Best Drawing Software to Use to Create Stunning Digital Art

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Art has long evolved from only being limited to physical mediums like canvas or paper. With technological advancements, more and more artists are finding their foothold in the digital arts and graphics industry.

Mastering the digital tools take time and practice. However, having the best artistic skills is not the only parameter to excel in digital arts.

Choosing the best drawing software is equally important in improving your artistic skills. Not only a drawing software can help you improve your artistry, but it also entails essential features which you can use for technical designs.

Let’s explore some of the best draw programs available today. We evaluated in detail the key features offered by each program to help you choose the best. We categorized them into two: paid and free for your convenience.

10 Best Premium Drawing Software: A Detailed Look

Following are our top picks among the best digital drawing software that offer quick and easy tools to help you create stunning high-quality artworks.

Table of the Best Paid Draw Programs

This table sums up what you can expect from each of the best drawing software that you can use as a quick reference.

Software NameSupported Operating SystemBest Suitable For Price
Adobe Photoshop CCWindows, macOSAll forms of visual artwork, including photo editing, video editingStarts at $9/month
Affinity Designer Windows, macOSVector Images, Vector Graphics, Raster art, Illustrations, Professional Typography, BrandingOne-time purchase for $64.99
CorelDRAWWindows, macOSVector illustrations, Digital drawing, Stylus pens, Color consistent artwork $569/Suite or $16.50/month (paid annually)
SketchbookWindows, macOS, iOS, AndroidIllustrations, designs, Animations$19.99 (One-time purchase)
Clip Studio PaintWindows, macOS, iOS, Android, GalaxyIllustrations, Animations, Graphic Design, Concept Art$49.99 for Clip Studio Paint pro
$219 for Clip Studio Paint Ex $0.99/month (Installments)
ProcreateiOSIllustrations, Drawings, Painting, Typography $9.99 (One-time purchase)
Rebelle 5Windows, macOSAcrylics Paintings, Watercolor drawings, Realistic drawings$89.99 (One-time purchase)
ArtRageWindows, macOS iOS, Android, Acrylic painting, Oil paintings, Watercolor Painting, Sketching $79 (ArtRage)
$29.90 (ArtRage Lite)
Flame PainterWindows, macOSConcept Art, Drawing, Photo-editing, Organic Painting$89.99 (One-time purchase)
Artweaver 7WindowsPainting, Skeching, Digital Graphics $41.16 (One-time purchase)

Best Digital Art Programs Reviewed

Here’s a detailed discussion of the different paid digital art programs to give you a clearer picture of what each can offer. This way, you’ll know if the software is worth spending your money on.

1. Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC
Image source 

Regarding the best drawing software, Adobe Photoshop CC is always at the top of the list. Despite the availability of many photo editing and drawing software, Adobe stays undefeated. 


The software is equally compatible with Windows and Mac devices, making it easily accessible to all users, irrespective of their operating system. The software has a comprehensive set of tools available, which allows the digital art creators flexibility to experiment.

You can use Adobe to enhance your illustrations, create 3D artworks, and do video or photo editing. Another interesting feature of Adobe Photoshop is that you can use this software to design mobile or web apps.

Basic level illustrations can be sketched using Adobe Photoshop CC. However, if you are into detailed illustrations and comic creations, you can try out Adobe Illustrator CC.

It is an upgraded version of Adobe Illustrator Draw. In short, you can use Adobe Photoshop CC to bring any of your creative ideas to life.


You can buy Adobe Photoshop CC as a part of your Adobe Creative Cloud membership. There are various packages available under Adobe Creative Cloud.

Therefore, the pricing of the software varies depending on the nature of your membership.

Adobe Creative Cloud has four major membership plans for individuals, businesses, educational institutes, and teachers or students. The lowest available cost to purchase the software is about $9/month.

You can also avail Adobe’s paid features for free for seven days as a part of its trial offer. No credit card is needed to unlock the trial version of Adobe software.

  • Design almost any form of visual art 
  • Powerful editing and drawing tools for digital artists
  • Allows restoring of old photos
  • Can add new artistic elements to any visual
  • Custom brushes for detailed precision and control for digital artists
  • Expensive compared to other digital art programs
  • Not suitable for beginners since it requires some expertise to use flawlessly

2. Affinity Designer 

Affinity Designer is one of the best drawing software for Mac but is also compatible with Windows (64-bit version). The prime feature of this software is that you only have to make a one-time purchase.

