10 Best Freelance Websites to Find Online Work and Earn a 7 Figure Passive Income

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Becoming a freelancer is a fantastic way to generate extra income while working for yourself. You can easily replace a traditional full-time job or work part-time and earn a 7 figure income with the right motivation and passion. But to open these doors, you’ll need to start using the best freelance websites available, especially since there are many scammers nowadays.

Likewise, it’s always best to work smarter, not harder, and using freelance job boards is the first place to start. Below, you’ll find a list of the top tried-and-tested freelance websites to help you begin generating a passive income.

Top 10 Freelance Websites for Beginners

Here’s a collection of the top sites you can use to begin your freelancing career and increase your income ten-fold that most freelancers are using:

1. Upwork


Regardless of how many freelancing websites you look at, Upwork will always be one of the top options. With its initial emergence as Elance, this online job board caters to all freelancing career options. You’ll find various categories, such as customer support, graphic design, project management, writing, and even transcription work.

Another massive benefit that makes Upwork the best freelance website is its user-friendly design. The site is clearly laid out for freelancers and companies looking for employees. You also have plenty of built-in tools that help make the job-hunting process even simpler.

Freelancers can quickly create a profile, outlining their related skills and showcasing their work through a portfolio. Companies can also create pages that show their ratings and whether their payment method has been verified or not. It’s easier for freelancers to find reliable clients using this information.

Upwork is easily one of the most scalable freelancing sites, perfect for small and large corporations. As a freelancer, once your jobs are complete, your clients can leave you written and starred reviews. These reviews are collected on your profile, giving you an overall rating that can help you attract more potential clients in the future.

Overall, Upwork is a great site that offers protection for clients and freelancers alike. As long as you take the time to find the perfect client, it could provide you with many money-making opportunities.

2. Toptal


If you’re looking for freelancing websites that promise exclusivity, Toptal is one of the best to consider. It’s often considered one of the best websites for freelancers because they are incredibly selective with the professionals they hire. Even after signing up for an account, the company will go through your experience with a fine-toothed comb.

According to Toptal, they offer the top three percent of freelancing professionals online. With that said, clients have a higher chance of working with seasoned professionals. Also, if you get accepted into their ranks, you can work for some notable companies, including Duolingo, Shopify, and Airbnb.

Like Upwork, this freelance website offers job postings from various industries. You could find yourself working in finance, design, product management, project management, and software development. Many opportunities could net you a significant income if you’re accepted.

3. Designhill


Being able to show your creative skills before being considered for a job is an excellent opportunity for freelancers. Designhill takes a new approach to the hiring process, making it one of the more unique freelancing websites online. Employers can create project contests with this job board, allowing creative professionals to design entries for submission.

Alternatively, employers can create standard job posts specifying the skills they need from a professional. You’ll find that searching for jobs and freelancers is incredibly simple with this platform, making it ideal for both parties. It’s also important to note that although Designhill’s hiring process is unique, it can be challenging for creatives.

Since you will be designing work for free to submit for potential placement, it can be time-consuming to find freelance work. You must consider finding reputable clients on the site to ensure your work is put to good use. Otherwise, you could find yourself submitting creative work only for it to be stolen and used elsewhere.

One of the features that make Designhill the best freelance website is its support for creative professionals. Outside of applying for jobs, the site also helps you create your products like t-shirts. You can also sell them in an independent online shop, showcasing your talents further.

As you can likely tell, this freelance web site is best for those looking for an art-related source of passive income. For example, if you’re a web designer, graphic designer, or any other type of digital artist. If you’re looking for a more traditional job opportunity, some of the other sites on this list could be preferable.

4. We Work Remotely


Being a part of a community is a massive benefit to freelancing, and We Work Remotely is a fabulous online group of freelancing professionals. According to the platform, they are the largest freelance web site globally, with over 2.5 million visitors. It’s surely one of the best websites for freelancers looking for multiple employment options.

Every day, thousands of job posts are offered on the site in several industries. Undoubtedly, freelancers will find it incredibly simple to find postings that most interest them. However, the incredible number of opportunities can make it challenging to narrow the results down.

Another thing you may find different on this site compared to the other best websites for freelancers is that it feels less personal. You have more one-on-one experience with clients on other sites, including interviewing processes like Upwork. On We Work Remotely, it feels more like a standard job board, offering volume over quality.

Using We Work Remotely can be costly for a company or client. Companies are required to purchase an account for $299 before posting jobs. Although this can be costly to businesses, it considerably helps freelancing professionals.

Since clients have to pay to post job ads, it almost guarantees that every offer will be genuine. You won’t have to worry about clients stealing your work or wasting your time. It’s also home to some of the world’s most famous companies, such as InVision, Google, and Amazon.

5. LinkedIn


We all know LinkedIn as a professional networking site, but it’s also a fantastic spot to find potential work. It’s also one of the best websites for freelancers because it offers a community environment. Not only can you network with people in your inner circle, but other professionals worldwide.

LinkedIn offers an assortment of opportunities to help you further your career. After creating a profile, you can then browse through job postings. There’s also the opportunity to find professionals in your industry, connect with them, and have brief chats for networking purposes.

LinkedIn is also a fantastic source of information for freelancing professionals, which makes it the best freelance website. You’ll be able to read through tons of articles and blog posts about your industry and others. You might find tips and tricks to make you a more competitive hire or stay up-to-date with changes in your niche.

The profile creation process is much more unique than with other freelancing websites. Aside from uploading your resume and cover letter, you can also add work samples to a portfolio. Professionals can also use keywords to make their profiles more discoverable, making it easier for prospective clients to find you.

