Best VPN for Europe in 2023

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It’s no secret that online fraud and security concerns have become more prominent worldwide in recent years, and Europe is no exception. Also, while the continent doesn’t have a reputation for censorship, certain locations have certain restrictions for content due to copyright or licensing concerns.

Having the best VPN for Europe can provide you with a better online experience while safeguarding your data.

However, in determining the best Europe VPN for you, learning about the most recommended choices is essential. Let’s check out the features and other information about the VPN service providers listed below.

Top Seven VPN Services for Europe

A comparison of the most recommended VPN service providers for Europe.

The table above may help you which VPN to consider more quickly. However, it’s preferable to be aware of these VPNs’ notable advantages and drawbacks to ensure you’re making the right choice.

1. NordVPN

Source: PC Mag

When it comes to the most popular VPN service providers, very few can match the notoriety of NordVPN. It started developing its service in 2012 and soon became one of the most successful VPN companies.

NordVPN has accumulated over 14 million subscribers since its inception, a testament to its reputation as a reliable internet security provider.

Notable Features

Rated by various tech websites as the best Europe VPN, NordVPN has more than enough qualities that make it appealing to all users.

  • Top-Level Encryption

Skilled third parties can readily gain access to your network traffic through a variety of legal and illegal means. The easiest and most cost-efficient method of protecting your device against such action is using a VPN.

A VPN encrypts your data and masks your location and IP address, making it almost impossible for intruders to access or steal sensitive information.

NordVPN features AES with 256-bit keys, which top security organizations recommend for safeguarding confidential information.

AES is an encryption algorithm utilized by cybersecurity professionals, cryptography enthusiasts, and government agencies worldwide. As of yet, no effective attack is known to be capable of cracking this encryption.

  • No-log VPN Service

It’s critical to understand what type of logs your virtual private network provider retains to preserve your online privacy.

A no-log VPN collects NO traffic from its users that courses through its servers. This is no small feat because many countries in Europe require VPN providers to keep data for at least some time.

Real no-logs VPNs operate out of locations without data retention regulations, like Panama, to safeguard your online privacy. NordVPN claims it is the first major provider to have its VPN no-logs standards certified by independent specialists.

  • Automatic Kill Switch

A VPN Kill Switch protects you from using unsecured connections. Once your connection drops, the Kill Switch prevents your device from accessing the internet.

NordVPN features an Automatic Kill Switch, which you can turn off if you prefer to activate it manually. It will monitor your connection to a NordVPN server in real-time, monitoring any change in the IP address or status.

When you use Kill Switch, your internet traffic is more secured since it protects your sensitive data from exposure. This advanced security measure is also designed to restore your internet connection when the tunnel to a NordVPN server is reestablished.

  • Onion Over VPN

One of the most prominent features of NordVPN is the Onion Over VPN. It combines all of The Onion Router’s (TOR) benefits with a VPN tunnel for added security.

Onion servers are run entirely by volunteers, which means that anyone is allowed to create and operate them. Since there are little or no checks and balances for these processes, cybercriminals can set up compromised servers to monitor your online activities.

However, the Onion Over VPN works on the entry node to hide your actual IP address to safeguard your identity. Even if someone scans TOR servers consistently, they won’t retrieve anything useful.

Also, your internet service provider will be able to tell that you are using the Onion network if you do not utilize NordVPN. That is especially dangerous for journalists, activists, and bloggers working in less democratic nations.

For instance, Germany implemented a crackdown on online hate speech. This issue is tricky because the definition of hate speech is getting redefined constantly.


  • Fast, stable internet speed
  • Can bypass geo-locked content
  • Torrenting and P2P sharing compatible
  • 24/7 customer service


  • UI needs improvement
  • Initial setup can be confusing

2. Surfshark

Surfshark VPN
Source: Surfshark

Surfshark is a VPN provider situated in the British Virgin Islands founded in 2018. With over 3,200 private servers worldwide, the company continues to be one of the top options for encrypting web traffic.

Regimantas Urbanas, the Chief Marketing Officer, claimed that Surfshark reached a million paid subscribers in about 30 months. This growth has established the company as one of the fastest-rising VPN services in Europe and the rest of the world.

