Best Scheduling Software for a More Efficient Business Operations in 2022

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The business industry features a never-ending flow of events, appointments, and schedules. More than anything, these processes are vital activities that will determine your company’s success.

Whether you have a big or small business, your team needs an effective scheduling process to manage its tasks better. However, preparing schedules to meet business and employee needs can take too much of your time if done manually.

This is where the best scheduling software comes in.

There’s no doubt you will find plenty of options to consider, so finding the right one can be taxing. To help with your search, we looked at several scheduling tools and narrowed them down to the top 17.

Best Scheduling Software in 2022

Managing schedules is a challenge for any company, but using a centralized platform will make it easier for all.

A schedule software is a tool that automates and organizes a company’s workflow. It helps them manage appointments, simplify tracking employee schedules, process online bookings, and more. Even better, some scheduling programs come with mobile app functionality, making it more convenient for everyone.

Here is a quick glimpse of the best scheduling apps to help you decide which one will work for your business:

Scheduling SoftwareStarting PriceAnnual DiscountPromotion
Squarespace Scheduling$14 per monthUp to 10% savings7-day free trial
SimplyBook.meFree plan$8.25 per monthUp to 17% savings14-day free trial
Bitrix24Free plan$39 per monthUp to 20% savingsNone
SetmoreFree plan$5 per monthUp to 58% savings30-day money-back guarantee
Clockify$3.99Up to 20% savingsNone
Monday.comFree plan$8 per seat per monthUp to 18%None
Deputy$3.50 per user per monthUp to 14% savings30-day free trial
Nowsta$3 per user per monthNoneNone
Resource Guru$2.50 per user per monthTwo months free if you get the annual subscription30-day free trial
CalendlyFree plan
$8 per seat per month
Up to 20% savings14-day free trial
WixFree plan
$22 per month
AppointyFree plan
Up to 33% savings14-day free trial
Doodle$6.95 per user per monthNone14-day free trial
Square Appointments$50 per monthNone30-day free trial
CalendarHeroFree plan
$8 per month
None14-day free trial
Synchroteam$24 per monthUp to 22% savings14-day free trial
10to8Free plan
$9.60 per month
Up to 20% savings30-day free trial

Best Scheduling Software Reviews

There are many scheduling tools out there, each with a different set of features and pricing. If that’s the case, how do you know which one meets your needs? Here are reviews of our favorites for you to consider:

1. Squarespace Scheduling

Squarespace Scheduling
Image Source

Squarespace Scheduling is an appointment scheduling software that works 24/7 as your online assistant and handles calendar management. With the platform’s customized booking pages, customers can view your available schedule in real-time and book appointments accordingly.

Key Features

Squarespace Scheduling has a user-friendly interface that allows you to control your availability in multiple locations. For added flexibility, this schedule software lets you manage the calendar you want to show your clients.

This appointment scheduling software is more than just a scheduling tool. It can easily sync your calendar, reducing no-shows from clients. On top of that, organizing your schedule has never been easy with Squarespace Scheduling’s auto-adjustment feature for different time zones.

It is the best scheduling software for organizing your client’s information, which you’ll get after they fill out some forms on the booking page. Moreover, you can accept payments through safe portals like PayPal, Stripe, or Square, and rest assured with the knowledge that your client’s information is secure.

What’s more, this appointment scheduling software lets you customize everything according to your brand. It even boasts video conferencing integrations so you can meet your clients anywhere and share your calendar through different platforms.


Squarespace Scheduling offers effective plans with simple monthly or yearly subscription prices. All paid plans come with an award-winning customer service team, ensuring expert assistance for all your concerns.

The plans come in three categories, each with different amounts and features. It also offers a seven-day free trial, allowing you to test the platform before subscribing.

Image Source is an online booking system suitable for all service-based businesses. In addition to its key features, it offers customized pages packed with expert booking solutions.

Key Features

Like Squarespace Scheduling, this scheduling software allows you to accept online bookings 24/7 through different channels, including various social media platforms, via a “Book Now” button. Also, you can reduce double bookings or no-show issues by offering video meetings or efficiently making schedules ideal for multiple locations.

Its marketing and sales features let you attract new clients and sell more products and services to current ones. As for retaining loyal clients, you can make them feel valued by offering coupons, gift cards, and a loyalty system.

