10 Best NFT Marketplaces for Sellers and Buyers of 2023

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Is the NFT craze starting to dawn on you? Have you been interested in purchasing or selling one but are overwhelmed by the number of marketplaces available?

As the world continues to lean more toward digitalization, more and more people are investing their money, time, and effort in a digital asset. Fortunately, you will find many NFT marketplaces whether you are an aspiring NFT collector or want to sell non fungible tokens or NFT assets.

What is best NFT marketplace? To help you know more, allow us to introduce our picks for the top NFT marketplaces for sellers, creators, and buyers. We will also answer some of the most common questions about NFT marketplaces so that you can end up with the right NFT marketplace for your needs.

An Overview of the Best NFT Marketplaces

Here’s a quick summary of the most important details about each of the best NFT marketplaces we will discuss in detail below.

NFT PlatformsProducts SupportedBlockchain TechnologyCharges
Nifty GatewayVisual ArtsEthereumService: 5%
Secondary Sales Commission: 10% (Artist)
SuperRareVisual ArtsEthereumCommission: 3%
Async ArtVisual ArtsProtean Art (Music)EthereumPrimary Sales Commission: 10%
Secondary Sales Commission: 1% (Async); 10% (Artist)
MakersPlaceCommercial artsFine artsEthereumCommission: 15%
Credit card transaction fee
Gas fee: 50 to 100 USD
BinanceMultipleEthereumBinance Smart ChainTransaction: 1%
Gas: $2
OpenSeaMultipleEthereumKlatynPolygonLazy minting + 2.5% gas fee for each sale
RaribleArtsGamesPhotosEthereumFlowTezosCommission: 2.5%
Transaction: 2.5%
Gas: Varies
MintableMultipleEthereumGas: Varies
Everyday Items: 2.5%
Gasless Items: 5%
Printable Items: 10%
DraftKingsGame collectiblesEthereumPolygonInitial creator’s Royalty: 10%
Transaction: 5%
Gas: Varies
SorareDigital football cardsEthereumTransaction: 10%
Gas: Varies
Conversion (Flat to ETH): Varies

10 Best NFT Marketplaces List

For your convenience, we categorized our list into three: Top NFT Art Marketplaces, Largest NFT Marketplaces, and Top NFT Marketplaces for Game Lovers.

The first category includes marketplaces that focus on arts, while the second contains marketplaces where you can find a variety of NFT products. Lastly, the third one has NFTs related to popular sports.

The marketplaces in each category or list follow certain rules and guidelines to ensure buyers or collectors only access quality and authentic artworks. They also have secure and safe payment systems to protect your personal and financial information.

Top NFT Art Marketplaces

Visual arts are among the most popular NFts you’ll find today, but there are other types of arts you might be interested in collecting, creating, or selling. Thus, let’s start our list with marketplaces that exclusively cater to digital arts and artists.

1. Nifty Gateway – Best NFT Marketplace for Curated Drops

If you want to purchase digital assets you can own for as long as you want, even if the store closes, Nifty Gateway is the best online marketplace for you. Likewise, if you plan to sell or are already selling digital art projects, this platform is a perfect choice.


Nifty Gateway is famous because it has sold some of the most expensive NFT collections, such as The Merge by Pak and Crossroads by Beeple. It also collaborates with top brands and artists to create high-quality, exclusive digital assets.

The Nifty Gateway NFT collections are divided into two categories:

  • Curated Drops: These are hand-picked NFT collections the creators themselves sell and are available for a limited period. However, you may buy them from other Nifty Gateway users on the secondary NFT marketplace.
  • Verified Drops: These NFT collections aren’t hand-picked by the Nifty Gateway team of experts. Even so, they are still verified to ensure those claiming they are the digital creators are the true owners. To do so, they should meet the basic smart and legal contract standards.

Another feature that makes Nifty Gateway one of the leading NFT marketplaces is that they are powered by state-of-the-art Gemini custody technology. Thus, every NFT sold on the platform gets stored securely. You also won’t need to connect your crypto wallet.

  • Accepts US credit and debit cards
  • Limited Open Editions
  • Offers technical assistance
  • Highly secure platform
  • High fees
  • Mostly celebrity NFTs
  • Lacks affiliate programs

2. SuperRare – Best Marketplace for “Super Rare” and Interesting NFT Arts

Although SuperRare is art-focused like Nifty Gateway, this NFT marketplace offers rare finds or artworks exclusively, perfect for collectors.

