ProofHub Alternatives to Level up Your Project Management

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ProofHub is a project management software that provides an online platform for teamwork. It has some very useful features for efficient collaboration online.

That said, when searching for the best project management software, you cannot just pick one and call it a day. You will need to do your own research, including finding ProofHub alternatives, payment plans, unique features, and limitations.

Some of the most popular online collaboration and task management programs include ClickUp, Asana, and Monday. However, there are other less famous options, too. These programs offer different tools for project management tasks. Let’s see which one is best for your company.

ProofHub Alternatives: A Quick Comparison

Here’s a quick glance at the best management programs, their monthly payment plans, and which feature makes them unique:

ProofHub CompetitionMonthly Payment PlansBest For
ClickUpFree Forever: 100MB space
Unlimited: $5 per member
Business: $12 per member
Business Plus: $19 per member
Enterprise: Contact sales
Budget-friendly ProofHub alternative
Monday.comIndividual: Free
Basic: $8 per seat
Standard: $10 per seat
Pro: $16 per seat
Enterprise: Contact sales
App integrations
AsanaBasic: Free Premium: $10.99 per user
Business: $24.99 per user
Enterprise: Contact sales
Flexible and adaptable project management
WrikeFree: Collaboration on limited active tasks
Professional: $9.80 per user
Business: $24.80 per user
Enterprise: Contact sales
Businesses of all sizes
SmartsheetFreePro: $7 per user
Business: $25 per user
Enterprise: Contact sales
Workflows on spreadsheets
AirtableFree: 5 member max
Plus: $10 per member per month
Pro: $20 per member per month
Enterprise: Contact sales
Flexibility in templates
TrelloFree: unlimited cards on limited boards
Standard: $5 per user
Premium: $10 per user
Enterprise: $17.50 per user
Simple tasks for small to medium-sized teams

Best Alternatives to ProofHub in 2022

A good software performs on many fronts before it earns the trust and loyalty of customers. This trust is visible in customer reviews on online forums and social media pages. Let’s see which program has the best rating, the most trust, and has good features that can help a company manage projects efficiently.

1. ClickUp

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Management is all about simplifying complicated tasks and breaking them down to focus on a specific area at a time. Those tasks can then be allocated to each member of the team for maximum efficiency.

ClickUp understands that philosophy better than most management software providers. It allows managers to plan, create, and track projects with accuracy and proficiency. That’s why it is among the best alternatives to ProofHub.

Best Features of ClickUp

The software has many features that enable managers to carry out complex tasks easily. It has a chat option for communication and a planning window for task creation. You will also find a section for setting and tracking goals.

All these have multiple tools to break down large projects into smaller, more manageable tasks that management can track accurately. Let’s take a brief look at the best features of ClickUp:


One of the most loved features of ClickUp is Whiteboards. It gives users complete freedom to express their ideas and has a creative interface. No other software has such an intuitive feature that brings a team together on a single page.

It is a visual collaboration tool that helps teams brainstorm ideas and turn them into actionable plans. In a way, it’s a canvas where each team member can bring their ideas using sticky notes, graphics, comments, and activity maps.

The board updates in real-time, so team members can instantly make decisions about useful input from their colleagues. It also has practical tools such as flowcharts, docs, and an option for adding images and links.


ClickUp has some of the best project management tools in its Task section. The software features more than 35 ClickApps to customize your planning, organization, and implementation. It also has automation tools to help you speed up your planning and management processes.

Each task has a dedicated thread for comments. You can assign these comments to team members as action items. There is also an option for screen recording, which you can easily share with the team.

Large projects can overwhelm the team and make things messier to handle. That’s why ClickUp has an option for dividing large projects into smaller subtasks. These subtasks can have different views on the dashboard, and there are many filters to help you sort them out.


ClickUp gave Docs a new meaning with lots of creative features and tools to make collaboration more fun and effective. These docs are not just simple sheets but are powerful tools that you can connect with workflows and use to devise actionable plans for implementation.

