy and manageable steps. Zoom allows you to set up a ticketing fee to access your virtual event. You can create tickets for the whole event or at specific intervals.

You can schedule your events however you want, be it single or concurrent, with multiple breakout sessions.

Zoom also provides a complete guide, which can help you create any type of virtual event you desire.


Zoom’s price offerings fall under two categories: Zoom One and Zoom Events.

  • Zoom One (Meetings, Chats, and Conferences)

Zoom offers free, unrestricted use of its platform for basic meetings, workshops, and conferences. You can use the platform with a 40-minute time limit and up to 100 attendees at a time. Group chatting and file sharing are available with three whiteboards.

For Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans, the services are more extensive and designed to accommodate different business types.

The Pro plan costs $149 per year per event organizer. There is no time limit for the conferences. Furthermore, one slot can accommodate up to 100 attendees and three whiteboards with file sharing and group chat options.

You can organize an event under the Business plan for $199 per year. This plan allows up to 300 attendees, unlimited whiteboards, and access to all the basic features. It is the best option for small businesses.

The Enterprise plan offers extensive features, including a fully integrated PBX for phone calls, Zoom rooms, and an attendee limit of up to 1000 people. All other basic services are also available. Zoom Sales services can give you a custom quote for the Enterprise plan.

  • Zoom Events

The prices for Zoom Events vary depending on attendee limits. If you aim for an attendee limit of up to 500 people, the price is $890 per year. If your attendee limit is up to 10,000 people, it will cost you around $85,000 annually.

For an audience limit of higher than 10,000 people, you can contact Zoom Sales services to get a custom quotation. 


  • All-in-one virtual event solutions
  • Free basic features
  • Gives event planners unprecedented control
  • Can host multiple sessions over multiple days
  • Customizable registration and ticketing options
  • Interactive features to boost audience engagement
  • Robust encryption for security


  • Free plan is limited in terms of times and features
  • Lack of comment control
  • Requires too many add-ons for a seamless virtual experience

3. VFairs

Image Source

We can easily include VFairs in the list of the best online virtual event platform, given its features and customer satisfaction rate. The platform enjoys a brilliant scoring of 4.7 out of five stars with over 1270 reviews.


VFairs brings your virtual world to life with its state-of-art technology. You can easily manage and organize In-Person, Virtual, and Hybrid events.

The platform allows you to design attractive landing pages, registration options, and payment gateways to manage in-person events. The CRM integrations will enable you to manage your attendees and offer them interactive and prompt support services.

  • Hybrid Events

For Hybrid events, VFairs allows you to manage in-person, virtual, and on-go audiences efficiently. Its Hybrid events technology stack lets you create 3D environments to make virtual attendees feel like they are in an actual venue.

  • Digital Resources

The platform allows you to create digital resources for Hybrid events so that you can go completely paperless. Integrating with the virtual event softwares can assist you in adding more value for your sponsors.

As a result, you can maximize audience outreach, connect remote audiences with virtual attendees, track audience check-ins and engagement rates, and much more.

  • Virtual Lobbies

You can also create virtual lobbies for event attendees using VFairs. The intuitive 3D visuals help enhance the audience engagement and make the virtual experience much more enjoyable.

VFairs has a broad range of solutions available when it comes to virtual events. You can host virtual events, conferences, summits, expos, and more via custom-built event options.

  • Sponsor Exhibit Booths

Apart from designated rooms, virtual lobbies, breakout rooms, and live streams, VFairs allows exhibit booths for the sponsors. The recruiter and brand representative can use these virtual booths to customize their space and promote their brand via customized branding tools.


VFairs does not have a fixed-pricing page available on its website. The support team of VFairs can give you a custom quote, which can vary depending on the nature and magnitude of your event.


  • Leading event technology platform
  • Holds numerous options and solutions for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events
  • Mobile app available
  • 3D virtual rooms, lobbies, and breakout rooms
  • Integrated interactive features to boost audience engagement
  • Multilingual support


  • Expensive compared to other virtual event companies

4. Accelevents

Image Source

Another virtual event software offering in-person, virtual, and hybrid events is Accelevents. Compared to VFairs, Accelevents is a more affordable alternative, with only the mobile application missing from its feature offerings.


Accelevents, as a virtual event platform, is equipped with robust features to help you create a successful event. While it may not have a mobile app pairing, its features make it one of the leading virtual event companies.

  • Zero Coding

You can easily design and customize your virtual event environment without coding. Create compelling landing pages to maximize leads and customize the look of event sections, from conference rooms to breakout rooms and virtual lobbies. You can also add or eliminate the engagement features depending on the nature of your virtual event.