It has some of the most stringent rules and guidelines for accepting artists on the platform. Hence, it’s the ideal marketplace for a highly experienced and serious NFT creator who doesn’t want too much competition.


The platform looks like a real high-end gallery filled with highly curated, interesting art pieces. You’ll usually find meme-friendly arts, and the platform isn’t too restrictive about what creators want to portray. In fact, you can create and find nude art.

That said, you won’t find lots of celebrity NFTs here, which is one of the top issues with Nifty Gateway. Also, everything you purchase is the original version because the platform doesn’t allow “editions.”

Like most NFT marketplaces, SuperRare uses tamper-proof Ethereum technology for users to curate and promote their artworks. Moreover, it is easy to determine what kind of NFT art buyers are looking for because the platform displays trending transactions weekly, monthly, and yearly.

All transactions are made peer-to-peer, so you don’t have to pay any intermediary persons or parties. One problem with the platform is that traders, sellers, and buyers can only choose between two crypto wallets, Formatic and MetaMask.

  • Focuses on quality
  • No intermediaries
  • Exudes a fine gallery mood or vibe
  • Highly secure and safe transactions
  • Non-restrictive art niches
  • High fees
  • Accepts a low number of artists
  • Limited crypto wallet options

3. Async Art – Top NFT Marketplace for Programmable Art

Established in February 2020, Async Art has already made a name in the NFT market. In fact, it was able to close a partnership deal with Netgear just recently. Not only is it a platform where you can buy and sell NFTs. Here, you can also create your own NFT tokens and define your artwork’s behavior and appearance easily.


To let every user experience generative and interactive visual arts and music, all creators, sellers, and buyers have access to three product lines.

First is the Art Gallery. Each artwork in the Async Art consists of Masters and Layers. Masters refer to the entire NFT, while Layers are the several modifiable elements that make up the whole NFT.

Even better, multiple artists can edit any artwork layer and own that layer they altered. You can even share the creation on more standard NFT art marketplaces, such as SuperRare. Plus, each piece of art created can be transformed into an interactive one, allowing it to react to its owner.

Second is the Music Gallery, where you can find music NFTs made up of several Stems and Variants. This way, creators can change the composition when they want to. Also, each music NFT has several unique sound combinations.

Lastly is the newly launched Blueprint, where artists can curate generative NFTs in the vein of the most famous NFT, Bored Apes. It is a collection that has been generated from one source but with only a minimal number of Editions.

  • Forward-looking arts
  • Collaborative community
  • Supports multiple owners and creators
  • Not decentralized
  • High commission fees

4. MakersPlace – Best for Digitally Signed NFT Arts

Are you an established fine and modern artist? If so, this platform is the perfect place to sell your creations. Collectors and investors looking for a unique NFT artwork edition digitally signed by the known creator will also love MakersPlace.


This marketplace aims to give buyers full ownership of the artwork they purchased from them. Therefore, every NFT has the artist’s signature and limited authentic editions. Even better, the platform has a strict multi-step authenticity verification process that includes smart contract, online identity, team verification, and more.

With every item you purchase, you will have the right to display, use, and distribute it as long it’s for non-commercial purposes. You may also re-sell it on MakersPlace or a secondary market because you already own the NFT’s rights.

While sellers can set the NFTs’ price, they should meet a minimum amount to ensure all costs are covered. This way, you are assured you get enough profit. You will also love that you can add a collaborator to each of your creations, with whom you will split the ownership and profit.

In terms of payment methods, MakersPlace accepts both cryptocurrencies and credit cards. It also supports multiple types of crypto wallets.

  • Collection of impressive artworks
  • Established artists only
  • Rare arts
  • Multiple wallets
  • Accepts credit cards
  • High fees
  • Expensive artworks

Largest NFT Marketplaces

Our next marketplaces are those with a wide selection of NFTs, giving collectors, creators, and buyers more options.

5. Binance – Best Low-Fee NFT Marketplace

Unlike many NFT marketplaces, Binance is a platform that isn’t exclusively for buying and selling NFTS. In fact, it is the biggest multi functional crypto hub in 2023. Unlike Nifty Gateway and SuperRare, Binance lets you buy and sell digital artworks and other NFT assets, like gaming, entertainment, and sports.


