5 Best Possible Kajabi Alternatives for Online Course Creation

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The education sector has come a long way in the last decade, with most educational institutes expanding to online platforms. These institutes offer online courses for any individual to access and benefit from, even from the remotest parts of the world.

Online course creation has also become fairly convenient with the expansion of online course builder platforms. There are dozens of sites available today that have made creating online courses an easy task.

You can not only create online courses but selling online courses is also possible, following a few easy steps.

At present, Kajabi is taking the lead as the best online course builder platform. However, its numerous alternatives are also available in the market, considering Kajabi’s expensive packages.

Let’s explore in detail Kajabi as one of the best online course creators and some of the best Kajabi alternatives available.

Kajabi: The Best Online Course Platform 

The prime difference that distinguishes Kajabi from other services offering course creation is it’s a hosted platform offering several integrated features and services.

Kajabi functions as an all in one platform where you can not only create but can also market and sell courses easily.

Overview of Kajabi’s Services

Kajabi is an online course platform created in 2010 by Travis Rosser and Kenny Rueter.

The company’s mission is to create a “world where technology is no longer a barrier to building a successful business online.” Thus, the company’s prime focus is to maximize convenience by offering maximum features for its users.

By becoming an all-in-one solution to create courses, Kajabi has made it possible for any course creator to successfully:

  • Build user-friendly course content
  • Launch a successful marketing campaign strategy for course promotion
  • Customize the layout of their website as per their need

To establish the credibility of its platform, Kajabi proudly features its lifetime statistics of services that they have offered to its customers. Based on the website’s data, Kajabi has earned a revenue of $3.5 billion with 100k businesses built and around 300k products created for its customers.

Features Offered by Kajabi 

Here’s a detailed look at the key features of Kajabi:

1. Create Your Online Course 

Graphical user interface Kajabi

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Under the Create feature in the products list, Kajabi provides its customers with five main services to put up their unique content using the unique layouts they want.

You can develop multiple courses, initiate a coaching session, make podcasts, and create virtual communities or memberships to engage your online audience.

Using Kajabi, you can easily monetize your course content and establish affiliate programs. 

2. Grow Your Online Course Content

Regarding marketing your course content, Kajabi has a long list of integrated features available that do not require any external plugins or integrations.

From affiliate management to managing marketing campaigns and analytics, Kajabi has advanced marketing platform features available to ease your troubles.

Here are some of the features that Kajabi offers to help you grow your online courses:

  • Integrated Website Builder
Kajabi Integrated Website Builder
Image Source

Using its integrated website builder, you can easily make your site one central hub for all your services. It is easy to design, you can always add custom domains to your website, and its user-friendly interface is easy to use for any individual.

  • Integrated Landing Page Builder
kajabi Integrated Landing Page Builder
Image Source

Kajabi services include an integrated landing page builder so that you can expand your web content by building responsive landing pages with few clicks. You can also integrate these landing pages with affiliate groups to expand your network.

  • Email Promotions
kajabi Email Promotions
Image Source

Email marketing is a key feature of any strong marketing strategy. Kajabi offers automated email marketing features to help market your content easily. Its built-in visual editor allows you to add graphic richness to your content while designing your promotional emails.

  • Pipeline Builder for Easy Integration
kajabi Pipeline Builder for Easy Integration
Image Source

Kajabi’s pipeline feature allows easy automation and navigation on your website.

With it, you do not have to be a funnel expert to build the pipelines within your content. There are blueprints available for you to build your sales funnel or other prompts in no time.

  • Unique Mobile App
Kajabi Mobile App
Image Source

With Kajabi, you can have a ready-made mobile app for your course content without additional development. Plus, there are no additional costs to avail of the mobile application for your services. It is also easy to set up and offers a seamless user experience to expand your business.

3. Manage Your Course Content

Kajabi has analytical tools that allow you to manage your business analytics to make smart choices. Using the website’s analytics, you can track your course sales and identify your target audience for effective outreach.

