8 Best Voluum Alternative Software: Exchanging Value for Money

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Don’t we all want the best of the services and valuable output in exchange for the money we input in marketing our business?

In today’s digitally suave world with businesses thriving online, keeping a lookout on web analytics is equally important as marketing the business. After all, you would want organic traffic to keep visiting your site for maximum outreach and customer flow.

However, it is sometimes difficult to attract the desired traffic to grow your business, even after putting considerable investment into customer outreach. From online marketers to advertisers to digital and offline businesses, finding the best software to track the progress of marketing campaigns is nothing less than finding a needle in the hay.

At present, Voluum is the leading app across the globe in terms of digital advertising and tracking performance analytics, but is a bit costly. At this point, you might be wondering and asking, “How can I get premium features similar to Voluum but under a more affordable pricing point?”

Fret not; we have offered below a list of some of the best software that can work as a Voluum alternative. Several Voluum alternatives have been introduced in the market that can offer quicker turnouts and better features at affordable prices.

Best Voluum Alternatives

1. Jot URL – Best Alternative for Marketing Campaigns

One of the top Voluum alternatives that provide the best value for promoting digital marketing with full transparency is Jot URL.

Jot URL provides various features for digital marketers under one platform with the best pricing point. The software provides around 125 marketing tools to suit the customers’ needs.


Here are some of Jot URL’s features that help in assisting with digital marketing and detailed reports related to PPC tracking (Pay Per Click):

  • Jot URL offers to shorten links from the user’s domains.
  • Jot URL has a link rotation feature to allow users to point a single link to multiple URL points.
  • With Jot URL, you can have responsive landing pages with the availability of open graph parameters for easy customization.
  • CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons, as well as A/B testing, are also available for CTAs
  • Price points can also be customized according to your demands and needs.
  • Pixel tracking is also possible with Jot URL.

Compared to Voluum, which holds expansive price points, you can access almost similar features under a more reasonable price point with Jot URL. Given below are some of the major features offered by Jot URL:

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In a nutshell, Jot URL can provide you with customizable plans with competitive price points to assist you with affiliate marketing. However, the software lacks a cross-device conversion tracking feature, which can limit the marketing flexibility.

Pricing Plans

Two types of plans are available for the users to choose from depending on the cloud space they need.

Under the standard version, the pricing packages include:

Whereas, if you opt for the XL space with improved marketing strategies, the price packages offered by Jot URL are:

Image Source

Please note that Jot URL does not offer free versions, although a trial version is available.


  • Full SEO optimization
  • Short URLs
  • Landing page builder
  • Customs link writing is available


  • Links are only viable as long as the Jot URL server is active and working
  • Short URLs have the potential to appear fake and may jeopardize direct traffic

Perhaps one of the best Voluum tracker alternatives is LinkTrackr. The software offers its services in managing affiliate networks and affiliate tracking to provide the best value to its customers.

If you are aiming for the best software to run and manage affiliate marketing campaigns, LinkTrackr is the right option for you.


Some of the key features offered by the software include:

  • From providing short and catchy URLs for landing pages to cloaking the affiliate links, LinkTrackr offers the best value as an affiliate tracking software.
  • The software is easy to use with Google Analytics to monitor traffic data, traffic sources, and PPC tracking to keep a count of the organic traffic flow to the website.
  • Advanced Conversion tracking is possible using LinkTrackr.
  • Offers rotate links and split testing for landing pages
  • Generates custom URLs for custom domains

Pricing Plans

Who doesn’t like a customizable plan which can be modified according to the company’s requirements?

Here you get a big advantage since LinkTrackr does not have fixed price plans, but it offers the best value plan depending on the need and criteria of the business.