Binance is one of the most future-proof NFT platforms today because it has its own blockchain technology, Binance Smart Chain (BSC). That is apart from allowing traders to use Ethereum blockchain technology (ETH).

Plus, people who already have an account with them for crypto purposes can use the same credentials to be able to buy and sell NFTs.

In terms of NFT categories or lines, they have three:

  • Marketplace: The Binance NFT marketplace line is where you can purchase, mint, and bid on digital assets.
  • Events: It is where buyers can find digital artworks created by different NFT artists around the world.
  • Mystery Box: Do you love surprises? Visit Binance’s Mystery Box Playground for a chance to win a surprise box filled with unique, rare, and common NFT collections.

The Binance NFT Platform allows buyers to bid and purchase digital collectibles using ETH, Binance tokens, and Binance USD. On the other hand, you can deposit BSC and ETH NFT if you plan on selling NFTs.

That said, you can always use the platform’s Binance Exchange feature to have a digital currency in case you don’t have a crypto wallet.

  • Low fee
  • Large collection of digital collectibles
  • Exclusive events and partnerships
  • Accepts various cryptocurrencies
  • Only accepts cryptocurrencies

6. OpenSea – Most User-Friendly NFT Marketplace

Looking for the best NFT marketplace with a collection of digital assets as wide or close as Amazon? OpenSea is one of the biggest NFT marketplaces when it comes to trading volume. From rare digital artwork and sports collections to GIFs and photos, you will find something that matches your preference.


As the most-used and oldest peer-to-peer NFT platform, OpenSea boasts an easy-to-use interface. Here, you can start buying, minting, and selling a few minutes after signing up. It also undergoes regular upgrading to ensure it can support the NFT industry’s future.

Smart contracts power this NFT marketplace, so you are assured all transactions are safe and secure. You can use over 150 cryptocurrencies as a form of payment and link 14 different kinds of crypto wallets. Even better, OpenSea includes ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFT tokens.

Apart from those, this NFT marketplace offers new and spring digital creators an opportunity to display and sell their own NFTs without paying any trading fees. Creating your own NFTs won’t also be an issue, thanks to the platform’s mining tool.

  • Offers various NFT categories
  • Accepts many cryptocurrencies
  • Supports various crypto wallets
  • Only accepts cryptocurrency

7. Rarible – Best Community Owned NFT Marketplace

If you are looking for an NFT platform that gives its users the freedom to vote for any upgrade and take part in moderating, Rarible is the best choice. It is one of the most user-friendly NFT marketplaces where you can sell and buy single edition digital artworks and NFT games and photo collections.


What makes Rarible popular is the fact that it promotes and practices decentralized exchange. In a way, this makes it a public infrastructure and not merely a place to buy, create, and sell NFTs. This feature also makes all transactions secure and transparent for digital creators and collectors.

All of these are possible because of the platform’s proprietary governance token, RARI. You will also love that this NFT platform partnered with some of the biggest brands, such as Adobe, so you can securely create and work on your digital art.

Rarible attracts a lot of media, gaming, and sports brands, as well as NFT artists. Thus, the marketplace regularly has new categories and releases. If you create and sell NFTs, you will love that you can sell your artwork more than once without any repercussions.

In terms of payment methods, the Rarible marketplace supports several cryptocurrencies and crypto wallets. Likewise, it accepts debit and credit cards.

You also have several blockchain technology options for minting, so the gas fee you pay will depend on your chosen NFT tokens. The last feature of this top NFT marketplace is that you can share search options with another NFT marketplace, OpenSea.

  • Zero to low gas fee
  • Straightforward interface
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Dominated by big brands
  • Poor customer service

8. Mintable – Best NFT Marketplace for Beginners

If OpenSea is the Amazon of the NFT space, Mintable is comparable to Etsy because of the digital collectibles you’ll find. Based in Singapore and backed by billionaire Mark Cuban, it has an easy-to-use interface and offers many beneficial features for effective minting.


Mintable is one of the newest platforms in the NFT space. Even so, it already has several categories available, such as Digital Collectible, Digital Art, and NFT games.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface and well-sorted digital assets, those who want to buy NFTs can easily sort through the available items. Likewise, those who want to create and sell NFTs won’t need advanced technical, blockchain, and crypto wallet knowledge and skills.