  • Integrated Livestreaming for Vast Audiences

With its integrated live streaming feature, you can broadcast your conferences, seminars, or events to about 10,000 attendees globally. You can record and download video sessions with much ease. If you want, you can also get the option to integrate your virtual events with popular live streaming platforms.

  • AI-Based Matchmaking

The platform has audience engagement features to create the best virtual experiences for attendees. Accelevents is equipped with an AI-based matchmaking feature to connect attendees one-on-one based on set criteria.

  • Attendee Engagement and Tracking Tools

The platform features include dynamic lobbies, interactive games, and various engagement activities to keep the audience involved with the event.

Tracking your attendees’ activities and managing the event audience is easy via its in-depth analytics feature. You have a dedicated dashboard to track audience registration and ticket sales.

This platform allows you to access attendee engagement levels throughout the event easily. With engagement and event insights, you can determine the success of your event.


Accelevents offers flexible pricing plans depending on single or unlimited event packages. 

The Starter package allows a single event with up to 20 sessions spread over one or two days. It costs $500. This plan is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

On the other hand, the Professional package costs $5,000 per event, with unlimited sessions and event days.

If you want to avail unlimited events, the Scale package is available at $125 per month, billed annually. It offers the same features as the Starter package but with unlimited events.

The Enterprise package is available at $1250 per month, billed annually for unlimited events, sessions, and event days.

Numerous adds-on are also available at additional pricing if you want to enhance your virtual events further.


  • Affordable compared to other virtual event platforms
  • Robust features to create in-person, virtual, or hybrid events
  • Audience engagement tools are available
  • Real-time chat and live streaming options are available
  • Private dashboard to manage event activities
  • Custom event builder to design your events


  • No mobile application
  • No option for event attendees to maintain connections after the event

5. Communique

Image Source

Communique is one of the top-notch virtual event companies that provide solutions for virtual events, audio and video conferencing, webinars, and much more.

With its leading-edge technology and interactive tools, you can host virtual events with greater ease and better quality.


Communique offers its clients three major services: audio conferencing, webinar platforms, and virtual event platforms.

  • Audio Calls

Using its audio-conferencing feature, you can enjoy high-quality audio calls from and to any part of the world. Communique’s audio conference call service can handle everything from small-scale meetings to audio conferences.

You can schedule your calls, mute the attendees, archive your conversations, and protect your audio conferences via PIN code. Toll-free dial-in for international attendees is also possible with Communique.

  • Webinars and Virtual Meetings

This platform’s webinar features allow you to enjoy 100% cloud-based services to host your virtual events. As such, it is easily one of the best online virtual event platforms available. Also, you can easily scale the audience size depending on your needs.

  • Branding Solutions

Communique offers branding solutions where you can customize your event graphics, conference rooms, virtual lobbies, and much more.

  • Engagement Tools

This virtual event platform also offers numerous engagement tools to make your event more interactive, professional, and appealing to the audience.

You can add Q&As, surveys, polls as well as fun activities. Its powerful analytic tool can easily track the event success, audience engagement rate, and poll and survey results.

If you wish to use a third-party CRM like HubSpot, Salesforce, or Eloqua, Communique allows such integrations.

Communique also has multilingual support for event content translation.


The platform does not have set the pricing on its website. You can get a custom quote by contacting its sales team. Communique offers per-event rates and unlimited event license plans per your requirements.


  • Custom registration and ticketing option
  • Interactive engagement tools
  • Networking and breakout rooms
  • Multilingual and ADA support
  • Social media integrations possible
  • Group chat available


  • Can be expensive
  • Registration to the platform can be a bit difficult

6. Aventri

Image Source

Aventri is an excellent platform among many virtual event softwares for handling complicated virtual events. This virtual event platform enables you to create all types of events, from in-person to virtual and hybrid conferences.

Aventri offers many compelling features for event organizers to create successful events. 


As an event management software, the platform entails all the solutions to create interactive events. Especially for virtual events, Aventri assists in all domains, from customizing your event to managing attendees and tracking the event’s success.

You can also integrate external APIs and third-party services with this virtual event platform. 

Aventri has its distinguished mobile event application. Furthermore, you can collaborate with other organizations and keep track of your collaborative tasks via Aventri.

  • Badging and Credential Solutions

Many virtual event platforms offer similar services to their customers. However, what distinguishes Aventri from others is that it offers attendee badging and credential solutions.

You can create customizable badges for attendees via QR-code technology. You can also showcase and promote your brand using these badges.

  • Easy Event Budgeting

Using Aventri, you can budget your event easily. The financial tools added to the platform allow you to track your financial performance and event expenditure.

  • Virtual Booths

To boost attendee engagement, Aventri offers virtual booths with interesting activities and survey solutions. Virtual booths are an excellent option for event sponsors to convert their leads into potential customers and increase brand exposure.