ClickUp docs are collectively editable, so teams can work on them in real time. Tags and mentions make it possible for large teams to work on a single doc. Plus, managers can turn comments and texts into action items and assign tasks to a relevant team.

Once done, you can link these tasks with workflows and add widgets to make them more interactive. You can also add due dates, update project progress, and change the status in your editor.

Pricing Plans

The software offers multiple plans depending on the size of the team and the complexity of tasks it handles, including:

  • Free: Up to 100MB of storage with unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited: $5 per member per month
  • Business: $12 per member per month
  • Business Plus: $19 per member per month
  • Enterprise: Contact the sales team.

2. as one of the ProofHub Alternatives
Image Source is one of the first programs that used the Kanban management style and introduced many creative features for advanced communication. It also enables high-level collaboration through intuitive tools.

The software helps managers distribute workload in an efficient manner. Members have continuous access to Monday’s creative whiteboard for project updates, status, and priority tasks. If you are looking for a worthy ProofHub competition, should be on your list.

Best Features of

The useful features of are the reason for its popularity. These creative tools are unique to the platform and work best for organizations of every scale.

Its creative dashboard, integrated apps, and powerful automation tools will make your task easier and faster to accomplish. Let’s look at some of the most prominent features of and how you can use them for maximum benefit:

Kanban Interface

Workflow management has never been easier than with Kanban software. The mechanism is easy to set up and update and is a lot faster than any of its competitors. It gives a great edge to teams working online. is a great ClickUp alternative because it has one of the best Kanban interface settings. You can start in minutes with its templates and integrate all your favorite tools into the dashboard. That brings all your team communication to one place, avoiding switching back and forth.

The software also allows collaboration with external teams and facilitates the process through effective communication channels. Perhaps that’s the reason why creative teams love working on the Monday dashboard.

Monday App Integrations

Every software has limits. It can perform certain tasks while skipping others. Or, it may be good at one specific tool but perform poorly in other metrics. tackles that problem by introducing hundreds of quality apps, each doing a specific task.

What’s more interesting is the efficacy with which these apps integrate with the main software. You can access Google Drive, Outlook, and Slack in one click from’s dashboard.

Also, you can access communication apps such as Zoom from within the site, keeping the conversation in a certain context. Similarly, you can import and export Excel files to get the latest data updates from your team in just a few clicks.

Gantt Charts

When using a project management solution, most of the focus is on milestones, progress monitoring, and dependencies between tasks. Most companies use Primavera and Microsoft Office for such tasks, but has changed that.

It brought planning software on its platform to allow companies to plan, execute, and analyze the whole project on a single dashboard. Gantt charts allow teams to set up milestones, task dependencies, and expected finish dates to visualize the project’s completion.

This feature lets teams stay on top of their tasks and helps them meet each deadline perfectly. You can create a project plan on Monday or import it from spreadsheet software such as MS Excel.

Pricing Plans offers multiple packages for different companies depending on the size of their team:

  • Individual: Free
  • Basic: $8 per seat per month
  • Standard: $10 per seat per month
  • Pro: $16 per seat per month
  • Enterprise: Contact the sales team.

3. Asana
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One of the best ways to maintain your attention on a task is to keep it in front of you. That way, you don’t lose focus and know how much time you’ve got and how much time you need to complete it.

Asana has such an interface.

The software allows teams to keep an eye on the project’s status, progress, and approaching deadlines on a single page. It also has tools that will remind you of what’s important and whether you need to do them now or later.

Best Features of 

Asana’s built-in features include Workflow Builder, timelines, app integrations, forms, goals, reporting, and many more. These tools are highly useful for teams, creating a workflow that streamlines even the most complex projects.