Some pricing plans offered upfront by the website include:


  • Direct uploading of sales commissions is possible
  • User-friendly interface
  • Affordable pricing
  • Can be integrated with Google analytics to generate traffic reports


  • Only suitable for small-scale businesses

3. PartnerStack – Best Alternative for Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

If you are looking for a platform to help you engage with affiliate networks, including business partners and firms, choosing PartnerStack is probably the wisest choice. The platform specializes in B2B SaaS services and a built-in payment automation system.

With this platform, the affiliate network can easily exchange detailed reports concerning affiliate sales, traffic reports, ad networks, and google analytics.


When it comes to finding Voluum substitutes for affiliate marketing, one of the important alternative Voluum keys is to look for software that allows multiuser access with major features for smooth affiliate marketing.

Under this domain, PartnerStock offers:

  • Email update to affiliated business
  • Custom links for individual users
  • Assists in Affiliate marketing campaigns and action tracking
  • Management of commissions and payouts


PartnerStock offers customized pricing plans for each business depending upon the company’s scale.

To get the quote for your business, all you need to do is provide the necessary information demanded by the service, and you will get your plan with the best value in no time.

Irrespective of the type of plan, all pricing plans include the following services:


  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Wide range of automated marketing services
  • Easy integration with Google Analytics


  • Lacks any explicit integrations
  • UI (User Interface) is not mobile-friendly

4. FunnelFlux Pro – Voluum Alternative to Conversion Tracking

FunnelFlux Pro is a reliable Voluum alternative to conversion tracking and digital marketing that offers the best value under a reasonable price point.

The software tracks marketing campaigns from every digital platform, from social media platforms to Google AdWords to email activities, including follow-up emails, and more. The platform also allows multiple users access to live-time Tracking, conversions, traffic sources, and direct traffic via google analytics.


  • FunnelFlux Pro cam is dubbed as a lead competitor of Voluum with its wide range of similar and advanced services for digital advertising and marketing.
  • Provides visual funnel support to allow marketers to run effective analytics of their ad campaigns.
  • Provides blazing fast redirects via redirect links
  • Allows limitless reporting, which can further be filtered under 20 different levels
  • Incorporates Next-gen JavaScript tracking to optimize privacy and data protection
  • JavaScript API to track the data directly with the software instead of needing any ISP in the URLs
  • S2S integration for data conversion on various digital platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook, and Snapchat.
  • Automatically optimize the data via direct integration.


FunnelFlex Pro offers 28-day risk-free trials with each pricing plan. You can cancel your subscription to the trial at any time without the risk of losing money. Three standard pricing plans offered by FunnelFlex Pro include:


  • Unrestricted Funnel sizes
  • A diverse range of services competitive with Voluum
  • Easy to integrate with multiple platforms


  • The price point is almost similar to Voluum
  • The cost of the service is decided per visitor to the site and not per event (conversion or click)

5.  AdsBridge – Voluum Alternative to Affiliate Marketing

Do you have a large enterprise with a number of campaigns but minimum time to manage these ventures?

There is nothing to worry for AdsBridge carries all the solutions to managing and organizing multiple campaigns under the best pricing plan. AdsBridge is suitable for all business types and carries some of the best features to facilitate large enterprises with affiliate marketing.


With its high scale DNS servers located in 7 different centers worldwide, AdsBridge holds the capacity to sustain heavy traffic with fast redirects in addition to offering a broad range of services to digital marketers.

  • Split testing to pair the best accurate elements for optimal results. You can create split tests with offers for landing pages, traffic paths, and LPs.
  • Incorporates a landing page builder to build landing pages for ad networks
  • Conversion tracking to supervise redirects, traffic reports, data analytics
  • PPC tracking to observe the effectiveness of digital and affiliate marketing campaigns
  • Tracking pixels to set up cookies on the website
  • Automated link tracking to evaluate Ad performance and direct traffic flow

Pricing Plan

A 14-day trial is available for the users to test the effectiveness of the software. Apart from the trial ($0) and Starter version ($299 per year), the pricing plan and incorporated features offered by AdsBridge include:


  • Fast redirect rate with large server capacity to control traffic
  • User-friendly console for easy integration
  • Offers data granularity


  • The Mobile version of the site is not user-friendly
  • Load speed is significantly low on mobile phones

6. ClickMagick – Voluum Tracker Alternative

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you have a plethora of data from affiliate networks, google analytics, CRMs, and conversion data from marketing apps, but there is no time to sort to make sense of it?