Kajabi also offers its customers integrated payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal for easy subscription and payment by users.

Kajabi also offers an efficient CRM to establish an effective support system to improve customers’ user experience. The automation tool integrated into the CRM also makes it easy for service providers to generate coupons. 

Kajabi CRM
Image Source

5 Best Kajabi Alternatives to Create Online Courses

Now that you’ve an idea of Kajabi, let’s look at five other options and compare them to Kajabi to help you find the best alternative to Kajabi.

1. Podia


Features of Podia

One of the best available Kajabi alternatives for online course creation is Podia. It includes the essential features needed to develop an effective online course with a user-friendly interface.

Podia was initially known as Coach, which was created in 2014 by Spencer Fry and rebranded as Podia in 2017. Till then, Podia has come a long way in terms of its marketing capabilities, digital product selling, and content creation tools.

According to the platform, by choosing Podia as a Kajabi alternative, you can save up to $3998 per year on your plan while enjoying almost similar features offered by Kajabi.

In addition, you can host unlimited campaigns, podcasts, and multiple courses and get started with selling your online course by following a few simple steps.

How Much Does Podia Cost?

As noted, Podia offers affordable packages to its customers. One major distinguishing feature is that you can avail 14-day free trial services without adding any credit card details. With Kajabi, you cannot avail its 14-day free trial program without entering your credit card details.

The detailed pricing, as well as the integrated features offered by Podia, include:

Podia pricing

Podia vs. Kajabi

Podia and Kajabi can be compared in multiple domains in terms of their offered services, features, performance, and user interface’s user-friendliness.

  • Course Content Creation 

When it comes to Podia vs Kajabi based on their course content, both services offer similar flexibility and ease of creation. They can support all file types, including docs, PDFs, excel workbooks, and audio and video files.

Podia is more user-friendly than Kajabi but has similar advanced features needed to integrate your course content into an online platform. You can simply choose your content type, name of your product, and desired layout to begin structuring your content.

Compared to Podia, Kajabi has product blueprints available, which you can customize and structure according to your own choice. However, assembling your content and structuring requires some technical skills, which is not the case with Podia.

  • Course Completion Certificates and Assessment Tools

Both Podia and Kajabi issues course completion certificates to the users once they have completed the course and paid the transaction fees. In addition, you can create online assessments and quizzes for the users to test their knowledge and skills.

Using Podia, you can only add MCQs (multiple choice questions) for assessment purposes. However, using Kajabi, you can set up multiple assessment test types, including MCQs, short question answers, and interactive discussion forums.

  • Website Builder 

Kajabi and Podia both have an integrated website builder that allows you to create a learning management system that is responsive, user-friendly, and secure for the users.

When it comes to Podia’s website builder, you have to start from scratch to structure your website. Still, it is easy to manage since you only have to fill pre-set sections with content information.

Compared to Podia, Kajabi’s website building is more detailed. It has more advanced features and customization options for course creation.

  • Landing Pages and Marketing Features

Like Kajabi, Podia’s services include a functional landing page builder for creating landing pages. In addition, Podia offers its customers automated email marketing features. The marketing automation tools make it easy to promote and sell your online content via Podia. 

One negative with Podia’s marketing features is that you cannot customize the landing pages or emails. It also has limited customization options compared to Kajabi.

Kajabi offers all the essential features using which you can easily customize landing pages and your other digital products conveniently. 

Here is a detailed comparison between the two platforms in terms of their offered features:

Key FeaturesPodiaKajabi
Built-in Affiliate Program$89/month (Shaker Plan)$199/month per plan
Buy Buttonx
email Marketing
Free MigrationsAnnual Plans Onlyx
Live Chat Support
Online Courses
Own Website
Teammates$199/month per plan
Unlimited Customersx
Unlimited Membership Plansx

In short, Podia and Kajabi fall side by side in terms of their offered features. Choosing Podia over Kajabi is feasible if you aim for a small-scale business, have a limited budget, and strive for maximum features to create unlimited courses.