Many of these tools are available in the free version. However, to get the maximum benefit, you will need the full power of premium packages. Let’s take a brief look at some of the best management tools of Asana:

Workflow Builder

If you have a unique organizational structure with multiple teams working on the same task, Workflow Builder will help you immensely. It allows users to create the most efficient workflow stream using simple tools.

This feature makes work input systemized and processes smoother, especially when it comes to automation. It also impacts your work output and brings clarity to your team vis-a-vis goals and expectations.

App integration and templates that help you create these workflows are the icing on the cake. Progress monitoring is also much more customized in Asana. You can easily manipulate these tools for a perfect platform for your company, no matter how unique your processes are.


Manual work is no longer desirable when you can create powerful automations that can do all the hard work for you. This enables your team to focus on what they love to do. Automation is not just user-friendly; it is also rational and saves plenty of time and resources.

Asana has some of the most useful project management tools that can help automize your tasks. The automation works perfectly with app integration, as well.

You can create simple rules on tasks that bots can then follow with 100 percent accuracy. It could be setting a due date for the next task when the first one is complete or adding names to a list once it’s done.

Workload Management

A team works best when the members have enough time to complete a task but not more than that. Asana Business’ Workload Management is the tool you need if you are struggling to maintain that balance.

It allows real-time progress monitoring of tasks assigned to a team member, as well as lets the manager know if some tweaking is necessary.

Basically, it works by allocating each task value in hours or points to see how much time or effort a certain task will need. You can then spread the tasks around if they require more time and effort to prevent your team from feeling burned out.

Pricing Plans

There are three paid plans and a free version for small organizations with limited storage space. Here’s what you can expect to pay if you plan on getting a subscription:

  • Basic: Free 
  • Premium: $10.99 per user per month 
  • Business: $24.99 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Contact sales

4. Wrike

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Wrike has earned the trust of leading companies, such as Lyft, Google, and Siemens, because of its quality service and advanced features. The platform offers highly specialized and unique apps and tools that make task management much more effective.

The goal of Wrike is to maximize your team’s collaboration capacity and improve customer experience through effective communication and a customizable dashboard.

Best Features of

A versatile project management software must not have any limits in terms of industries. It should be usable in various departments and organizations of different kinds without any problems.

Wrike has such features. It works best in marketing, project planning, IT, and other professional services, such as hospitals and engineering. Let’s look at the features of Wrike that make it a great ProofHub alternative:


Project management becomes a messy affair when there are too many tasks, players, and deadlines on a single dashboard. The clusters make it impossible to access information in real-time, especially with large projects.

Wrike has a solution called cross-tagging in which you can add tags to your concerned folders. That way, you don’t need duplicate folders for different departments, as each department can access it by adding a meaningful tag.

For example, if you are in the product development department and are working with the marketing department, you can create a single folder with two tags. Each department can use its own tag to access the same folder on Wrike.


Your designer sends a file to you through email; you then add comments to it and send it back. They check it and then return it to you for editing. The process goes on until you get the best design after dozens of iterations.

This is where Wrike’s Proofing tool comes in. You and your designer can both work on an image in real time, where you comment, and they make the changes. The perfect design becomes your final version within seconds.

Proofing allows editing, comments, and approvals in one spot, which speeds up the project. It also contains automation options so that your approved files get sent to the next team worker instantly.


Just like other quality management tools, Wrike also allows app integrations. You can get Facebook, Amazon, Google Drive, and many other apps on the Wrike dashboard and access them in just a few clicks.

Advanced users can also get custom integrations, which allow more features for specific tasks. Plus, you can add automations for these apps to get more tasks done in less time. There’s no limit to how many apps you can integrate with Wrike, and syncing of data in real time is also allowed.

That said, it’s worth noting that integrations and automations are only available for premium users. Free users have limited features, so it’s best to get a plan that suits your company better.

Pricing Plans

You can choose from one free and three premium Wrike plans based on the size of your team and storage space requirement.