What does this mean? For instance, you can mint your own limited edition digital asset using either the standard Ethereum blockchain or the gas-free Immutable X.

You will also have access to Mintable University, where you can find free video courses to enhance your NFT knowledge and skills. As you improve, you can start using advanced selling features and trading volume to increase your digital asset’s worth.

In terms of payment, the Mintable NFT Marketplace only accepts ETH at the moment. If you are a new or aspiring NFT collector or NFT creator, you would need to buy ETH from a crypto exchange platform and then connect your crypto wallet to Mintable.

  • Easy to use
  • Various digital assets available
  • No royalty fee limit
  • Available advertising and analytics tools
  • Free educational resource
  • Varying digital product quality
  • High fees
  • Supports a limited number of crypto wallets

Top NFT Marketplaces for Game Lovers

Gamers or sports enthusiasts will love the two marketplaces below, as they can find great collector items or NFTs they can use to up their game.

9. DraftKings – Most Famous NFT Marketplace for Sports Collectibles

Are you a huge fan of several sports? DraftKings is a marketplace where you can sell, purchase, and trade exclusive, limited-edition NFTs of some of the biggest sports icons. After creating an account with the platform, you’ll also have access to DraftKings Sportsbook, Fantasy Sports, and Casino.


This US-based company started as a sports betting platform and launched its marketplace in the last quarter of the year 2021. As a newcomer in the industry, it currently only has about 300 collectibles, but new NFT drops are added every week.

What you’ll love most about the marketplace is that each NFT is a serialized, unique edition you can use, keep, or sell on the platform’s secondary market.

Unlike most NFT marketplaces, DraftKings still doesn’t support cryptocurrencies, but you can easily fund your account. You can use your debit or credit card, PayPal, and wire or bank transfer as mediums.

  • Partnership with high-profile sports names
  • Various price range
  • Limited edition collectibles
  • Excellent customer support
  • Doesn’t accept crypto coins

10. Sorare – Leading NFT Marketplace for Football Enthusiasts

Taking trading, selling, and buying of NFTs to the next level, Sorare is a 24/7 real-time market that combines fractional football (soccer) card collecting with fantasy gaming. The increase in its popularity is thanks to Gary Vaynerchuk, a famous sports card investor who bought a 1/1 Joao Felix digital card that cost around $22,000 in 2021.


One of the features you’ll love most about this marketplace is the several types of soccer cards available. That’s because each NFT sports card is minted based on four different rarity levels, and each level only has a maximum number of cards made.

  • Limited (Yellow): 1,000 cards per player for each season
  • Rare (Red): 100 cards per player for each season
  • Super Rare (Blue): 10 cards per player for each season
  • Unique (Brown): One card per player for each season

Keep in mind that they won’t expire if they’re unsold during their release season. This allows collectors to still have a wide range of options every season. Also, the price of each of the NFT cards will depend on the player’s current performance and popularity in real life.

Another thing to love about the platform is you get to earn while you play. How fun is that, right? You can compete with other players in a league and tournament for a chance to win thousands of dollars. You can also trade in the digital cards you bought and collected with other players or have them auctioned.

In terms of funds, you can link your current digital wallet or load your Sorare wallet through bank transfers and credit cards. Lastly, the platform has a transfer market where you can sell NFTs to collectors or buy one at a fixed price.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Endorsed and backed by famous footballers
  • Utilizable NFTs
  • Withdrawable collectibles
  • Mid-priced fees
  • Crypto-only fund withdrawal

What Is Best NFT Marketplace?

The platforms discussed above are among the most popular and top NFT marketplaces today. Most of them offer various categories, such as OpenSea and Mintable, while others are a bit more exclusive, like Nifty Gateway and Rarible.

Choosing which NFT marketplace is best will depend on your primary needs and purpose. Thus, you would need to answer important questions, such as:

  • Do you want to mint, sell, or purchase a digital art, game, video, or photo?
  • Are you only going to purchase NFTs or sell NFTs? Are you also interested in becoming a skilled NFT creator?
  • What types of digital assets do you want to mint, sell, or purchase?

This is why we made sure the list included some of the leading NFT marketplaces with features that will work best for specific and multiple needs.