2. Kartra

Graphical user interface

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Features of Kartra 

One of the best Kajabi alternatives is Kartra. Kartra also offers a similar range of services Kajabi offers, but at a discounted price.

The two platforms might appear to hold similar features, but some key differences distinguish the two services.

Unlike Kajabi, which focuses on both content creation and content marketing, Kartra is more of a marketing-oriented platform offering an extensive collection of marketing features to promote an online business.

Kartra features itself as an all in one platform offering many marketing services to its clients, including email campaigns, affiliate services, funnels, and leads, landing pages to promote and sell digital products.

Kartra also offers secure API and integrations, easy checkouts, and tools for creating courses, forums, and memberships to develop or promote your digital products.

How Much does Kartra Cost?

Kartra pricing packages fall under two domains: monthly and yearly payments. Kartra does not offer any free trial, but you can only avail of a 14-day trial for $1 to explore its services.

Additionally, if you are not satisfied with Kartra’s services, the platform also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to its users.

The annual and monthly pricing packages offered by Kartra include: 

Kartra annual and monthly pricing
Kartra annual and monthly pricing

Kartra vs Kajabi

Depending on your business type, targeted audience, and business scale, you can choose between Kajabi and its suitable alternative, Kartra. Here’s a detailed comparison:

  • Website and Page Builder 

Both Kartra and Kajabi offer their user pre-built templates to build pages that you can customize easily.

Kartra does not have a website integrator, but it does offer detailed templates to build your pages for marketing purposes. You can easily find almost 200 plus pre-made templates to customize your pages.

Since Kajabi aims toward content creation services in addition to providing marketing and management tools, it offers an integrated website builder in addition to a page builder.

  • Email Marketing

Both platforms offer their customers a way to build effective email marketing campaigns. Meaning the services offered by Kajabi and Kartra include all the essential features needed for a successful digital marketing campaign.

Since Kartra is a more marketing-specific service, it offers a diverse collection of templates and customized features to make your marketing emails look more professional and appealing. Kajabi also offers you similar features in customization and pre-made templates but has a limited range.

  • Customer Support

Both platforms offer competent customer support to help their customers with any queries or concerns. You can access Kartra’s live support, FAQ section, or get an email support ticket for a voice chat.

In addition, you can also reach out to Kartra’s Facebook community to clear your concerns.

Kajabi’s live support feature is available to its premium users 24/7. The only difference between the two platforms in terms of customer support is that you have to pay extra on Kajabi to unlock the live support chat feature.

Following is a detailed comparison of Kartra vs. Kajabi in terms of their features offered:

Kartra is best feasible if your wish to market and sell your digital products.Kajabi is the best option for building, marketing, and digital product selling. 
Video hosting is limited and more marketing-oriented. Unlimited video hosted is facilitated by Kajabi for course creation as well as course marketing.
Offers interactive features like CTAs, recommendation videos, and tags option to users.No such features are available on Kajabi.
You cannot create blogs on KartraBlogging is possible on Kajabi
Does not have a website builder but has a strong landing page builderIncludes a website builder as well as a page builder to expand your digital content
Community features are absent in KartraAllows its users to create an interactive community space
Has more advanced marketing features, including A/B testing, lead scoring, Dynamic OTOsKajabi does not support such advanced marketing features 

In short, if you are more focused on marketing your course content instead of course creation, Kartra is a more feasible Kajabi alternative. You will get more variety in marketing tools and sales funnels on Kartra than Kajabi. 

3. WordPress


Feature of WordPress

Another one of the best Kajabi alternatives is WordPress. Without a doubt, WordPress is one of the leading e-commerce platforms providing hosting services along with website creation tools to establish your online businesses.

On their website, WordPress proudly claims to host 43% of the website available on the internet, which adds to the remarkable credibility of the platform. Using WordPress, you can easily create your online course in addition to activating eCommerce features to market and sell your content.