Aventri offers no fixed pricing packages on its website. You can contact the sales team of Aventri and get your custom quote today.


  • Includes all the essential features needed for event planning
  • Suitable for all event types, including in-person, hybrid, and virtual events
  • Offers budget management for both physical and online events
  • Attendee badging and credentials feature available
  • Attendee networking opportunities
  • Attractive landing pages and customizable event planner
  • Event analytics and reporting


  • Expensive for small businesses
  • The interface is not user-friendly

7. WebinarJam

Image Source

Creating immersive events has become possible with WebinarJam. It is an all-in-one virtual event platform offering competitive solutions to event organizers.

With its cloud-based broadcasting technology, you can easily reach out and manage thousands of attendees.


As its name indicates, this virtual event platform specializes in creating and managing webinars. You can easily present or share your screen with multiple event attendees.

  • Exceptional Video and Audio Quality

WebinarJam offers high-quality video and audio broadcasting. With its 30 FPS and high-definition resolutions, you can enjoy the virtual conference in full HD. There is no more struggling with blurry or distorted video feeds using WebinarJam.

  • Live Interactions

Live chat and real-time Q&A features are available with WebinarJam. This platform also provides event managers tools for comment moderation, private discussions, sticky announcements, and polls.

  • Automated Recording

This software has an automated event recording option like various virtual event platforms. For attendees who cannot join or have missed the webinar, this option facilitates accessing recordings of the live event.

  • Schedule Flexibility

Flexible scheduling is easy with WebinarJam, where you can schedule your event prior. With its “Always-on” feature, you can re-reserve or re-access the virtual room as often as you want. With its virtual lobbies, the presenters and the audience can attend multiple breakout sessions.

  • Custom Rooms and Landing Pages

The platform’s custom room builder allows branded virtual venues that you can use to increase your brand’s exposure. Similarly, with its landing page builder, you can design catchy registration or subscription pages.

  • Message Marketing

One distinguishing feature of WebinarJam is that with its email and SMS marketing system, you can keep your subscribers in the loop. This service can send post-event notifications, reminders, future event updates, and much more.


WebinarJam offers flexible pricing plans. While the service does not offer any free trial, a 30-day money-back guarantee is available if you wish to cancel.

The Starter package is available for $39 per month, billed annually. Under this package, you get an audience capacity of 100 attendees along with all the basic features.

If you wish to increase your attendee limit to 500 people and unlock automated webinars, you can upgrade to the Basic package for $79 per month.

Under the Professional plan, you can get an audience limit of 2000 people. It costs $229 monthly, but you have to pay for an entire year.

For large-scale webinars, you can avail of the Enterprise package for $379 per month. It allows access to 5000 attendees and all the advanced features with a control panel.


  • Provides high-quality audio and video streaming
  • Allows live streaming, replays, and video recordings
  • With real-time Q&As, polls, and surveys 
  • Screen sharing available 
  • Offers customized events and landing pages
  • Panic button available


  • Limited features to host a large-scale virtual event
  • Other platforms allow much larger audiences

8. Livestorm

Image Source

If you aim for a virtual event platform that provides detailed analytics and participant reports, Livestorm is your best option. With this platform, you can seamlessly conduct virtual events, training workshops, product webinars, conferences, and more.


Livestorm is packed with comprehensive features to make your virtual events successful. Almost all known browsers, including Safari, Chrome, and Opera, support it. You can easily manage your event from start to finish from any device without compatibility issues.

Livestorm differs from other virtual event platforms because it offers on-demand and recurring events for participants to join based on their interests and ease. It also encompasses a large attendee limit which you can scale based on the nature of your event.

With Livestorm, you also have control over the registration limit, multilingual support, speaking permissions, event duration, workspaces, and much more.

  • Cloud-System-Based

Livestorm is based on a cloud system. You do not have to download it to access the software and its services. You also get various event automation features to make virtual events more interactive.

  • Event Builder

Livestorm’s event builder allows you to do custom branding for your registration pages, promotional emails, event rooms, and breakout rooms. With attractive landing page templates available, you can improve your conversion rates.

  • Interactive Features

Numerous engagement options are available for the attendees to make the live event more interactive and create authentic human connections. You can set up emoji reactions, polls, surveys, call-to-action buttons, upvotes, and real-time Q&As.

  • Analytics

The analytics feature of Livestorm allows you to track the event analytics, participation rooms, event expenditure, and event revenue. 


Livestorm has usage-based pricing packages available. The platform only charges you for active contacts. You do not have to pay the license fee yearly to renew the services.

This platform offers a free plan. It allows up to 30 active contacts, 10 live attendees, and 20 minutes per session.