With its powerful editing and illustration tools, it allows CAD-like precision level. It includes all the necessary digital art tools that you need to create aesthetic visuals.


Affinity Designer has many features with a fast functioning, live previews of edits, real-time gradients, effects, and adjustments. Using this digital art tool, you can zoom up to 1,000,000 percent.

Using Affinity Designer, you can create pro vector images and vector graphics. You can clip, convert text or objects to editable curves, stack or expand strokes, navigate between different scales, create layout grids, duplicate objects with easy clicks and create artboards.

Affinity Designer also carries useful drawing tools to create designs, branding material, visuals, or digital illustrations.

Using its design aids, you can snap images and split live screens to track edits. You can also rotate canvas like real paper while sketching a design, conduct inter-object measurements, and observe outline views.

With its professional digital drawing tools, you can easily sketch, paint, or add texture to your artwork. This drawing tool offers you customizable brushes.

Using these brushes, you can have greater stroke stabilization, depth control, opacity, and the gradience of your image.


The software has three pricing packages available depending on your operating system. If you are purchasing for your Mac or Windows, the software costs around $64.99. On the other hand, Affinity Designer costs about $26 if you wish to install it on your iPad.

  • Wide range of features for professional graphic designers
  • Lightweight software
  • Affordable price
  • Can be challenging to use by old-school visual artists

3. CorelDRAW 

CorelDRAW is the best choice for professional illustrators and artists. The software entails all the necessary features to create the best digital art, from vector graphics to digital painting to creating comics.


CorelDRAW is a full-blown professional software that tops your artistic skills up a notch. With its unique features and platform-specific versions, you can create a digital illustration carrying depth and exceptional quality.

The Corel painter includes a comprehensive list of royalty-free content like clipart, digital images, template illustrations, and different font styles that you can use. The software also comes with integrated support for stylus pens and wheel devices such as MS Surface Dial.

Using CorelDRAW, you can save plenty of time using tools such as shadow effect manipulator, automated symmetrical design, and mosaic generator.

In addition, with its LiveSketch feature, you can observe how your drawing will look on the flyer or printed materials while sketching it.

With CorelDRAW, you can also ensure that the colors of your artwork are consistent with all types of media, such as jpg, png, and eps format. Vector illustration is also convenient with this software, allowing you to turn basic shapes and lines into detailed artwork.


Two primary payment methods are available to buy CorelDraw. You can choose from the complete CorelDRAW suite worth about $569. If you do not want to buy the suite, you can also avail of the monthly installments for approximately $16.50, billed annually for $198.

If you already have CorelDraw, you can upgrade your software to newer versions for about $329.

Additionally, CorelDRAW offers a free trial to its customers. You can access the complete features of the software for 15 days without providing any credit card information.

  • Has tools for professional artists and illustrators
  • Live-time track of sketches
  • Entails tool for basic level vector design 
  • Expensive tool, especially for beginner artists

4. Sketchbook

Image Source 

Sketchbook is a famous program among the best digital drawing software. It is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Sketchbook allows you to create the best digital art with its user-friendly painting tools, whether you are an illustrator, a designer, or an animator. The software also comes with an intuitive user interface for easy learning.


One of the best features of Sketchbook is that it is easy to learn with a simplistic and minimal UI that dissolves when you are working on your digital painting, artwork, or illustrations.

Sketchbook has over 140 different styles of designer brushes. You can customize their width, stroke density, and texture.

Doing so allows you to achieve as much depth in your digital art as possible.

The software also has several blending modes and grouping of layers to add shades to your digital painting. It’s also one of the best digital art software options with various guides, stroke tools, and rulers to help you achieve greater precision.

Sketchbook is also responsive with a stylus pen, so you can naturally draw on a digital canvas using this tool. It also provides you with a representation of your strokes.

Likewise, it suggests various pressures and tilts so you can achieve the intended stroke as your hand intends to draw.

With Sketchbook, you will feel like you are drawing on a piece of paper with physical painting tools, the only difference being that you won’t be cluttering your desk. Every brush is just a click away, with the interface being unobtrusive to help you draw smoothly.


Sketchbook is available on both Mac and Windows devices for $19.99. The software also has mobile applications that you can download for free but need a purchased integration for them to work.

  • A wide variety of customizable brushes
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Has predictive stroke support
  • Various blending modes
  • Best for illustrations, animations, and designs
  • No free or trial version

5. Clip Studio Paint 

Clip Studio Paint
Image Source

One of the favorite digital drawing software of artists, painters, and illustrators is Clip Studio Paint. You will find that all the tools have the excellent precision you need for your digital artwork.