Well, in that situation, ClickMagick has you covered. The service brings all the data points under one domain to generate accurate marketing insights.


The software is also helpful in tracking useful data that can bring profitable clicks to the site. For online marketers and ad strategists, the tool is one of the best Voluum alternatives that offer automatically optimized services for better insights and outreach.

Here are some of them:

  • Tracks data conversions
  • Link tracker allows your data, as well as sales, funnel to be fully optimized
  • Cross-device Tracking is possible with strong data encryption to prevent a security breach
  • Real-time insights to establish campaign performance and outreach
  • Integrate google and Facebook algorithms for better outreach
  • Offers A/B split testing to compare performances for best results
  • Filters out bots to uphold the quality of traffic


Given the range of features provided by ClickMagick, the pricing plans offered by this domain are mind-blowingly feasible.

The website offers three different packages for its customers depending upon their needs and requirements. The pricing plans and corresponding features offered by ClickMagick include:


  • Provides accurate metrics and detailed reports
  • Compatible with Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and other SEO tools
  • User-friendly interface for a smooth customer experience


  • Some technical knowledge is needed
  • Not suitable for small-scale businesses
  • Need to have some prior grip on Google Analytics and other technical tools

7. LandingTrack – Voluum Alternative for Affiliate Tracking

LandingTrack is one of the leading automated software for affiliate tracking in the marketing industry.

The software offers you automatically optimized processes to manage your ad campaigns.

You do not have to keep a manual track of the Campaign. Instead, LandingTracks automates useful insights for you to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns critically.


This alternative has a lot to offer but here are some of the most notable ones that you need to keep in mind:

  • Automated Campaign for an all-media buying source to run, pop, redirect and push the campaigns
  • BOT blocker to restrict BOTS to maximize organic traffic
  • Mobile-friendly interface for easy Tracking and analytics
  • Real-time analytics to analyze the incoming traffic data
  • A/B split testing for activity comparisons and progress
  • API integration for affiliate networks
  • Multiuser access for an integrated workspace


Four different pricing plans are offered by LandingTrack software to suit the users’ needs. These four pricing plans include:


  • Automated campaign tracker
  • Easy to navigate
  • Regular updates are provided
  • Allows smart traffic control


  • Some features are still under development

8. Improvely – Voluum Alternative to Conversion Tracking

Improvely provides marketers a detailed control over conversion data and tracking links in addition to fraud monitoring.

The software can easily integrate with Google Analytics and Facebook ads to target a broad audience niche. It aims to track, test, and optimize your online marketing to provide you with a competitive user experience.


Here’s a quick look at what the software has to offer its users:

  • Improvely offers built-in optimization for a marketing campaign
  • Provides built fraud monitoring to block any suspicious activity
  • Offers affiliate marketing with a real-time metric dashboard to track the Campaign’s progress
  • Split testing to sketch comparisons to test the progress of the Campaign
  • Excel CSV support is also available with the program
  • Manages track links, landing pages, and affiliate network
  • Custom domains are available with multiple user interfaces


Four different pricing plans are available depending on the size of your business and the features requirements for your marketing campaign. The pricing plans offered by Improvely include:


  • User-friendly interface for all devices
  • Real-time data analytics to track the progress of the campaign
  • Split testing is available
  • Automated campaign tasks
  • Funnel support and funnel reports are available
  • You can export the data in CSV format to excel


  • Pricing plans are not cost-effective for large businesses
  • Improved feature integration is often costly

Rise Through the Challenge of Tough Competition

The business competition in virtual space is getting tougher and tougher by the day. Each agency wants to prominent itself among its competitors, so the right marketing strategy using the right tools is essential.