The Pro plan ranges between $88 and $410 with a maximum of 500 active contacts. For Business and Enterprise plans with an active contact limit of above 500, Livestorm provides you with a custom quote.

You can pay the fees monthly or annually, with price fluctuations for all plans.


  • Easy event planning and management
  • Customizable virtual event venue
  • Audience engagement and networking features are available
  • Can capture actionable analytics
  • Enables you to create a branded event ecosystem 
  • With email and event automation


  • User interface can seem a little tricky at the start

9. Bevy

Image Source

Bevy is one of the best virtual event platforms for large enterprises to hold conferences, events, and webinars. The platform mainly provides its services to assist in-person events. However, recently, Bevy has shifted its focus to hosting virtual events and has successfully earned its name in the domain.


Bevy offers HD quality video and audio streams along with chat options, setting up emoji reactions, allowing mentions and comment moderation. You can also scale your audience with ease.

  • Flexible Arrangements

From simultaneous multi-sessions to multi-day agendas, you can schedule your event as needed and with maximum flexibility. The platform has auto-check-ins, live streams, and recording options to facilitate the audience. Breakout rooms are also available during the event.

  • Brand Marketing

Custom branding is also possible with Bevy. You can set up a sponsor booth and have your staff lounge with customized virtual lobbies to promote your brand.

  • Third-Party Integration

With integration options available, you can connect third parties with the platform. For example, if you wish to track audience engagement, event analytics, or event revenue, you can integrate external CRMs with your virtual events. 


Bevy offers no fixed pricing options or packages. You can get a custom quote by contacting its sales team. Bevy will schedule a demo for you so you can specify what you need and get a custom quote.


  • Custom branding available
  • Allows third-party integrations
  • Breakout rooms available
  • Scale audience easily
  • Auto-check available
  • Live streaming and recording available


  • One of the more expensive options
  • Limited features compared to other platforms

Which Is The Best Online Virtual Event Platform?

Mighty Networks is the best platform to hold virtual events and conferences based on the availability of features, flexible pricing, and event suitability.

If you do not find Mighty Networks suitable for your event, which might hardly be the case, you have many alternatives available.

We have listed the most suitable competitors you can use as alternative platforms to easily organize, manage, and analyze your virtual events.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is a Virtual Conference Platform?

A virtual conference platform is a communication tool that offers hosting services for two or more parties. It enables users to interact virtually via audio and video transmissions. It opens up a virtual space where attendees can interact, share, and present their ideas without hindrance.

2. What Is the Difference Between a Virtual Meeting and a Physical Meeting?

A physical meeting demands the setup of a venue, traveling to that particular place, and engaging with the conference attendees. In contrast, a virtual event eliminates the need for traveling and can be conducted on any online virtual event platform via virtual engagement tools.

3. What Makes a Virtual Event Platform a Good Option?

Good virtual event platforms offer several virtual event tools for a smooth user experience. An integrated Q&A system is the most in-demand prerequisite of top virtual event platforms. It allows the joining parties to interact at specific intervals without interrupting any part of the virtual event.

4. How to Choose the Top Virtual Event Platform?

Every virtual event platform offers a basic audio and video conferencing tool that enables you to communicate with the joining parties. However, to host successful virtual events, you must ensure certain qualities when choosing the best platform.

The best platform must have an intuitive interface that allows easy navigation. It must also have collaborating features for teams to communicate. Furthermore, it must have the audience capacity you require without sacrificing a seamless virtual ecosystem for successful virtual event experiences.

5. How Can I Make My Virtual Event Interactive?

You can host virtual events that are interactive and interesting for the audience by adding several breakout sessions. Take advantage of various engagement activities that promote audience participation. Also, make a networking room for your audience to allow interactions between all attendees.

6. How Much Does a Virtual Conference Platform Cost on Average?

The average cost for hosting a virtual conference varies from platform to platform. It can cost about $2,500 per small group event and up to $10,000 for events with broader coverage.

Suppose you’re aiming for a small-scale virtual event that can host numerous speakers, multiple breakout rooms, unlimited event days, and interactive spaces for the audience. An efficient virtual conference platform that can deliver such terms can cost around $10,000 to $20,000 on average.

The cost is much higher for large-scale events, ranging between $20,000 to $50,000. 

7. Do I Have to Pay to Join a Virtual Conference?

Yes. In most cases, you have to pay to join a virtual conference. Virtual conference platforms heavily charge businesses to hold their meetings and events. Therefore, visitors must pay a small fee to join the virtual venue to help organizations manage the conference expenses.

Nevertheless, you will sometimes come across virtual conferences that give away free attendee passes. Such events limit attendee capacity to a target audience, primarily if the event organizer’s goal is to focus on branding and marketing.

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