Sustain your business with the software’s business and client management tool. In addition, its admin app allows you to keep an eye on your booking calendar. It lets you manage your employees and services, while the POS app assists with deposits and daily sales.

With the website and widgets apps, you can easily design and customize a unique booking page and integrated widget. All in all, you will find that is an online scheduling tool that offers powerful integrations for your booking system, payment providers, or business apps.

Pricing offers a free 14-day trial period that includes 50 bookings, most of the software’s custom features, and a personal website. You can get a 17% discount if you buy the yearly subscription from the paid choices instead of the regular monthly plans.

3. Bitrix24

Image Source

Bitrix24 is a free appointment scheduling software you can set up according to your company’s needs. Its HR and automation tool includes online time tracking, automated workflows, and intuitive people data and analytics.

Unlike other platforms, it has a user-friendly interface and various automation tools so that you can focus on more critical tasks.

Key Features

This online appointment scheduling software lets you collaborate with your team and clients through HD conferences, video calls, private and group chats, and time tracking. Also, you will get access to its CRM tool, including client management, marketing automation, and customer support.

The platform comes with business tool integrations, eliminating the need to use third-party apps. Moreover, unlike other free versions with limitations, it offers multiple views for appointments.

Once you have set up printable Gantt charts, you will be able to see organized appointments for the day, week, or month. It is a helpful setting for when you need a quick appointment slot. You can also use customizable Kanban boards for better visual project management.

Bitrix24’s contact center offers quick and efficient communication via telephone, live chats, and contact forms. The software also has a website builder using templates, allowing you to make professional-looking landing pages and online stores.


Regarding pricing, you can register for the free version or upgrade to a paid plan, available in three categories. You can save up to 20% if you buy an annual plan instead of a monthly subscription.

4. Setmore

Image Source

Setmore is the best scheduling software for small business because of its excellent setup wizard ideal for non-technical users.

With Setmore, you can personalize your booking page and allow your customers to book their appointments at any time. Its website plugin also lets you display your booking page on your site or social media platforms through QR code scanning.

Key Features

Setmore makes it possible for you to showcase your availability and services on any device in your all-in-one calendar. Even better, you can display top-notch customer reviews to attract more clients.

Since virtual meetings are all the rage today, Setmore offers video meeting integrations for everyone’s convenience. Moreover, your clients can have peace of mind in providing their credit or debit card information through secure online payment integrations via Square, PayPal, or Stripe.

After completing the booking process, Setmore will send automatic confirmations to your clients. They will also receive automated email and text reminders regarding the appointment schedule to prevent no-shows.

For loyal and VIP clients, Setmore helps them book recurring appointments at their most convenient time through online scheduling. On the other hand, it’s also possible to host group events for multiple customers by enabling class booking.

Another reason to use Setmore is its calendar-sync integrations. With these, you can access your calendar and manage your schedule across multiple devices, thanks to its desktop, iOS, and Android mobile apps.

Setmore lets you create lasting connections with your clients through personalized interactions via its social media integrations. You can also connect your booking page to your site using Setmore’s website integrations and by adding a personalized “Book Now” button.


Explore Setmore’s free version and experience the benefits of using the best appointment scheduling software for small businesses and other industries. You can also upgrade to a Premium or Pro plan for more personalized and comprehensive appointment scheduling solutions.

5. Clockify

Image Source

If you are looking for the best employee scheduling software, check out the easy-to-use features of Clockify. It is one of the top scheduling software products today and is the perfect free time tracking solution and timesheet app for teams.

Key Features

Clockify offers impressive timekeeping, reporting, and management features, making it a popular free employee scheduling software. Under Timekeeping, you will find the time tracker so that you can mark your billable hours. Then, record your weekly activities quickly using the app’s timesheet.

The Kiosk is a shared device where employees can sign in using a personal code and track their work hours. You can also visualize your daily scheduled meetings and appointments with Clockify’s calendar management tool you can connect to Outlook or Google Calendar.

Automated reminders make tracking time easier through Clockify’s desktop and mobile apps. If that’s not enough, you can connect your Clockify scheduling software to third-party apps for better workforce management.

The dashboard falls under the Reporting feature, where you can see an overview of how the team is doing with a project. You can also break down, share, or download all these reports anytime you need the information.

Clockify makes it easy to monitor each team member’s activity, see places they have visited, and the time they have spent at one site. The app screenshots what you are working on while the tracker is running, with an option to delete sensitive information. Regarding projects, you can categorize each task depending on job types and rates of hourly employees.

