10 Loom Competitors and Alternatives

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Loom is one of the best screen recording and video-sharing platforms for teams and businesses. It offers seamless communication through fast video messaging.

Despite all the great features, Loom has some limitations like any other great software. That’s why people look for Loom competitors and alternatives depending on their specific needs.

Fortunately, many Loom alternatives have advanced features that can effectively fulfill your screen and webcam recording requirements.

Loom Competitors: A Quick Comparison

Let’s briefly examine some of the best Loom alternatives for video recording and screen grabbing.

Screen Recording SoftwareMonthly Payment PlansBest For
SoapboxFree Basic Plan
Plus $19
Pro $79
Instructional Videos
VidyardFree Plan
Pro Plan $19
Lead Generation
CamtasiaIndividual $239.99 (One Time)
Business $239.99 Per User
Education $170.39
Professional Videos
ClipFree Plan
Unlimited $5
Business $12
Business Plus $19
Internal Communications
SnagitIndividual $50.39 (Annual)
Business $50.39 Per Person
Instant Editing
CloudAppIndividual $9.95
Team $8 Per User
Webcam Screen Recording
Basic $144 (Annual)
Pro $288
Business $708
Creative Designs
Pro $ 15
Business $29.80
Branding and Marketing
UsersnapBasic $9
Startup $69
Company $129
Premium $249
Enterprise $949
Customer Feedback
ScreenRecFreeClear Communication

Best Loom Alternatives for 2022

To make your search easier, we launched rigorous testing of top video recording software. Here’s the list of the top 10 Loom competitors and alternatives that work equally well or even better.

1. Soapbox

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Soapbox offers screen recording and webcam features in a chrome extension where you can record and edit the video for effective presentation.


One of the key features that stand out in Soapbox is the multiple modes of on-screen presentation. You can enter into a split screen mode to show your face along with essential data.

Or, you can switch to facetime and only show your face without anything else that appears on your screen.

You can also choose to show your screen without showing your face. These three modes are helpful when you’re making videos with multiple sections.

Another great thing about Soapbox is the size adjustment for various social media platforms. It supports social media scaling, so you just record your video and optimize it for required social media platforms.

The Soapbox screen recording software also offers team collaboration so that you can work remotely on a single project with multiple editing options.


Soapbox offers three paid and one free plan. In free mode, you must sign up, but no credit card is necessary.

You can create up to ten videos monthly and access basic analytics with the free version.

Soapbox Plus is the second plan, which costs $19 and allows 20 videos per month for up to three people.

The Pro plan is best for teams with four to five members and those who need to work remotely on the same project. This plan costs $79 per month and allows up to five users.

Soapbox bills all the plans annually.

2. Vidyard

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Vidyard is another screen recording program offered as a Chrome extension and is an alternative to Loom.

It provides exciting editing tools that make your videos look professional, approachable, and influential for remote sales.


Vidyard has many features that make it one of the best video recording software in the market. It offers exciting themes and powerful templates to give your videos a highly competitive outlook.

The primary purpose of the Vidyard screen recording program is to generate leads through email. That’s why it allows you to send videos in emails, embed links on websites, or share your videos on social media to increase sales.

It offers persuasive tools where users view the video and click on the link to contact the team for more information.

Moreover, when someone clicks on your video or engages with your post, you get a notification and relevant stats to analyze your sales data effectively.

And you get to optimize your videos with Vidyard to rank better on social media platforms.


You can benefit from Vidyard’s free plan for beginners if you’re just starting. It offers up to 25 videos with a limit of 30 minutes per video. You just have to download the Chrome extension and sign up for a free plan on the website.

Sales professionals and those who need more features can select the Pro plan with unlimited videos, each spanning up to 60 minutes. It costs $19 when billed annually ($29 when billed monthly).

3. Camtasia

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Camtasia is a screen recorder and video editor developed by TechSmith. It allows users to create professional videos on Windows and Mac.

The software is best for recording instructional videos and on-screen presentations for tutorials.


Unlike other alternatives to Loom, Camtasia offers a powerful video editor. Most screen recorders lack the editing tools necessary for making professional videos, not Camtasia.

Then there are pre-made templates that help you save time and enable you to create stunning videos even when you’re not an editor.

Camtasia also has a library of free music tracks and various sound effects, reducing your search time for relevant music for your videos.

You can record your entire screen, a part of it, or a small window for a specific application. This feature also allows dynamic switching between these windows.

The editing tools allow you to add various elements to your videos. For example, an online teacher can add quizzes, drag and drop text, motion effects, and transitions.

These additions make your videos much more engaging, and the content leaves a powerful impression on the viewers.


Camtasia offers four plans with different scopes and options for users.