Notable Features

Surfshark is one of the top VPNs packed with numerous features aimed at providing protection, control, and accessibility for its customers.

  • Unlimited Devices

A Surfshark subscription allows you to download the app on an unlimited number of devices, a benefit that other VPNs won’t be offering anytime soon. The service provider claims it doesn’t enforce bandwidth restrictions.

A single subscription won’t impact the connection speed regardless of how many devices are used simultaneously.

With this setup, Surfshark encourages you to share your membership with family and loved ones. It’s also irrelevant what device and operating system you’re using.

In theory, you may significantly cut your VPN’s monthly fee if those who will use your subscription will chip in.

  • Split Tunneling

There are situations where you need to switch off the VPN for specific tasks. Still, there are data that you should always keep protected.

Split tunneling is the method used to cater to such scenarios. It allows you to encrypt specific data while leaving others exposed.

Surfshark includes the Bypasser, the software that allows you to route only a portion of your network traffic over the VPN while the remaining is running without encryption. You can control when to activate this feature.

For example, you’re using a Windows machine and observe that Netflix is buffering with the VPN. Simply enable split tunneling, and it will configure your connection as if the VPN is not activated.

  • MultiHop

MultiHop is one of the advantages offered by Surfshark that allows you to transit your traffic via many servers at the same time, boosting your online security to new heights. The majority of the time, these servers are in separate countries.

This gives you the option to connect to multiple countries’ servers simultaneously.

Let’s say you’re connected to a server in France, and you want to have a second VPN connection for additional safety. You may do so by using MultiHop to enable a VPN server in the US and then a second VPN server in the UK.

The more servers you use, it would be more challenging for intruders to track your activity. However, keep in mind that speed is affected if you opt to use multiple servers at the same time to cover your tracks.


  • Competitive monthly plans
  • Fast internet speeds for EU-based servers
  • Easy installation
  • Loaded with extra features


  • P2P connection could be better
  • Various functionality issues with Apple devices

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN VPN
Source: CNET

If you’re an avid listener of The Joe Rogan Experience or The Ben Shapiro Show, you are probably familiar with ExpressVPN. Its goal is to secure digital freedom and privacy as cybercriminals, corporations, and the government can exploit the vulnerabilities of our data to their advantage.

Technology entrepreneurs founded the company in 2009 and have amassed millions of users worldwide over the years.

According to its website, ExpressVPN has partnerships with big tech companies like Acer and HP.

Notable Features

ExpressVPN is among the most highly-rated VPN services for Europe because of its collection of valuable features.

  • TrustedServer

This VPN server technology by ExpressVPN is designed to deliver essential privacy protections.

It disables the operating system and programs from saving any data to your device’s hard disk.

The server makes use of RAM, which is a volatile memory component.

Since RAM needs the power to save data, all the information it collects on a server is erased each time the device shuts down. This technology prevents the data and malicious codes from remaining on the system once the machine is off.

TrustedServer also assures that ExpressVPN’s servers operate on the latest available software. When a server boots up, it activates the most recent read-only image that holds the software stack, operating system, and other essentials.

  • Private DNS

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a database that contains a listing of all websites and services. You may use DNS to get the IP address associated with it if you have a URL.

Anyone with a server can participate in the DNS. However, most users utilize a free service.

These are often provided by ISPs, content networks, advertisers, or volunteers.

Other VPN services are designed to secure your internet traffic, making your DNS requests unprotected.

ExpressVPN users won’t have to worry about this issue because the company operates an encrypted, private DNS on each VPN server.

Since the VPN service handles your DNS requests, exposure and vulnerabilities are almost non-existent.

There is no need to configure the ExpressVPN app manually because it automatically secures all DNS requests.

  • Lightway

ExpressVPN has a proprietary VPN protocol designed for speed, security, and reliability. Lightway is developed to consume fewer resources, making the service operate faster, use less battery power, and is more convenient to maintain and audit.

Lightway utilizes wolfSSL. It is a reputable cryptography library recognized and tested by independent third parties.