The Management feature allows you to add unlimited users, grouping them by teams. Proper planning and scheduling will help you visualize a project and assign tasks accordingly.

You can also use this feature to track and manage your team’s time off requests and holidays and officially approve them. Lastly, it keeps an organized record of all your expenses to make it easier to issue an invoice, even without the best invoicing software.


You can upgrade to any of Clockify’s four affordable plans if you want additional features from this scheduling software. Like with others, you will get extra savings if you pay for a yearly subscription instead of a monthly plan.

Image Source is the best scheduling software for small businesses, helping you plan, organize, and manage your team ahead of time. It is built for a modern working style where you can add tasks to individual projects and set due dates while looking at all the data.

Key Features

Make decisions with confidence with’s collaborative dashboard. It is a comprehensive management software that gives you a bird’s eye view of your business at a glance.

The platform’s code-free automation can eliminate repetitive work, make your team efficient, and help you save time. Moreover, you can easily set up the Kanban software for a fully scalable and customizable employee scheduling solution.’s Files tool allows live annotations, updates, time-saving plugins, digital asset management, tailored workflows, and secure file storage. For better productivity, you can organize your favorite tools in one place through’s integrations.

Plan, execute, and keep an eye on your projects using the flexible platform’s Gantt charts.’s Workdocs tool lets you connect and collaborate your ideas and workflows for a more straightforward execution.


You can start with the unlimited free version of the scheduling tool, ideal for individual users wanting to track their projects. lets you choose a paid plan from the four subscription options based on your needs and preferences.

7. Deputy

Image Source

Deputy is a special workforce management software that lets you create schedules fast.

Using this leading scheduling software, you can reduce labor costs and save valuable time from creating your employee’s timetables. What’s more, you can easily integrate third-party apps and make workforce management easier.

Key Features

Deputy tracks time accurately, simplifies wage and hour compliance, and calculates pay automatically. Its easy-to-use time clock app also records time on shift, verifies time and attendance, and checks employee wellness pre-shift through facial recognition and voice commands.

The best thing to love about Deputy is its mobile app, which lets you stay connected with your team so that you never miss out on anything, even while on the go. Furthermore, the app’s labor compliance tools will help protect your business by observing scheduled breaks, fair workweek, and other labor laws.


Deputy offers a free trial for 31 days without asking for your credit card information. Even without asking for anything, you will get 24/7 support. After the free trail, you can then easily upgrade to Deputy’s Premium plan.

8. Nowsta

Image Source

Nowsta is an employee scheduling tool that simplifies the workflow of all business scales and industries. It optimizes the field service management, payroll process, shift management, and time tracking, making it ideal for hourly employees.

Key Features

Nowsta makes it easier for employers to handle workforce management. The platform offers AI-powered scheduling, cross-platform messaging, intelligent time-tracking, and real-time notifications.

Interestingly, it also serves as a virtual bank account for employees. How so? It is a digital paycheck and savings account that can receive instant wages and payroll integrations.

What makes Nowsta stand out is that it supports automated workflows. It centralizes requisitions, manages existing workers, and provides comprehensive labor analytics and sources via its built-in agency network.


You can choose from three pricing plans Nowsta offers, which are available as monthly or yearly subscriptions.

9. Resource Guru

Resource Guru
Image Source

The next platform is one of the best resource scheduling software you can find on the market. Resource Guru lets you book and reschedule through its calendar feature. On top of that, you can do all of these easily using its drag and drop scheduling tool.

Key Features

As a straightforward resource scheduling management software, Resource Guru makes it quick and easy to master how you manage your team’s time. Unlike other resource scheduling software, you won’t have a hard time ensuring no one is overloaded with too many tasks.

Resource Guru is more than just your average resource management software. It is also a leave management tool you can use to make the right decision regarding your employee’s leave and time off.

The app makes project scheduling based on your team’s availability a walk in the park. What’s more, it comes with an equipment management tool to give you an overview of your company’s equipment in one calendar.

Besides schedules, Resource Guru has an excellent meeting room system to ensure there are no double bookings. You will know the availability of your people and decide if the team is capable of handling a new project.

To be better prepared to use your resources and plan your team’s capability, Resource Guru offers project forecasting reports. It also boasts practical integrations so that you can easily connect Zapier, Google Calendar, and other tools for synchronicity and automation.