Compared to Kajabi, you do not get integrated website building or marketing platform tools. You have to add custom plugins to create, manage, and market your content on WordPress. Various free and paid plugins are available that can be easily integrated and installed on your website.

How much does WordPress cost?

Unlike Kajabi, you can avail WordPress services for free but with limited functionality. WordPress also has affordable pricing plans with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

WordPress is a more feasible option if you are on a tight budget but want maximum features integrated into your website.

A detailed comparison of the WordPress pricing plan along with offered features include:

WordPress pricing plan

WordPress vs Kajabi

WordPress and Kajabi are two of the most famous web building platforms, each having its unique and distinguishable characteristics.

WordPress is a feasible alternative to Kajabi, which offers a similar service range at cheap rates. Let’s dive into a detailed comparison between Kajabi vs. WordPress.

  • Website Builder

Both platforms have an integrated website builder to help you create your course content. In addition, Kajabi and WordPress both include page builders and sales funnel builders in their services.

When setting up the website, Kajabi is easier to navigate and develop your online courses. Unlike Kajabi, WordPress does not offer specific tools for course creation. Installing additional plugins can make creating digital content easier.

Using WordPress, you can have more control over the appearance of your content. Kajabi offers limited customizable templates for your online courses.

  • Marketing Tools

WordPress does not have integrated marketing tools like Kajabi, but you can easily integrate plugins to boost marketing features on your website. These plugins are easy to ingrate but can be tedious to manage.

Additionally, WordPress does not offer any built-in payment options. You need to integrate an external API gateway to your site to process payment for selling your online courses.

Kajabi has all of these services streamlined in one place, which makes content marketing easier and more convenient to market your course content.

  • Course Creation and Management

WordPress has all the needed features to create and manage your online course. Once again, these features are not prepacked into WordPress, but you have to integrate the desired features via external plugins manually.

Similar to Kajabi, you can create unlimited courses on WordPress. Your courses on WordPress appear more like blog posts with all the document types supported for integration. In comparison, Kajabi offers a more organized presentation of the course content, making it more professional and user-friendly.

A comparison of the effectiveness of the services offered by Kajabi and WordPress includes: 

Effectiveness of the Services OfferedBest Suitable Platform
Integrations and APIsWordPress
Ease of SetupKajabi
Sales and Marketing ToolsKajabi
Customer SupportKajabi
Online Course Creation and ManagementKajabi
Maximum Customization OptionsWordPress
Affordability of ServicesWordPress

To put it clearly, WordPress can be chosen as a suitable alternative to Kajabi. However, it takes some technical skills to integrate, manage and organize your plugins for the desired services.

Whereas, Kajabi has all the needed services to create, market, and sell your content integrated into one platform for user feasibility and business effectiveness. 

4. LearnWorlds 


Features of LearnWorlds

Among some of the best alternatives to Kajabi, LearnWorlds is the leading platform for creating online courses.

Kajabi offers an integrated experience of creating, marketing, and selling your course. Whereas the focus of LearnWorlds is more on improving the learning experiences.

You can also market and sell your courses using LearnWorlds, but it offers additional features to design the course content in more detail.

The website builder of LearnWorlds has a powerful website builder to help you with a wide range of customizable templates to present your products, create testimonials, add widgets and animations, build blogs, and more.

Using LearnWorlds, you can add interesting features for the customers, such as interactive assignments, brainstorming exercises, and self-paced courses.

How much does LearnWorlds cost?

LearnWorld offers three separate plans with varying features to meet the customers’ requirements. It also offers a 30-day free trial period without your credit card details.

A detailed pricing plan offered by LearnWorld includes:

LearnWorlds pricing plan

LearnWorlds vs Kajabi

LearnWorlds is a competitive alternative to Kajabi with its offered features strikingly similar to Kajabi but at a discounted rate. Additionally, LearnWorlds has its distinguishing features, making it stand out as a Kajabi alternative in the digital course creation market.