The only way for you to boost your sales, achieve maximum outreach and attract organic traffic to your platforms is by knowing the right methods using which you can achieve your goals.

What is the delay then? Seek the assistance of Voluum or any of the Voluum alternatives we reviewed, and get started with your marketing campaign using the right service that matches your need.  

FAQs About Voluum and Its Alternatives

Understandably, you still have some questions regarding Voluum and Voluum alternatives, making it challenging if any of the software is worth investing in. Let us help you make a more informed decision in choosing the best marketing software by answering some of the most common questions about Voluum and Voluum alternatives.

1. What Is Voluum?

Voluum is a cloud-based affiliate tracking software that offers its services to digital advertising agencies.

The services of Voluum are specialized according to the kind of ads that provide the best value to monitor, track and converse advertisement campaigns. The real-time analytics monitor allows you to keep track of your traffic data, while high-end encryption keeps your data secure and safe from any security breaches.

Voluum allows you to track, optimize, and automate your ads with a few clicks anytime and anywhere.

The pricing and software specifications of the Voluum are designed to suit your needs. You can visit the official platform of Voluum to find a suitable package for you to get started with your marketing campaign.

Limitations of Voluum

Despite being one of the most popular tracking tools available in the market, the software does come with certain limitations:

  • Voluum cannot perform cross-device Tracking.
  • Voluum is a costly software, especially for start-up companies that cannot afford to pay hundreds of dollars to access advanced marketing tools and features.
  • Voluum does not offer granular data and reporting.

2. Is Voluum worth the price point?

Voluum is a costly software that charges around $999 per month for a regular agency to avail fast-track marketing and integration services.

Given the credibility and performance effectiveness of the software, many top marketers recognize Voluum worth its price point.

It’s one of the best software for conversion tracking and affiliate marketing campaigns. It offers smooth functioning with real-time data analysis, link-rotation feature, PPC tracking, traffic reports, AI powdered optimization, and automated system optimization to make the advertising campaign smoother and easily manageable.

3. What is the best Voluum alternative for my company?

Since Voluum is a costly software, not all agencies have the budget to avail of the desired services.

Thankfully, there are several platforms available that can offer competitive Voluum alternatives at more affordable pricing. Some of the best Voluum alternatives include the ones on our list above. However, when deciding on your Voluum alternative, ensure that your chosen service caters to all your marketing and advertisement needs.

4. How to decide on the best Voluum alternative for my company?

The best way to choose your Voluum alternative is to jot down the size of your company and the types of services you need for your marketing.

For example, if your target focus is affiliate marketing, PartnerStack and AdsBridge are the most feasible options. If you intend to focus more on conversion tracking, you should aim for FunnelFlux Pro and Improvely.

Similarly, to avail a broad range of services for marketing and advertising campaigns, Jot URL and LinkTrackr are suitable options.

5. Do I have to pay to access the trails offered by Voluum alternative platforms?

Most platforms offer a free trial version for about 14 days or 28 days maximum. However, most of these platforms demand your bank details to get you started with the demo trails.

You can cancel your subscription at any point you wish before the trial period is over. Once you are finished with the trial period, the platforms charge you for their services according to the chosen pricing plan.

6. What are the top three features to look for while searching Voluum alternatives?

While looking for Voluum alternatives, the top three features that you must ensure that your target service provides include Tracking, Automation, and Optimization.

The tracking feature must include linking Tracking, conversion tracking, click Tracking, and tracking pixels in order to provide competitive data insights. On the other hand, automation features must include redirects, a campaign tracker, a BOT blocker, and API integration for easy data management.

Lastly, optimization features must include auto-optimization of the Campaign and SEO analytics in addition to Google Analytics to track the campaign’s effectiveness.

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