Resource Guru offers a 30-day free trial, allowing you to experience its features before paying anything. You can cancel or subscribe to the free version without charge. The paid plans are available in three categories, and you can get two months of free subscription if you opt for an annual plan.

10. Calendly

Image Source

With its many features, there’s no doubt that Calendly is an excellent choice for managing appointments. It has an easy-to-use platform, providing the functionalities required to simplify the booking process.

Key Features

With Calendly’s easy scheduling process, you can plan meetings efficiently and effortlessly. It lets you customize your availability preferences and get booked faster on your terms. Even better, using the platform’s smart time zone detection, you will never have to experience schedule conflicts again.

If you think real-time team scheduling is what your business needs, Calendly has got you covered. It allows invitees to choose from your options and will then do the rest so that you don’t have to.

Instead, invitees or website visitors will answer questions via Calendly’s routing forms. Then, the program will forward the information to the right resource or person.

By adding Calendly to your site, you’d be able to schedule appointments faster and easier. Its workflows will automate your communications with everyone involved, not only before meetings but also after.

Every Calendly user can make up to six calendar connections to ensure an automated scheduling process. You’d also be able to create meeting pools so that the participants can find a convenient time for everyone before finalizing the schedule.

The best part is that you can stay on top of everything using your preferred device. This is thanks to the fact that there are more than 70 Calendly native integrations you can take advantage of.


Calendly offers a 14-day free trial where you can test its core features, but you can opt for the free plan if you only need the basics. There are several paid plans available, depending on your business needs.

11. Wix

Image Source

Wix is a web development platform created by an Israeli software company, Ltd. It is publicly listed in the United States, providing free web development services. Start increasing your sales straight from your website through the platform’s cloud-based scheduling solution.

Key Features

Wix helps you build and design high-quality websites to promote your business, start a blog, showcase your talent, or open an online store. As you can imagine, building a solid online presence with the help of Wix is easy.

To begin, you simply need to choose a template and start customizing your website. There are over 500 professional and customizable templates you can choose from. You can also add advanced features like scheduling online bookings.

Wix has its own online scheduling software called Wix Bookings. Using this tool, your clients will be able to book appointments and send payments online.


Wix Premium Plans come in two varieties: website and business and e-commerce plans.

The Website plan has four options in varying prices and features suitable for showcasing your professional website. On the other hand, the Business and E-commerce plans have three options with different prices and features, allowing you to accept payments online.

All plans include free hosting, excellent support, unlimited pages, and SSL encryption for secure online payments.

12. Appointy

Image Source

If you rely on social media platforms for your business, Appointy is the right scheduling software for you. Through this platform, you can create a customized booking page or an automated scheduling solution for your business.

Appointy offers excellent customer support in various ways: email, live chat, and phone support. Even better, you can expect to get a response within one to five hours.

Key Features

Appointy is not just about scheduling meetings; it can also schedule appointments, classes, or consultations. One of the many ways it can help your business is that it lets you convert your Facebook account or website into a booking page. It can add a table on your social media page for clients and visitors to book a meeting schedule online.

Another thing to love about it is its Appointy widget, which you can integrate into your website. If you don’t have one, the platform provides a sub-domain for your booking page.

Moreover, Appointy offers flexible business hour settings to accommodate clients from different time zones. This means you can run your business from anywhere using any device, especially with Appointy’s mobile apps, complete with a functional admin console.

To increase the team’s productivity and minimize no-shows and cancellations, the software sends automated reminders to clients before an appointment. It also allows you to ask clients for a pre-payment.

If you need more help attracting new customers, you will find Appointy’s built-in marketing tools useful. These include social promotion and email marketing, as well as deals and discounts you can give new clients. Finally, use the app’s CRM tools to retain customers by grouping them automatically and storing their history for future use.


Appointy offers simple and transparent pricing plans. However, if you’re unsure of its features yet, you can use the free version with limited services. To decide if you want any of its paid plans, you can test the waters with a 14-day free trial, which you can cancel at any time without obligations.

13. Doodle

Image Source

Doodle is one of the best appointment scheduling apps for busy professionals. Using this app is the easiest and quickest way to schedule meetings and more.

Key Features

To start, you can set your available hours on Doodle’s Booking Page tool and share the link with your clients. They can then pick the appointment time depending on their availability.