This protocol’s main codebase was open-sourced and accessible on GitHub, establishing its transparency.

It contains fewer than 2,000 lines of code, way less than other modern protocols like OpenVPN, making it simpler to audit and rectify errors.

You may also find that it consumes less battery power on your devices that can be a life-saver during travels.

  • Threat Manager

Popular browsers now have capabilities that restrict third parties from communicating with the websites you’re visiting, decreasing unauthorized data sharing.

Unfortunately, it’s not available to all browsers and won’t cover apps.

ExpressVPN’s Threat Manager is the solution to this issue. It restricts all applications and sites on your device from sending data to third parties known to monitor activities or engage in suspicious conduct.

This feature is automatically updated whenever there’s a new app version.


  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Wide payment options
  • High-speed servers
  • User-friendly interface


  • More expensive than other top VPNs
  • Constant updates can be cumbersome

4. IPVanish

IPVanish VPN
Source: PCMag

IPVanish is one of the popular VPN services in the market that claims an extensive server network with fast and dependable connectivity.

The service was launched in 2012 by Mudhook Marketing, a part of the Florida-based Highwinds Network Group.

IPVanish offers many apps and support for many devices and platforms.

Notable Features

With its collection of strong VPN essentials, IPVanish has managed to be a contender for the best VPN for Europe.

  • Server Configuration

There’s a Quick Connect option to ensure users have a more convenient experience. This allows you only to press a button, which will trigger the VPN to access the best available server and be operational immediately.

The Server List Map tab is intuitive to use because it displays the cities where servers are situated and the number of servers in each location.

IPVanish also provides a server status page to view each server, check active resources, and determine if performance is optimal.

Overall, this interface allows you to have an efficient time configuring the available servers of the VPN.

  • Deep Packet Inspection

Deep packet inspection is one of the methods used by ISPs to track your bandwidth usage and reduce your speed once the cap is exceeded.

This might cause your connection to slow down, making it less enjoyable or impossible to watch popular streaming services or play online games.

In worse cases, governments and corporations may also utilize it as a way to censor people who don’t align with their narrative.

When you connect to IPVanish, its top-notch security stops unwanted third parties from reviewing your network activities. You’ll have increased privacy and protection of your online data as deep packet inspection won’t be effective if the VPN is active.

  • VoIP VPN

Staying connected online using VoIP services has become more prominent as the corporate world has grown accustomed to remote work due to the recent pandemic.

In less democratic countries, firewalls are used to prohibit VoIP services completely as part of nationwide censorship protocols.

Also, do you know that most VoIP service providers charge higher rates for international calls, resulting in a higher bill?

Using IPVanish for VoIP can eliminate these potential inconveniences as its secure server network allows local connections worldwide.

Once connected to your chosen server, IPVanish encrypts your video and voice interactions, safeguarding you from unauthorized watchers and listeners.


  • Industry-standard encryption
  • Allows unlimited connections
  • TOR-compatible
  • Free SOCKS5 Web Proxy


  • Interface design needs improvement
  • Server stability is not ideal

5. PrivateVPN

Source: TechNadu

One of the popular VPN services based in Europe is PrivateVPN. The company boasts about getting 44 thousand of satisfactory remarks from its customers.

Notable Features

Despite not being as big as others, this VPN can match the more established VPNs in regards to features.

  • Connection Quality

PrivateVPN protects your data with military-grade 2048-bit encryption, providing some of the most secure and fast connections for private networks today.

You’ll be able to watch high-resolution videos, play MMO, and download stuff at breakneck rates, typically quicker than non-VPN connections.

  • Setup

Installing PrivateVPN in less than a minute is possible, regardless of your device. There’s no need to learn complex protocols or coding to enjoy private, secure internet use.

Once the download is completed, you are a few seconds away from activating the VPN to view geo-blocked content and other benefits.

  • Customer Service

Not all companies invest resources and effort in providing high-quality customer service. This is also true when it comes to VPN service providers.

You may encounter some VPNs eager to take the new customers’ money but will be less responsive to existing subscribers.

PrivateVPN ensures free remote help for about anything about the service. The company takes pride in NOT outsourcing its support team. In-house developers are the ones who will solve the issues directly.