Let’s look at the competency of features offered by LearnWorlds vs. Kajabi.

  • Website and Page Builder

Kajabi is famous for its integrated website and page builder to allow its customers to create online courses more easily. Navigating the website builder to create interactive sites on Kajabi is easy to master.

On the other hand, LearnWorlds holds a competitive website builder but offers a wider range of customizable themes to make the course content look visually appealing. It is a little tough to master, given its advanced features.

  • Marketing and Sales Tools

Kajabi has a wide range of marketing and sales tools to advertise your digital content. With its automated email marketing, sales funnels, and interactive CRM, Kajabi has one solution to help you develop and expand your business.

Following Kajabi’s footsteps, LearnWorlds offers advanced learning analytics and provides all the necessary complex features for digital and affiliate marketing.

However, it does not offer a payment gateway like Kajabi. You have to integrate payment gateways to your website via a plugin.

Here is a visual comparison between the effectiveness of the services offered by the two platforms:

Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated

Putting it precisely, it all comes down to the type of business you aim for.

If you want to build an interactive learning environment, LearnWorld is a better alternative. However, if you aim for content creation, competent marketing, and effective digital content management, nothing beats Kajabi in that avenue. 

5. Thinkfic 


Features of Thinkfic

Thinkfic also holds a competitive edge in the market for being a potential Kajabi alternative. The platform offers you a competitive range of creation tools and paid plans to help you establish your online business.

As a course content creator, Thinkfic can be a viable solution for your needs to help you create interactive courses and maximize the user’s learning experience. You can upload unlimited courses, unlimited host videos, and add more assortments to your courses at feasible rates.

The platform also offers its customers sales and marketing automation tools to earn greater leads and product promotion.

Thinkfic also holds competitive features for community building with its Facebook integration and hosting services covering tons of webinars, podcasts, and discussion forums to expand your virtual customer base.

How much does Thinkfic cost?

Unlike other course creation platforms, you can use the free plan with limited features offered by the website.

The paid plans have more detailed features to offer. You can also get a custom quote for yourself depending on the services you want to avail yourself of.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the pricing plans offered by Thinkfic:

thinkfic pricing

Thinkfic vs Kajabi 

Thinkfic serves as a viable Kajabi alternative by offering almost similar features. However, there are some distinct differences between the two platforms.

Thinkfic is more targeted toward providing a learning management system. On the contrary, Kajabi offers holistic solutions for all your business needs.

  • Website Builder

Both Kajabi and Thinkfic have their integrated website builder. However, Thinkfic website builder is more varied to help customers build attractive pages to present their content. You can easily modify colors, font styles, and other branding elements.

Unlike Kajabi, you do not have complete control over your page layout.

Still, Thinkfic is more user-friendly compared to Kajabi. It offers easy customization for the users and easy navigation of the course content by the students.

  • Built-In Mobile Application

Kajabi offers its users a free customized mobile application offering a user-friendly interface to its customers and course subscribers. Unfortunately, Thinkfic does not offer a mobile application.

That said, the Thinkfic website is mobile-friendly, as you can navigate it easily on cell phones.

  • Plugins and Integrations

Kajabi has all the possible course creation, marketing, and selling requirements integrated into its platform. It does not need any external plugins to be installed to access marketing, sales, or CRM features.

Kajabi also has integrated payment methods for easy transactions.

Thinkfic may require some additional plugins for additional features for sales and marketing purposes. These plugins are easy to install and can be smoothly integrated for a better customer experience.

In short, choosing between comes down to your target focus in terms of your business. If you are more focused on creating your content at a feasible price, choosing Thinkfic is better.

If you aim to grow your business and market your content, Kajabi has all the necessary tools to achieve your goal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Thinkfic better than Kajabi?

When it comes to services, both platforms offer top-quality user experience and provide a user-friendly interface, exceptional customer services, easy content creation, and management.