The software comes with various compatibility options, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Galaxy, and Chromebook, which makes it an excellent pick among drawing programs. 


With its powerful painting tools and brush sizes, Clip Studio Paint makes it easier to draw comics, illustrations, concept art, graphic design, and animations. You can also add instant effects and saturated lines with greater ease.

With Clip Studio Paint, you can capture every little nuance of your pen stroke. That’s thanks to its powerful brush engine that can capture various levels of pen pressure that extend up to 8192 levels.

With Android and iPhone support, you can easily connect your portable devices with your main computer. You can also access smartphone photos straight to your canvas on your PC.

This painting software comes with several brush tools, with hundreds of new styles added to Clip Studio ASSETS. It gives you a greater variety to pick up a personal brush style from the inventory.

Clip Studio Paint has sophisticated tools, decoration brushes, AI posing, and 3D models, all you need to make your artwork an absolute masterpiece.


There are two available plans to buy Clip Studio Paint. You can go for a one-time purchase which costs about $49.99 for Clip Studio Paint Pro and about $219 for Clip Studio Paint Ex.

Monthly installment plans are also available where you can buy the software for $0.99/month.

A free trial version is also available for this software. The trial span varies with different operating systems.

You can avail up to six months of free trial on Galaxy devices and up to three months of free trial on other operating systems.

  • Easy to learn
  • A multitude of unique features
  • Easy rendering and inking of your artwork
  • Multiple purchase options
  • Too advanced for beginners

6. Procreate 

Image Source

Procreate is an application often used as a standard drawing software for iOS devices. It comes packed with many features, making it a convenient tool among other drawing programs.


As the best drawing software for Mac or custom coded solely for Mac OS, you can’t use it with Windows or Android devices. It comes with a minimalistic and interactive interface that dissolves away quickly, so it does not interfere with your sketching.

Using Procreate, you can create stunning sketches, aesthetic paintings, and detailed illustrations. Developing compelling typography by employing the different font styles available is also possible.

This drawing tool also comes with a diverse set of hand brushes, allowing you to draw, blend, and mix colors easily.

You can sketch with greater precision and mastery with Procreate’s customizable brushes. Soon, you’ll have better control over the color scale and depth.

With realistic painting tools like P3 wide color integration, Eyedropper, and Palette library, you have the necessary items for your digital drawings.


The software is available on the Apple store for about $9.99. You can also make in-app purchases to upgrade the tools available within the application.

  • Fluid menu and minimalistic UI
  • Works perfectly with Apple Pencil
  • Realistic painting tools
  • Text tools available for various typographies
  • Not compatible with other operating systems
  • No official desktop version

7. Rebelle 5

Rebelle 5
Image Source

If you are interested in creating digital acrylic paints, realistic watercolor digital paintings, or dry media artwork, Rebelle 5 should be your top pick. The software is also cheaper than other drawing programs, making it perfect for beginner digital artists.


With Rebelle 5, you can get a whole new experience of hyper-realistic painting. Its color palette contains a multitude of acrylics, watercolors, dry media, and other wet paints that brings a realistic touch to your digital canvas.

The software is also equipped with NanoPixel technology, using which you can mix colors, set oil thickness, and diffuse watercolors within your digital artwork.

Another intriguing feature of Rebelle 5 is that it offers a macro-zoom option. Thus, you can go through the minor details of your artwork with greater precision.

You can zoom in up to 16x or export your work entailing all the sharp details of your image.

Creating dripping effects for your watercolor painting is also easy with Rebelle 5. With its DropEngine with Blow Tool, you can make your paint flow in any direction.

In addition, you can set up the transparency of your watercolors using transparency locking. 

Some additional features you get with Rebelle 5 include a ruler and perspective tool, brush stabilization, and stencils to draw digital designs. You can also record a time-lapse of your digital artwork for your social media channels.

This software is prominent among some of the best digital art software because it is equally suitable for every artist, no matter their skill level.


Rebelle 5 is available for $89.99 as a one-time purchase. There is a free trial version available for this software.

You can download the software and check for its compatibility with your device. Once you are satisfied, you can activate the software online. 

  • A multitude of drawing tools
  • Allows a realistic painting experience
  • Free trial available
  • Takes up a lot of memory space

8. ArtRage 

Image Source

If you are mainly into digital art and traditional painting, ArtRage is the best suitable tool to buy. It comes with many painting tools that make your digital work look realistic.