  • Affordable plans
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Adjustable encryption
  • Advanced torrenting features


  • Kill switch is not available for all operating systems
  • A limited number of servers

6. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN
Source: Forbes

Founded in 2011, the Romania-based VPN CyberGhost is regarded as one of the leading internet privacy and security providers.

The company has over 70 IT specialists in Germany and Romania, with the former primarily in charge of software development.

Notable Features

CyberGhost strives to provide its customer base with user-friendly applications, secure VPN connections, and dependable service.

  • Windows Online Security

With the CyberGhost Security Suite for Windows, you can encrypt all of your devices with a single click. You may take advantage of its 4-in-1 privacy center, composed of the VPN service, Security Updater, Privacy Guard, and Antivirus.

The VPN uses world-class standards and AES 256-bit encryption to safeguard online activity. Browse the internet without worries, knowing that your ISP, advertisers, government agencies, and cybercriminals will not be able to access your data.

  • Free VPN Service Trial

VPN companies often have a “risk-free” trial of 30 days, in which customers will get charged immediately. Refunds will take place if they choose to cancel within the given period.

Some may find this setup less ideal because returning the payment could take time before it finalizes.

CyberGhost is different because it won’t ask for a credit card when you choose to try its services. You’ll have access to its premium-level features without restrictions, even on trial mode.

Furthermore, CyberGhost offers its services for a trial period of 45 days. This duration is longer than other top VPNs.

  • NoSpy Data Center

CyberGhost’s NoSpy servers can only be accessed, controlled, and operated by its internal team. As such, third-party exposure and interference are significantly reduced.

The servers utilize the latest in high-end technology that uses a dedicated uplink. Once linked, they provide significantly fast internet speeds than standard servers.


  • Consistent internet speeds
  • Budget-friendly plans
  • A large number of servers


  • Might not work in countries with high censorship
  • Limited payment choices

7. PureVPN

Source: PCMag

Like other popular VPN companies, PureVPN operates in the British Virgin Islands. Its mission is to deliver a transparent, secure, and affordable means to stay anonymous online.

PureVPN claims it has thousands of servers in more than 78 countries and has about three million customers.

Notable Features

With a decade of providing VPN services, the company offers a number of high-quality features to deliver online privacy and security.

  • Port Forwarding

PureVPN has developed a port forwarding add-on that allows specific internet traffic to bypass a firewall. Then, it will be able to access the programs and devices within the private network.

In short, this backend process forwards certain data from one port to another.

Having a port forwarding capability may not be critical to VPN users. However, convenient features like remote access to your home network can be useful to some.

  • DDoS Protection

The Distributed Denial of Service attack exploits the particular capacity limits that pertain to all network resources. This assault often targets any business or organization that relies on delivering internet services, like online retailers or live streamers.

If the attack is effective, the quality of service, such as internet speed and various web functions, is compromised.

PureVPN provides a DDoS-protected VPN service capable of withstanding even some of the most complex forms of DDoS attacks.

  • VPN on Demand

PureVPN has an iOS-only VPN on Demand feature that allows you to connect to any devices that run this operating system. You may manually access the domains you want to route through the VPN network, which provides a more personalized internet use.

For example, if VPN on Demand is set for, a VPN connection will activate as soon as you establish access to the website. All data are forwarded through the secure VPN tunnel for that website.


  • 31-day money-back guarantee
  • Fast download speeds
  • Dedicated platform support
  • Simple app interface


  • Limited access to geo-locked content
  • Connection issues

Effectively Safeguarding Your Online Data

Although Europe doesn’t enforce strict and dangerous internet censorship regulations like in China or Russia, it is still necessary to safeguard your online data.

Hackers and cybercriminals are operating worldwide, ready to exploit any weakness. Using a VPN is the most effective and cost-efficient approach to protect you from these malicious attacks.

Best VPN for Europe FAQS

1. Which countries in Europe block or restrict VPN services?

Three countries in Europe have strict regulations for VPN usage. Using such services in these countries can lead to legal troubles.