  • Individual: If you’re a single user, you can buy this plan for $239.99. The package includes a one-time fee for the screen recording software with one-year maintenance.
  • Business: This plan offers the same price for one person but allows multiple users and a Camtasia certification through training.
  • Education: Camtasia offers a low-price edition of its video recorder for $170.39 per user with one year of free maintenance.
  • Government and Non-profit: The screen recorder is available for nonprofit and government organizations at $215.19 per user.

4. Clip

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Clip by ClickUp is another Loom alternative in screen recording, which many experts recommend within their Loom reviews. The software is one of the best in the market with its screen recording and message conveying features.


Clip offers real-time conversation in the chat box where you can collaborate with your team instantly. You can also start a Zoom meeting from your workspace through Zoom integration.

The software does not just allow you to share your screen with others and allows the whole team to annotate and comment on the video.

Since ClickUp is a project management tool, you can expect some advantageous management features in Clip, such as goal setting and progress tracking.

The software also allows the team to set up profiles to send and receive updates on Clip. This feature helps in coordination and boosts productivity.

Finally, the software allows integration with other apps such as Loom, Google Drive, Giphy, and Youtube, making cross-platform work more manageable.


Clip has five price tags for different customer requirements and limitations.

  • Free Plan: It allows you 100MB of storage space and collaboration with other members, but integration is limited
  • Unlimited: It costs $5 per month per member and allows unlimited storage space and members with highly integrated functions.
  • Business: This plan is ideal for small business teams and costs $12 monthly per member. It offers better project management tools.
  • Business Plus: You can choose this plan for $19 per month per member when working with multiple teams.
  • Enterprise: Large businesses can contact Clip customer support for customized packages.

5. Snagit

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Snagit has some unique features compared to other screen capture and recording programs. It offers simple navigation, efficient collaboration, and saves valuable time.


Snagit lets you capture your screen and edit the video with powerful tools. You can trim your audio and video clips and add templates to enhance your communications.

Once you have the video, you can easily share it on other platforms. Snagit allows sharing on Microsoft Office products, Box, Gmail, Drive, and Slack.

You can either capture the entire desktop screen or choose a smaller area on an app. Capturing the scrolling screen is also possible with Snagit.

One unique feature of Snagit is capturing text from the screen and pasting it on another app for editing.

Plus, you can record both on your screen and from your camera. Some desktop apps don’t allow camera recording, but Snagit solves this problem.

If you want to create a brand, you can add a specific stamp or logo to your videos which you can automate for future use.


Snagit 2022 for individuals costs $50.39, which includes maintenance and allows you to get Snagit 2023 for free.

For businesses, Snagit has the same price per member. There’s a lower price version available for the education sector, which costs $30.39 per member for a one-year subscription.

The screen recording app also offers a membership for government and nonprofit organizations, costing $43.19 per member.

6. CloudApp

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CloudApp is another powerful tool recommended in many Loom reviews that allows you to save time by skipping meetings and recording explanatory videos.

It has innovative features to help you convey your message with small yet effective screen recordings.


CloudApp allows webcam recording where you can present your face side by side for a presentation or a lecture.

You can choose from different options, including full screen, facetime, and a split window to show your face alongside your slides.

Screen annotations and video editing is also a key feature of CloudApp, which enables you to explain on-screen information easily.

GIF creation is also a plus point with CloudApp that many other screen recording apps do not allow.

A user can record a video and share a link that is easily accessible to the team. This feature works best for social media communication, especially in group chats.

Although the interface is a bit complex for newbies and the free version only allows a 90-second video, the app is still highly competitive.


CloudApp offers three plans for creating pro videos. The individual plan costs $9.95 and will enable you to create a 4k video of unlimited length.

If you have more than two members, you can get a team plan which costs $8 per user per month. While it includes advanced analytics, it only offers basic custom branding.

For big businesses, an enterprise version is available with customized pricing and advanced branding options.


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If you’re looking for an advanced editing tool for video recordings and sharing, Veed is your best alternative to Loom.

It features multiple layouts, creative designs, and powerful video editing tools to enhance the aftereffects of your video recordings. 


A key feature of Veed is its layouts and how they can be modified to create stunning videos. The software has multiple templates that make your task easier.

You can record in split screen and webcam mode, or you can record yourself on screen without any other windows.

Veed offers background swaps, which are unique in screen recording tools. Also, you can add video effects and subtitles, remove the background and crop your videos.

With its professional workspace, you can bring in other people, start creating powerful content, and brainstorm ideas.


Veed has something for everyone. If you’re a beginner or someone who makes casual videos, you can use the free software, offering a 10-minute video rendition of up to 250MB. The video will contain the Veed watermark.

The basic plan starts from $144 per user per annum. This version allows you to create videos, each up to 25 minutes long, without a watermark. You’ll also get 20GB of storage space.

If you are a professional, you should get the Pro version, which costs $288 per year. It offers 100GB of storage space and unlimited videos for up to one hour each.