The software is also compatible with many operating systems, including Windows and macOS, making it a competent purchase.


Perfect for artists who aim to create realistic artwork, you can select the canvas thickness according to the selection of your painting type. You get the option to choose between oil paintings, sketches, water paintings, or acrylic paintings, all in one place.

With the ColorRage feature, you can choose to set the paint amount on the palate to create variations and blends of your choice. The limited ink on the palate allows the artists to create a perfect fading-out effect on the canvas, making the painting look more realistic.

You also not only get to play with different painting styles but can sketch perfect illustrations. With its sharp and customizable pencil styles and texture, you can create perfect shades for your sketch or drawing.

Numerous guides, perspective layouts, and grid options are available to ease your painting process. Its blend modes and features layers are industry standard, making it a perfect choice for professional digital artists.


ArtRage products are available at different pricing depending on the version you wish to buy. The desktop version, which is compatible with Windows and macOS, is available for $79, whereas ArtRage Lite is available for only $29.90.

You can also purchase the software’s mobile version, compatible with Android and iOS, for about $4.99.

  • Realistic tools to create concept art
  • Can customize the canvas thickness
  • Control the paint quantity on Canvas
  • Grid and scale options
  • Suitable for all level artists
  • Expensive for beginner artists

9. Flame Painter

Flame Painter
Image Source

Flame Painter 4 is an award-winning best drawing software for Windows and iOS and supports the creation of stunning visuals and graphic art. It has an extensive collection of tools and brushes to help you materialize your creative vision into a realistic painting.


Flame Painter 4 is designed to make your painting look realistic. A broad range of organic tools is available, including particle brushes that can make your painting look as if it has been painted with hands.

One of the striking features of the software is its photorealistic effects. You can add striking effects to your photographs to make them more aesthetic and creative.

The dynamic composition features allow you to add motion, action, and drama, all in one image. You are the sole owner of your creation who gets to control what to paint, what strokes to choose, what visuals to add, and how you can make it more appealing by adding photorealistic effects.

With its innovative state-of-the-art technology, the software has a detailed particle system to customize its brushes. You can select your brushes from a range of classic styles to textures, structured patterns, and organic painting brushes.

You can also convert your strokes to editable vector layers. Customizing each stroke, pattern, and parameter of your drawing to achieve the desired results is also possible.

Flame Painter 4 is a must-have tool for professional designers, CG artists, and graphic designers. Even if you are a beginner in the field, you can easily get the hang of the software and become a pro in digital drawing in no time.


You can buy Flame Painter 4 at a one-time price of $89.99. The trial version of the software is not available, but it does come with a 30-day unconditional refund policy.

If you do not like the software or are not comfortable with its features, you can get it returned with a complete money-back guarantee.

  • Can add dynamic compositions and photorealistic effects
  • Allows you to create various brush styles
  • Can import the vector image in SVG format 
  • Little expensive for beginner users

10. Artweaver 7 7

Artweaver 7 7
Image Source

Artweaver 7 is another feasible option among the best drawing software for Windows. Compared to other drawing programs, Artweaver 7 is cheap but offers similar functions and tools to create realistic and stunning artworks.


Artweaver 7 has a pre-packed set of customizable brushes available to bring your creativity to life. You can also save your brush variants in categories for later use.

You’ll also find that the software has an intuitive user interface. You can optimize the interface to ensure it does not obstruct your workflow.

Using Artweaver 7, you can record your drawing process and save it later to review or post on your social.

It also comes with a powerful in-built core that does not take up much memory space on your PC and ensures optimized software functioning. You would be able to edit and draw images smoothly.

Another cool feature of Artweaver 7 is that you can collaborate with your colleagues on the same document via internet or LAN settings.

With its comprehensive set of tools and a minimalistic UI, the drawing software is a perfect choice for all levels of artists.


Artweaver comes with a free version as well as a paid version. The free version has limited features, which you can upgrade by paying $41.16 (one-time payment).

  • A customizable interface
  • Workflow optimization
  • Customizable brushes
  • Easy sketching and painting
  • Free version available for beginners 
  • Stability issues

5 Best Free Drawing Software

As mentioned earlier, digital art has become an imperative skill that allows designers to create stunning visuals. However, not everyone can afford the costly drawing software to create visual images.

Following are some of the best free drawing software available, including all the key digital art tools, colors, textures, and effects that can aid you in creating perfect digital art.