Regardless of the type of business you run, you will find Doodle’s One-on-One tool a practical solution to scheduling meetings. This one-time invite allows you to show your available times to a select few. Once they choose a meeting schedule, Doodle will do the rest to see that the appointment pushes through.

When it comes to scheduling a meeting with multiple people, you can use Doodle’s Group Polls. You can also take advantage of the app’s integrations so that you and your team can complete all assigned tasks more efficiently.


Doodle doesn’t have a free plan but offers a 14-day free trial if you want to test its features before paying for a subscription. Regarding its paid plans, Doodle has three categories, starting with the most popular one for single users. 

14. Square Appointments

Square Appointments
Image Source

The Square Appointments platform is one of the best appointment scheduling apps on the market, especially for health and wellness businesses. Once solely a booking and scheduling software, it now offers a fully functional POS or point-of-sale system.

Key Features

Square Appointments offers appointment widgets and booking buttons you can embed on your website. If you don’t have one, it will help you set up a free booking website complete with calendars, cancellation policies, pricing, staff bios, and your services.

Many businesses love this online appointment scheduling tool because it works on different devices and platforms.

Aside from its excellent sync functionality, you can also take advantage of the Square Assistant. This tool lets you book different services at the same time and reschedule appointments through digital chat. Even better, its prices, services, and schedules update automatically across different channels.

What makes Square Appointment a good scheduling software is that it helps boost customer satisfaction by sending personalized messages. It automatically sends texts and email confirmations and reminders to clients regarding their scheduled appointments.


Square Appointments offer a free trial for single users and a 30-day free version for the paid plans. You can start from the $50-per-month subscription and enjoy the perks of the platform.

15. CalendarHero

Image Source

If you are looking for the best appointment scheduling app, consider CalendarHero. It is designed to make it easier for businesses to book, keep track of meetings, and organize their team’s schedules.

Key Features

CalendarHero offers automated scheduling for one-on-one, group, or video meetings. It also makes meeting preparations easy by creating customized templates with different settings for various appointment types.

CalendarHero’s smart time settings detect time zones automatically. It will also allow you to set buffers or add minimum notice before anyone can book a meeting. It also syncs unlimited calendars to your account to eliminate double-booking. It works with Exchange, iCloud, Google Calendar, Outlook, and Office 365.

To monitor upcoming appointments, this app allows you to gather participant insights and have daily meeting briefings. You can also add your preferred ATS or CRM software to your CalendarHero account to safeguard your client’s data.

As you probably already know, no-shows are a big problem for any business. CalendarHero addresses this issue by sending automated reminders and notifications to attendees. 


Improve your meeting workflow and bring efficiency to your day with the best appointment scheduling app, CalendarHero. You can start with the basic plan for free or begin with a 14-day free trial of the Professional plan before subscribing.

16. Synchroteam

Image Source

Synchroteam is a trusted field service management app that promises to provide excellent scheduling solutions. It comes with a calendar, CRM, dispatch, invoicing, job management, maps, reporting, scheduling, and tracking features.

Key Features

With Synchroteam’s Schedule & Dispatch tool, you can easily drag and drop tasks according to availability, location, and skills. More importantly, you’d be able to know where everyone is and their projected routes through the Mapping & GPS Tracking tool.

The Online Booking tool helps simplify and organize your business by creating a personalized booking page you can share with your clients. What’s more, it will help you organize your jobs using the Job Management tool and make searching easier and faster.

Another one of Synchroteam’s useful features is the Time Tracking tool, allowing you to monitor your staff’s regular and overtime hours. The app’s field service CRM is designed for this type of industry, complete with information about customers, site, and equipment.

The Contract Management tool makes it easier to manage field service maintenance contracts efficiently and straightforwardly.

You can then track parts inventory from depots to vehicles using the app’s Inventory Management tool. With this tool, you’d be able to define pricing, set minimum quantity alerts, transfer components, track serial numbers, and more.

Using Synchroteam’s customization options, there’s no doubt you’d be able to let your brand’s unique qualities shine through. For instance, the platform makes it possible to keep in touch with your field staff through its mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android users.

What’s more, you will be able to easily automate a lot of your business processes by connecting your account to over 2,000 online apps using Zapier.


Synchroteam offers a straightforward monthly or yearly subscription pricing plan with a 14-day free trial.