  • Belarus

This eastern European country banned anonymity software in 2016 under the directive of its president. Using TOR browser and VPN services became illegal because the government wanted to prevent its citizen from accessing the Darknet.

While the country has anti-censorship laws, most do not practice free speech because any criticism of the regime can lead to jail time.

  • Russia

VPNs are not welcomed in Russia since 2017 due to the bill signed by its President, Vladimir Putin. This should come as no surprise as the country has a long-standing reputation for authoritarian government.

Critics of the Putin regime claim that this restriction is another attempt to control the information and discourage dissent.

  • Turkey

The transcontinental country has a history of blocking platforms that may contain content categorized as “national security risks.” For example, giant social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are banned.

VPNs and the TOR browser are not allowed in Turkey, but it hasn’t stopped some from using them.

2. Is Double VPN safe?

While there are a couple of Double VPN types, the primary setup is consistent. It’s about using multiple servers to encrypt your sessions better.

The first connection is established between your device and the VPN. After that, a second encrypted tunnel is constructed using the first server.

A Double VPN is helpful in situations where total anonymity and security are required. However, you should know that it will cause your connection to be slower.

3. Can a VPN be compromised?

A VPN is a network of servers. In most circumstances, these servers will not keep data for an extended amount of time, making it more challenging to obtain.

Still, any server can theoretically be hacked, but it isn’t easy to do so.

Also, monitoring you will be tough because a VPN assigns a new IP address every session and routes your data on several servers. Even if an intruder obtains your IP address, it wouldn’t be the real one because it is concealed behind the VPN’s server.

4. Is using a VPN complicated?

A VPN is one of the most user-friendly internet security solutions available. Anyone comfortable with smartphones and computers can set up and use a VPN, thanks to the user-friendly UI.

Although the technical jargon companies are often used to entice new subscribers, they won’t matter much. If you’re a casual user who only wants to watch region-locked content, learning about protocols and DNS leak protection isn’t required.

5. Should you use a VPN for gaming?

Any game that requires an internet connection can benefit from using VPN to protect sensitive data and enhance your gaming experience.

VPN companies may make dramatic promises about lowering latency, allowing you to play geo-locked games, or early access to some promos.

Still, many attest that the main advantage of utilizing a VPN for gaming is masking your IP address to avoid DDoS assaults when playing MMOs. Having a faster connection is not guaranteed, as there are instances where optimal internet speeds are achievable without a VPN.

6. Is VPN more effective than Antivirus?

The primary function of an antivirus tool is to protect the device. It is programmed to detect and prevent malicious software from hijacking your device.

A decent antivirus program should be capable of detecting all types of malware, including keyloggers, trojans, adware, spyware, and others.

Similar to antivirus software, A VPN protects you from various online threats but in a different manner. This internet security software encrypts your traffic and redirects it through a remote server.

The user’s IP address, location, and sensitive data are concealed, making it almost impossible for anyone, even your ISP and government, to obtain.

Antivirus software protects you better from malicious programs, while VPNs secure your data from being discovered. They are intended to complement each other for maximum security.

7. Can you install a VPN on smart TVs?

Having your smart TV connected to a VPN can unlock a new world of content you wouldn’t get if you’re using a default connection. Most smart TVs don’t natively support VPNs as their operating systems are typically limited to streaming apps.

Most popular VPNs are designed for multiple devices, meaning you can easily set up your router to change the server according to your preference. Then, your smart TV will show the content available for the server location you picked.

It’s also important to choose a VPN service with no issues accessing geo-locked content.

8. Which is the best VPN for Europe?

With its industry-standard security features, exclusive P2P servers, high-speed streaming capabilities, and numerous European server locations, we pick NordVPN as the best Europe VPN. 

NordVPN has a plethora of security options that you may customize at your discretion. You’ll be more pleased if you have an extensive understanding of the technical aspects.

This VPN service is not shy about using the latest internet security resources to ensure optimal protection.

Even if you are not a techie, the default settings will be more than sufficient to safeguard your privacy and enjoy fast connections.

NordVPN shares a lot of similar qualities to other top VPN providers, but its collection of features and reasonably-priced monthly plans are hard to beat.

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