  • Free: Collaboration on limited active tasks
  • Professional: $9.80 per user per month
  • Business: $24.80 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Contact the support team

5. Smartsheet

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Smartsheet transformed the idea of working on spreadsheets and made it possible to collaborate on such a simple idea. It has project management for health care, IT, higher education, marketing, construction, and many other customizations depending on the industry.

Best Features of is simple enough to learn within days but also complex enough to handle enterprise-level projects. Teams can now work in real-time on spreadsheets without wasting time on back-and-forth communications.

Let’s look at Smartsheet’s top features that distinguish it from the rest:

Control Center

The Smartsheet Control Center is where you can automate all your projects and set rules for tasks, saving your team’s time and effort. The systematized approval process creates a streamlined project management process with a standardized methodology for progress reporting.

There’s also a central console to deploy changes in real-time and connect your resource plan for setting up required teams. The Control Center also allows time tracking for better productivity analysis.

Digital Asset Management

Smartsheet teamed up with Brandfolder to create a perfect synergy for digital asset management. The former provides collaborative work management, while the latter works as a digital asset management platform.

Together, they provide end-to-end visibility to the creators’ content lifecycle and also align different stakeholders from start to launch. The platform provides a great service in making workflows smooth through easy approvals and faster asset delivery.

Streamlined Business Apps

One of the smartest features of Smartsheet is building custom apps that come directly from your workflow sheets, forms, and dashboards. These apps are easy to navigate for you and are, therefore, more efficient for your business.

These business apps can make accessibility easier, as you can take all your work and turn it into an app.

Since you have experience working on the same dashboard, these custom apps are super easy for you to use. You can also create the app using your brand’s themes and colors. These apps will be unique to your needs and designs.

Pricing Plans

There is a free version available, but the best features are reserved for three premium Smartsheet plans:

  • Pro: $7 per user per month (with a free trial available) 
  • Business: $25 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Contact the sales team.

6. Airtable

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Flexibility is necessary for a project management tool to perform well across all enterprises, and Airtable understands that perfectly. It provides powerful and customized programs to different companies with diverse needs.

The hallmark of Airtable is its creative apps, which users can create according to their needs and business structure. These apps seamlessly integrate with the dashboard, making them highly accessible.

Best Features of does not boast magic tools or silver bullets for all management tasks. Instead, it focuses on providing simple solutions through effective yet minimalist programs.

Users can interact with each other on its highly efficient dashboard as well as communicate in real time without interruptions. Let’s see which features make it a great ProofHub alternative:

Interface Designer

The software has a creative Interface Designer that allows you to reimagine tasks based on your company’s unique culture. It can be as minimalist as you want or complex enough to handle tasks that need sophisticated dashboards.

The Interface Designer does not need any programming. You can create a new dashboard in minutes through drag-and-drop components. In addition, you can customize the interface to match each individual’s working style and personality.

More importantly, it allows you to control the flow of information on a need basis. You will find that there are multiple options to allow a user the level of control necessary to perform a certain task.

Data Sync

Data synchronization is where cloud-based programs beat traditional in-office communication and software. The Sync feature allows data integration in real-time, which speeds up the creative processes.

You can share views and data with different teams, such as marketing, operations, and execution, and get their feedback right away. Working with remote teams has never been easier; now, you can assign tasks on other platforms and get that back on the same dashboard.


One of the main tasks of project managers is to extract reports about ongoing operations and share them in an actionable manner with higher management. If reporting is too complex, it will lose its impact. If it’s too simple, there can be no meaningful discussion.

Airtable provides highly visual reporting tools that do not miss out on any information but keep it simpler for better understanding. You can easily convert data into charts and vice versa. There’s an option for a no-code report interface builder, so you can visualize data the way you see fit.

Pricing Plans

There are three premium plans and a free version with basic features. Here’s how much each plan will cost you:

  • Free: 5 member max
  • Plus: $10 per member per month
  • Pro: $20 per member per month
  • Enterprise: Contact the sales team.