Table of the 5 Best Free Drawing Software

Here’s a quick summary of what our top picks for the best free drawing apps that you can consider can offer.

Software NameSupported Operating SystemBest Suitable For 
Krita Windows, macOS, Linux OS, Android, Chrome OSDrawings, Paintings, Sketches
MediBang Paint ProWindows, macOSDrawing, illustrations, Paintings
GIMPWindows, macOS, LinuxPhotoshop, Paintings, Digital Graphics
InkscapeWindows, macOSIllustrations, Vector Graphics, Calligraphy 
Vectr Windows, macOSDigital Designs, Vector Graphics, Illustrations

Best Free Drawing Software Reviewed

Like with our picks for the paid-version draw programs, allow us to provide you with an in-depth review of our recommendations for the best drawing software free version.

1. Krita 

Image Source

Krita makes it to the top of the best free drawing apps list. It is open-source software that you can easily access on any device, including Linux operating systems. Despite being free, the software is packed with powerful tools to help you create exquisite masterpieces.


Its brush stabilizer is one of Kitra’s prominent features to help you facilitate your drawing. With it, you can create stable brush strokes.

Krita also has nine brush engines, each of which you can fully customize according to your style and needs.

With Krita’s wrap-around mode, you can create various patterns and textures in your artwork. If you cannot find your desired texture or pattern, you can import them for free since Krita is open-source software.

  • Customizable features
  • Easy to use or intuitive interface
  • Allows optimized working 
  • Free for anyone to use
  • Does not include a lot of support features

2. MediBang Paint Pro

MediBang Paint Pro
Image Source

MediBang Paint Pro is a part of the MediBang Paint series, which is specially created as a desktop version app. It’s open-source software that is free for users. The software has several pre-packed features to facilitate you in creating your digital art.


The best feature of MediBang Paint pro is it’s not just the best drawing software free. There is also no hidden fee or upgrade charges to use this software.

MediBang Paint Pro has around 50 different brushes customized to suit various art types. The prominent brush types include watercolor brushes, a mapping pen, and a GPen.

The software also comes pre-packed with about 800 free backgrounds and tones that you can add to your digital art and enhance its beauty. You also get free access to many font styles and dialogues.

There are also some comic-centric features available in the software. They’re perfect for comic and manga illustrators, allowing them to draw and create panels easily.

Another cool feature of MediBang Paint Pro is that it is a lightweight software and does not consume much of your computer resources. Therefore, you can easily use this app along with others without having a performance drop on your PC.

  • Pre-installed features to help digital artists 
  • Different brush styles, backgrounds, and fonts
  • Basic tools for illustrations
  • Limited features; unsuitable for professional use


Image Source

GIMP is an open-source GNU image manipulation platform. It is among the best drawing software freely available on the market. Using this software, you can professionally edit your images and design stunning graphics and illustrations.


We can categorize GIMP as professional-grade best free drawing software. Since it is open-source software, users can manipulate the source code to suit their needs.

Given its powerful features, we can compare the software with the premium versions of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

GIMP has many painting tools, including airbrushes, pencils, paintbrushes, and clones. The brush stroke quality is also premium and stable. You can customize it depending on the painting type and style that you are aiming for.

Additionally, you’ll find over a hundred plugins compatible with the software to allow easy manipulation of your images. The interface of the software is also customizable to allow an optimized workspace.

In short, the software is the best substitute for users who cannot afford a premium subscription to Adobe Photoshop.

  • Includes all the professional features for image editing
  • Easily customizable as per your needs
  • Support hundreds of plugins
  • User interface can be a little overwhelming for beginners

4. Inkscape

Image Source

Another free drawing app is Inkscape. The software has all the right tools needed to draw vector designs and graphics.

Using this platform, you can easily create digital graphics for flyers and banners and print high-quality images for promotional material.


Inkscape is packed with features for object creation. It has powerful drawing tools such as a pencil for free-hand drawing, a pen to create curves and lines, and a calligraphy tool for precise calligraphy strokes.

The software also has tools for object manipulation.

Using the transformation tool, you can scale, rotate, move, or skew the object as per your liking. You can also group the objects, layer them on each other, and align or distribute the objects on the canvas.

With the fill and stroke command of Inkscape, you can easily color your objects, pick colors, copy and paste colors or create aesthetic gradients.

Another striking feature available in this best drawing software free is the rendering feature. With it, you can easily set the transparency of your object, render objects during interactive transformations, and achieve an anti-aliased display.

Additionally, you can save your file in any of your desired templates, including PNG, PDF, EPS, and PostScript formatting.