However, Thinkfic is more affordable than Kajabi regarding its service packages. In comparison, Kajabi holds more marketing and sales tools compared to Thinkfic.

2. How is Clickfunnels different from Kajabi?

Clickfunnels and Kajabi are both all-in-one platforms that offer their customers a quality user experience.

Kajabi is a business creating a platform with the necessary tools to help course creators create, promote, and manage their content with maximum ease. On the contrary, Clickfunnels is designed to help entrepreneurs generate leads and market their content more effectively to generate sales.

3. Do you need Kajabi along with Clickfunnels for your business?

Clickfunnels is a targeted platform for sales and marketing purposes. Therefore, the services offered by Clickfunnels are also limited.

If you are an online course creator looking to promote and sell your courses, you will need Kajabi in addition to Clickfunnels.

Therefore, it is better to choose an all in one platform like Kajabi instead of Clickfunnels so that you can easily manage, create and market your content with maximum ease.

4. Which one to choose for course creation: Kajabi or WordPress?

Even though WordPress provides sales and marketing tools to promote your content, choosing Kajabi for your course creation is most feasible.

Kajabi holds all the right features and the marketing tools to help you establish a successful business. Not only can you create your course content but easily manage and market it effectively via Kajabi’s hosted services. 

5. What is the difference between Kajabi and Podia?

Podia and Kajabi are two top-most competitive platforms for setting up online businesses. The main difference between Podia and Kajabi is their user experience, pricing, and scale.

Podia is user-friendly with affordable packages. It is most suitable for small-scale businesses.

On the contrary, Kajabi is a little more complicated than Podia and more expansive but is most suitable for larger business scales.

6. Can I use Kajabi services on WordPress?

Fortunately, Kajabi allows easy integration of the WordPress sites. You can also easily transition your site from WordPress to Kajabi.

If you only wish to use Kajabi’s marketing tools on your WordPress site, you can activate Kajabi’s digital marketing functions on your site.

7. Is Kajabi an SEO-friendly platform?

Yes. Kajabi utilizes the best SEO practices to help you rank your site on Google’s search engine. In addition, Kajabi offers various tools and features using which you can optimize your content to the maximum.

You can also contact Kajabi’s support and FAQ section to check out how you can improve your site’s SEO using Kajabi’s tools.

8. Is Kartra a feasible Kajabi alternative?

In terms of the features and services available, Kartra and Kajabi offer competitive tools to facilitate their users.

Compared to Kajabi, Karta provides 24/7 live chat support to its customers in addition to affordable pricing. However, in terms of feature variety and performance, Kajabi definitely outshines Kartra.

9. Do I have to buy hosting for Kajabi?

No. Kajabi is a hosted platform meaning it offers its own hosting services to its customers.

You do not have to buy additional hosting for Kajabi. In addition, Kajabi provides integrated payment gateways, landing pages, and email marketing without the need for external integration.

10. Can Kajabi host an external domain?

Yes. Using Kajabi, you can connect your custom domains.

The service offers you all the necessary packages to set up, migrate, or host your business.

One difference you should be aware of is that Kajabi is a domain host, not a domain provider. You will need a third-party service such as GoDaddy and Bluehost to purchase your domain.

Can You Really Find a Feasible Alternative to Kajabi?

Although there are many competitive Kajabi alternatives available in the market, these Kajabi alternative sites offer more affordable packages with services almost similar to Kajabi.

However, when it comes to performance and competence in providing an efficient website, effective marketing tools, and user-friendly management and CRM dashboards, no service beats Kajabi.

You can always choose your best feasible alternative Kajabi service depending upon your budget and business requirements from the list provided above. But, if you are aiming for a large-scale business operation, Kajabi is your best choice, where you will get to exchange money for value.

Uday Tank is a serial entrepreneur and content marketing leader. He has a wide variety of interests and enjoys writing, including marketing, productivity, business, health, diversity, and management.