7. Trello

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Trello is where you bring all your team to a single dashboard so that they can interact with each other for maximum output. The software has an engaging interface where you can access all the information minus the clutter.

IT teams and content-creating agencies find Trello the best project management program online. Plus, there are plenty of automation tools to make managing tasks easier and more fun.

Best Features of Trello

The first things you will notice about Trello are its highly interactive and visual outlook and user-friendly dashboard. Also, you will find that the powerful templates make task creation easier and faster.

The program has many outstanding features, some of which are:

Simple Interface

Most of the ProofHub alternatives we have discussed so far have complex dashboards, which create confusion when there are dozens of team members working on a single task. Trello does not have that problem.

Its interface has many cards that help create a linear workflow process. These cards are customizable, so you can modify them according to your needs.

For example, a content creation company can assign cards to different team members. Once a card is marked done by one team member, it gets automatically transferred to the next team member assigned to work on it.


When you don’t have any PowerUps on Trello, the software seems too simple to even consider for complex tasks. Add PowerUps, and you have one of the most capable software for project management and online team collaboration.

PowerUps are apps you can add to your Trello boards and cards. These apps perform highly specialized functions and contain sophisticated automations.

For example, you can add Calendar by Planway to balance the workload across team members. It also allows you to track time, visualize what your team is working on, and plan tasks in advance. You can also add PowerUps for Google Chat, Sheets, and Drive. 


Trello connects to everything, even its competitors like Slack, Jira, Hubstaff, Pegasus, and many more. There are multiple options for each task, and powerful automations make these integrations incredibly useful.

Integrations are categorized in different ways, including IT, marketing, finance, communication, board utilities, and design. There is also an option for developer tools, which allows you to configure apps to ensure your Trello boards run smoothly.

Unlike many tasks management programs, Trello allows these integrations even in its free version, which is great for new companies.

Pricing Plans

Small organizations can use the free version; for more complex tasks, there are three paid Trello plans you can choose from:

  • Free: unlimited cards on limited boards
  • Standard: $5 per user per month
  • Premium: $10 per user per month
  • Enterprise: $17.50 per user per month

Take Advantage of the Best Project Management Software

If you are looking for a project management tool to streamline your business processes, any of the platforms we listed are great options. These ProofHub alternatives are perfect for project managers working on multiple projects at the same time.

With these programs, your company will have better team collaboration, your cost will come down through workflow automation, and you will have more efficient resource allocations.

In short, getting an online collaboration software is a wonderful option for both new and established companies. It’s up to you to figure out which of these programs has the right tools your business needs to grow.

Proofhub Competitors FAQs

1. Is ProofHub expensive?

ProofHub may look expensive at first glance. The program charges a flat price instead of per member, which may be a bit steep for small businesses.

Unfortunately, it does not have a free forever plan, but there’s a 14-day free trial you can use to assess the features of the software. Its Essential Plan costs $45 per month, while the Ultimate package costs $89.

2. Which software is better than ProofHub?

Asana, Smartsheet, and ClickUp are all ProofHub competitors with numerous features that beat ProofHub by a mile. is also an excellent alternative to ProofHub, as it provides many similar features along with some unique ones.

3. What are the limitations of ProofHub?

ProofHub is great for small teams with 10 to 12 members. For larger teams, it’s difficult to keep track of one’s own projects while keeping an eye on others’ tasks at the same time. It also has limitations in external software and third-party app integrations.

4. What platform is as good as

Smartsheet is as good as Monday, perhaps even better in many cases. It allows high-quality communications and has time-tracking features that may be the best in the project management world. Wrike is another great competitor that offers enterprise-level team management.

5. Is Asana Basic free forever?

Yes, the Asana Basic plan is free forever. The software is only cloud-based and does not allow an internally hosted version, so you will have to sign up and create an account. The Basic version allows up to 15 team members, unlimited tasks and projects, and unlimited file storage (up to 100MB per file).

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