  • Easy sketching, illustration, and calligraphy
  • Easy to add typography
  • Bitmap tracing capabilities
  • Numerous format types available to export image
  • The interface can be overwhelming for beginners

5. Vectr

Image Source

When it comes to creating vector graphics with ease, Vectr is one of the best drawing software in the domain. With a simplistic UI but powerful tools, this free software gives tough competition to its paid premium counterparts in the market.


For beginners in the field or those without experience with digital designing, Vectr offers simplistic drawing tools to help them create digital graphics like a pro. It includes several pen tools, customizable brushes, and shape tools to help you sketch designs with greater precision.

With its element arrangement capabilities, Vectr can help you scale your image, add compelling gradients to it, and create stunning 2D graphics.

The software is also a great helping tool for novice designers and engineers to practice their designing skills before starting with CAD or AutoCAD. Using Vectr, you can share your work life with your co-workers and peers via sharing the URL of your canvas.

  • Wide range of painting tools for sketch graphics
  • Simple UI for ease-of-use
  • Numerous gradients and color-filling options
  • Needs a consistent internet connection to work
  • Limited library of shapes and icons

Choose the Best Drawing Software Now!

A wide array of drawing software is available in the market, each with its specialized features to suit your needs. You can make the right choice depending on the type of digital drawing you are interested in and your budget.

Still undecided? If we were to choose and recommend, the best of the best drawing software is Adobe Photoshop CC. It’s packed with a holistic set of drawing tools to facilitate you in every domain.

From beginners to professional experts, each can equally benefit from Adobe’s premium features and efficient functioning.

If you do not have the budget to buy Adobe Photoshop CC or other premium software, the free drawing software options we reviewed are all great choices. They all provide equally competitive tools and functions to help you create aesthetic digital art.

FAQs About Drawing Programs

Do you still have some concerns about the best drawing software? Allow us to answer some of the most common questions about this program.

1. What is drawing software?

Drawing software is digital art software used to create, well, digital visuals. It provides all the necessary features and tools for a digital artist to replicate real-life art utensils in creating digital art.

An example of a digital art software is Microsoft Paint, a pre-installed program in Windows that allows users to draw basic-level art. A plethora of other digital painting software is available for creating advanced visuals and digital art.

2. What are some pre-installed programs on my PC that I can use to draw?

As mentioned, Windows comes with a pre-installed Microsoft Paint that you can use to draw on your PC without needing to install another program.

For Mac devices, unfortunately, there is no pre-installed software available for you to draw. However, you can install some of the available drawing software options, like Krita, on your Mac device and master the skill of creating digital art. 

3. Do I need to have drawing software to create digital art?

No. You do not need to have drawing software to create digital art. You can create your artwork on paper, like regular artwork, and get it scanned to create a digital copy.

However, you will need digital art software to ink your artwork digitally once scanned.

If you are a beginner with digital art, sketching your artwork on paper and scanning it into your software is the best way to improve your skills slowly. The scanned sketch allows you to have a rough base to start your digital art, to which you can further add layers and adjustments to it.

4. Which is the best drawing software for Windows?

Countless digital art software is available in the market that is compatible with Windows. That said, the best software for Windows is Adobe Illustrator. It has all the necessary tools that you can use to create perfect digital art.

If you are not skilled with Adobe Illustrator, you can also opt for Blender. Unlike Adobe Illustrator, Blender is one of the easiest digital painting software. It is free to use and has numerous guides available to learn its usage.

5. Which is the best drawing software for Mac?

The most compatible drawing software available for digital artists on Mac is Krita. It is a free drawing software and an open-source application.

Nonetheless, numerous other free drawing apps are available that are compatible with Mac, including Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Paint 3D, and GIMP.

6. Which drawing software do webtoon artists use to draw?

The most popular software among webtoon artists is Clip Studio Paint Pro. After all, it is especially for webtoon artists to create comics.

The software has built-in panel slier, 3D backgrounds, and colonizers. These features are normally missing in standard drawing tools.

Some other popular software to create digital comics includes Ibispaint and Medibang.

7. Which drawing software can I use to draw anime?

Manga or anime artists also majorly use Clip Studio Paint Pro. However, SAI (PaintTool SAI) is popularly used among Japanese anime artists.

This tool is less known outside the Japanese market but is among one of the most powerful tools for creating stunning anime graphics.

The software comes with a 30-day free trial version. You can also buy the full software version, which only costs about $58.

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