17. 10to8

Image Source

10to8 is not just your typical scheduling software. It is packed with features and solutions that fit every business. It offers a reliable 24/7 appointment booking system, allowing clients to book, cancel, or reschedule their appointments anytime.

Key Features

To help eliminate double bookings and missed appointments, 10to8 offers a live two-way calendar sync to combine multiple schedules. It also sends email, SMS, and voice reminders to reduce no-shows.

As a modern online booking platform, you can use 10to8 to book an appointment anywhere online. All you have to do is add the widget to your site or your Facebook page. It supports flexible availability in different locations; you just need to set up your preferred working hours.

The platform also makes communicating and collaborating with your team members and clients easy. Through app integrations, you can link your favorite apps to 10to8 without any hassle. Plus, it has reporting tools that show what’s going on in your business in real-time, its forecast growth, and future plans.


10to8 offers multiple pricing options, starting with a free plan with limited features. You can also opt for the paid plans with a free trial.

What’s the Best Scheduling Software?

The best scheduling software helps users save time and effort through efficient and reliable workflows. It helps increase customer engagement, improve resource and project management, and simplify business operations.

As for the best scheduling software, we choose Calendly because its intuitive user interface is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform will help improve the quality of your service and increase your sales while saving you money simultaneously.

Moreover, Calendly helps eliminate the manual processing of scheduling appointments, interviews, demos, calls, and more.

Scheduling Software FAQs

1. Why should I use scheduling software?

Back in the day, businesses hired different people to handle day-to-day tasks like daily scheduling, equipment tracking, and meeting appointments. By using a scheduling app, you can save time, effort, and money. You’d be able to easily keep the entire team on the same page, as well as track their availability and your other resources.

These scheduling tools also make it easier to allocate resources according to your work priorities and business needs. Conversely, employees can make the necessary adjustments to their plans and prioritize professional commitments.

2. How to choose the best scheduling software for my business?

Choosing the right scheduling software as a service depends on your business size and needs. Here are some guidelines you might want to check:

  • Individuals

You can use a free version with limited features if you are a single entrepreneur who only wants to organize things in your business. These features would be enough to operate your business with better efficiency.

  • Small and Medium Enterprise

A typical SME would have 70 to 80 employees working in different business areas on a specific niche. Service-providing businesses, such as a salon or a clinic, should look for appointment scheduling software to help them with online bookings and appointments.

In the same way, a medium-sized business should look for a scheduling app with features like time clock management, resource scheduling, and shift management.

  • Large Corporations

Automation is vital for large companies operating in multiple areas with employees in different locations. Large organizations must look for a modular suite that will let them choose the right one based on their business needs.

For example, some firms need a field service management tool for tracking vehicle routes. Others require a shift management feature to help them choose the right person for a specific task.

3. How much should I spend on a scheduling app?

Most scheduling software apps have free trials or a completely free version. These options give you the chance to test the product. Typically, these free programs come with limited features, but you can still get a feel of the software if it fits your needs.

The amount you need to spend on one depends on what features come with the plan. If you are only starting, go for the lowest rate.

Most paid plans are priced per user or year, while others depend on the number of features included per category. Just make sure to choose a plan within your budget that still offers value for your money.

4. Will the client benefit from using scheduling software?

Having scheduling software is beneficial for both the business and the clients. Customers can make an online booking through the link typically found on your site or any other place where you can place it.

Also, most scheduling apps send automated reminders to your clients about the appointment, preventing no-shows or cancellations.

5. Is my data safe?

Most scheduling software solutions are serious about protecting their clients’ information, especially the premium apps. Unfortunately, not every free scheduling software can invest and offer the same protection to their clients.

Thus, reviewing an app’s security and privacy rules is best before providing your information.

6. What are the standard features of a typical scheduling software?

Although there are plenty of scheduling tools on the market, they have standard features to offer at the end of the day.

  • Automated scheduling is the first feature you will find in every scheduling software. Here, the system will review the availability of the resource.
  • Calendar management is the next feature found in every scheduling software. It allows users to create and manage schedules through multiple calendars.
  • Group scheduling is another feature that can help your clients automatically find an available date and time for a meeting across multiple calendars.
  • With the online booking option, your clients can make appointments online via booking portals, kiosks, or a mobile device.

Lastly, a real-time scheduling feature is common in most scheduling apps, allowing users to book an appointment based on the currently available slot.

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