If you’re interested in an upgraded experience, LinkedIn ProFinder is an excellent option. It’s a relatively new feature that allows freelancers and businesses to connect. Prospective clients can filter by specialty, skill, and experience through prospective freelancers.

With LinkedIn ProFinder, you’ll be able to set your sights on freelancing opportunities in various industries. Some of the most popular include design, data entry, and content marketing. If you come across an interesting posting, you can submit a proposal and bid to a client, which they can then review and accept.

6. SimplyHired


When you’re starting as a freelancer, it’s important to find the best freelance website that guides you along the way. SimplyHired is a fantastic option if you want a freelance web site that’s easy to use without feeling overwhelming. At its core, this site is designed to be a simple freelance job board but has plenty of built-in features.

Using SimplyHired, freelancers can learn the ins and outs of how to become more competitive employees. You’ll find online tips for creating a resume and working through an interview. There’s also an integrated resume builder on the site, making it easier to create a professional resume in minutes.

Another massive benefit of this platform is that they don’t charge clients to post potential jobs. Although this can be great for clients and helps to increase the number of available jobs, freelancing professionals must be wary. You’ll need to do some background research into prospective clients before applying for postings.

You might also find yourself slightly overwhelmed with the number of postings on this freelance web site. As with any other platform, it’s best if you use the filters to funnel through the jobs, helping you find the best and more relatable postings. You can find the most valuable opportunities to get started with.

7. Fiverr


When it comes to getting hired quickly, Fiverr is one of the best websites for freelancers. Fiverr makes it easier to get your jobs out into the public eye than other freelancing websites. You have to create an account and then begin working through the profile creation process.

Unlike other sites considered the best freelance website, Fiverr puts freelancers in control. You’ll provide proposals and bids that clients can choose from. In fact, the entire site is set up more like an online store where companies can shop for services, helping to streamline the process.

When Fiverr first appeared on the internet, it was a unique site that offered all of its services for five dollars. However, freelancers can now set their prices and package details with its substantial growth. It’s a fantastic way to set up a digital site that allows clients to browse your offers and choose the best pricing for both parties.

It’s important to note that freelancers are a dime a dozen with this freelance web site. You will need to be highly driven and competitive-minded to make your profile stand out. Since you won’t be applying to specific job postings, you must ensure your page is easily searchable by prospective clients.

If you’re able to make yourself stand out, Fiverr can be incredibly easy for professionals, making it the best freelance website. All payment options are built into the platform, so you don’t have to worry about invoicing outside the site. Also, clients can often pay in advance for your work, ensuring you get paid for your time and effort.

8. Guru


Much like its name suggests, Guru is one of the best websites for freelancers that are the best in their industry. It’s a relatively large platform but has more of a grassroots approach to finding work and freelancers. One of the primary tenets of the site is that they offer transparency, which is essential for ensuring freelancing professionals get the best jobs for their skills.

You’ll have the opportunity to input your role, expected salary, and skills to help match you with the right jobs. Considering there are many job postings on the platform, the more transparency there is, the better. It can often be overwhelming to filter through hundreds of postings, only to find one or two that meet your expectations.

Another unique aspect of this freelance web site is its innovative vetting process. As freelancers apply to jobs, they will be required to prove their credibility. This process ensures that clients hire the best professionals, helping to save time when searching for seasoned experts.

Guru is one of the best websites for freelancers tired of invoicing. The built-in invoicing tools make it easy to send requests for payments to all of your clients. Also, there are multiple secure payment options on the site, making it easier for you to earn your passive income.

9. TaskRabbit


When you think of freelancing websites, it’s easy to go straight to work-from-home positions like writing or data entry. However, TaskRabbit is a fantastic resource that puts the freelancing world on its head, offering an assortment of unique jobs. If you’re someone who loves working with their hands and staying active, this platform is highly recommended.

TaskRabbit is one of the best websites for freelancers to help you find local work. They also have virtual job postings, but the majority of work you’ll find will be in your immediate area. The site’s premise is to connect customers with freelance workers (Taskers) to help them with a project.

Most people using TaskRabbit search for handy professionals to help with household and daily tasks. For example, you could find job moving boxes, painting houses, or even putting together furniture. It’s a fantastic resource for finding odd jobs, ideal for someone searching for passive income.

Also, the flexibility of TaskRabbit surely makes it the best freelance website. As a Tasker, you have complete control over the jobs you choose. You can also decide when you are and aren’t available for work. It’s a fabulous option to help fill time on the weekends or after your standard job if you want to bring in extra cash.

10. PeoplePerHour


Freelancing websites are starting to propel themselves in the future by using automation and artificial intelligence to pair clients with professionals. PeoplePerHour is one of these sites, making the most of digital techniques to help freelancers find the best jobs. Using AI, the site uses a more efficient and streamlined manner to bring clients together with freelancers.

The first step is for clients to create a job posting, including the skills and experience needed for the position. Once the posting is submitted, the site’s artificial intelligence goes through the details and matches freelancers with the project. Freelancers are then invited to submit proposals and bids, creating a curated list of professionals.

The next step is for clients to choose prospective freelancers to move through the hiring process. It’s easily one of the best freelancing websites because it takes a new connection approach. Clients don’t have to spend hours finding the right professionals or posting dozens of advertisements.

On the freelancer end, you’ll be given a list of recommended jobs based on your skills and interests. You’ll find you will spend far less time searching and more time applying for passive income opportunities. Also, the payment process is built into the site, making it easier to send and receive payment for your work.

Freelancing Websites You Can Trust

Employment opportunities can be found everywhere with the 10 best websites to help you earn a 7 figure passive income. As a freelancer, you need access to as many opportunities as possible to find the highest-earning postings. With these top-rated and trusted sites, you can find unique options to help you start earning and saving more money than ever before.

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