NFT Creation, Selling, and Buying FAQs

We understand that, even at this point, you may still have a few questions about creating, selling, and buying NFTs. Below, you’ll find the answers to NFT-related questions beginners frequently ask so that you can finally begin your journey in the NFT market.

1. How to make an NFT?

As you browse through tutorials on making an NFT, you’ll find that they don’t follow a standard sequence. That said, here is the step-by-step process we recommend since it’s what we consider the most practical and workable:

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is create a collectible you can convert into NFT tokens, such as memes, games, paintings, and photos.

Step 2: From the list above, select the best NFT marketplace where you can and want to sell your creation.

Step 3: Depending on what the platform supports, pick a crypto wallet where you’ll receive funds and pay any fees.

Step 4: After getting a crypto wallet, load it up with a cryptocurrency your chosen platform accepts.

Step 5: If your chosen NFT platform offers more than one blockchain, pick one that suits your budget and skills well.

Step 6: Once done, it’s time to mint or upload your digital asset to your crypto wallet. The process will depend on the platform, so make sure you follow its uploading steps to the T.

2. Is it hard to sell NFT?

As with any type of product, it isn’t easy to sell NFTs, especially if you are new in the industry. Also, the NFT market is currently overcrowded with artists or creators rather than buyers. That’s why you need to find time and use the right strategy to build and grow your audience.

You can join NFT communities on social media and promote your creations. Joining NFT-related events is also advisable.

3. Can I sell my NFT on different platforms?

Yes, you can. However, it isn’t advisable to sell the same NFT on different platforms because it can ruin your reputation as an artist or creator. That’s especially true if you sell it at different prices.

Therefore, consider selling one NFT niche or item on one platform and another on a different one. Doing so will help you have a wider audience, especially if the buyer is interested in various NFTs.

4. How to buy NFTs?

The general steps you need to take when you want to purchase NFTs are as follows:

Step 1: The first step is to choose the NFT marketplace where you can purchase the NFTs you want to own. Go to the platform’s website and follow the sign-up process.

Step 2: Purchase the type of cryptocurrency or token your chosen marketplace accepts. Alternatively, send tokens to your wallet if you already have a cryptocurrency exchange account.

Step 3: Depending on your cryptocurrency or token, connect your crypto wallet to your chosen NFT marketplace.

Step 4: Now that your account is funded, start bidding on the digital collectible you want if that’s the process the marketplace follows. Alternatively, you can purchase it directly by clicking the specific NFT, Add to Cart, or Purchase (Buy Now) button.

5. How do I know if NFT is worth buying?

Like any product, every NFT is different, and some are better investments than others. How would you know if your chosen collectible is a worthy collectible? Here are three essential tips to keep in mind:

  • Check the NFT’s Unique Properties

An NFT collectible with a low percentage of commonness has a more promising value trajectory than one that isn’t too rare. You can easily find this number in the properties section of the NFT’s page.

  • Seller Verification and Product Legitimacy

Like most platforms, there are also bogus NFT sellers. Fortunately, the marketplaces we discussed earlier have verification producers. Most of them place a blue check or tick near the seller’s account name.

Of course, like in social media platforms, not every legit or trusted seller has a verification symbol or check because they might still not have undergone the verification process.

Hence, you can check the NFT’s properties instead. Again, the lower its commonness percentage is, the less likely the NFT is a replica or fake. It’s also best to check the seller page’s sales stats and the seller’s social media accounts and presence.

  • Seller’s Other NFTs’ Price Performance

Checking the seller’s sales history or data can help you confirm whether your chosen NFT is a worthy investment. It will give you a good idea of how the NFTs price is fluctuating and if it correlates with what you want to see in your chosen item’s future.

That said, every NFT is a worthy purchase if you are a collector and it matches your current collection of NFTs. The most important thing to check in this case is the seller and product’s legitimacy.

6. Why is NFT worth so much?

The facts that NFTs don’t have similar liquidity as crypto coins and aren’t liquidatable into any traditional currency make people wonder why they cost a lot. The answer to this is ownership, especially for collectors.

Rare finds have limited supply but high demand, so they are usually included in auctions. The NFT market is also still young, and not everyone is familiar with it yet. Although it has been the talk of the town at some point, the peak is short-lived like most industries or companies.

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