A $708 business plan for large enterprises is also available, offering videos for up to 2 hours and more than 200GB of cloud space.

8. Sendspark

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If you want quality templates to jumpstart your video recordings and editing journey, Sendspark is an excellent tool.

It allows entrepreneurs and companies to connect with their customers in an approachable manner that converts into sales.


The software is best for startups and enterprise teams who want to focus on branding and marketing.

It provides support for your logo branding and allows specific color themes and a custom domain to connect with your customers.

The video editing software can create at-scale videos for various platforms that help you share your marketing campaigns everywhere.

You can send those videos as text messages, send them in email, and embed them on any website with a link.

Plus, the software offers detailed analytics about customer location and how far they watched the video message.


Sendspark has three membership plans: free, pro, and business.

In free mode, you can create up to 30 videos.

You’ll pay $15 per user monthly for a pro plan, allowing unlimited videos and branding.

If you have more than five team members using Sendspark, you can get the business plan costing you $29.80 per user each month.

9. Usersnap

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Usersnap is recording software that collects user feedback in video format, allowing SaaS businesses to improve their services.

It gathers video data, making it easier for engineers to resolve critical issues. Mostly, digital products need detailed screen-recorded feedback.


It’s difficult for users to communicate through video calling, so Usersnap provides a platform to resolve the hindrances.

Its templates and video recording tools make it a child’s play for new users to create detailed videos.

The software also has a survey and data collection feature, which allows companies to target specific areas for customer feedback.

An intuitive dashboard enables even the least tech-savvy people to record videos within minutes.


Usersnap has many plans, which we can summarize as follows:

  • Basic: Monthly $9 offering one active project with two team members
  • Startup: $69 per month with five active projects consisting of ten team members
  • Company: $129 per month, allowing 15 active projects with 15 team members
  • Premium: $249 per month with 25 active projects and 25 team members
  • Enterprise: $949 per month, where you can get an unlimited number of projects and team members

10. ScreenRec

ScreenRec is one of loom competitors
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ScreenRec believes in efficacy but also in simplicity. Their screen recording app has one of the most straightforward interfaces, which even a first-timer can use without training.

The program allows you to accomplish more by cutting the communication clutter and making it more effective through video recording.


The best feature of ScreenRec is the instant sharing of videos through links you can send directly or embed on a website.

It allows you to record the screen from any point in a video and also has an option for full, partial, and semi-partial screen display.

Screenshot annotation is also very effective in ScreenRec and has multiple options for getting your message across with clarity.

You can also share the recorded videos on social media and check stats with ScreenRec as to who watched your video and for how long.

One feature that we absolutely love about ScreenRec is its content management dashboard. You can easily tag files to fetch them later and add them to collections.

From there, you can share those files with a person or on any social media platform. The management is effective and makes your content creation process simpler.


ScreenRec is free to use, which makes it an even better choice. You can download it for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Plus, there are no ads on this software, and it’s spam and virus free. ScreenRec is the best free screen recording tool on the market.

Best Loom Alternatives

Screen recording makes communication easier and more effective than email or texts. It allows you to express yourself clearly and passionately.

It also enables you to create instructional and explanatory videos that people can play and replay for maximum clarity.

Although a great software, Loom might not fulfill your business requirements. With the above Loom alternatives, you can quickly rectify that problem.

Loom Alternatives FAQs

New users always have questions about Loom and its alternatives. This section will clarify the frequently asked questions about alternatives to Loom.

1. What is Loom?

Loom works as a screen sharing and video recording software that gives communications new effectiveness and efficiency.

You can capture what’s on your screen and instantly share a link with your team members, who can then respond with their comments or suggestions.

Video editing is also possible on Loom, where you can input annotations, emojis, and comments.

2. What are the best features of Loom?

The best features of Loom include fast video sharing through screen recording and editing options to retouch those videos.

Another great Loom feature is virtual backgrounds. You can use a background during your screen presentation or when recording a video.

Background noise reduction and system audio are also great Loom qualities that help you in clear and concise communication.

3. Why do people look for alternatives to Loom?

Loom has shortcomings, making users switch the software to better alternatives. One problem we noticed was the inability to edit or annotate screenshots.

Another reason is cost. There Are some cheaper alternatives and some free ones as well. ScreenRec, for example, is free software that does pretty well for personal use.

Instant video sharing among multiple team members is also a bit hard in Loom. Many other programs, such as Clip, offer much better internal communications.

4. What are the best Loom alternatives for small businesses?

If you’re just starting and have budgetary issues, you can use a free alternative to Loom, such as ScreenRec.

Snagit is also an excellent option for startups and provides enough features with economical services.

5. Is Loom worth it?

If you haven’t read some Loom reviews, we’re happy to tell you that Loom increases productivity and helps make communications seamless. It’s a much better and more modern alternative to email and text messages, where the message gets lost in transmission.

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